Blind Fury Net Worth – 2024 Guide

Talent shines the brightest that covers all other odds that one may ever have. Being born with some birth defects didn’t stop Fury from marching ahead towards his achievement. Against all odds, his skills and talents pushed him ahead to sit on the throne of fame and enjoy life fully.

Brief About Fury

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Blind Fury is from South Carolina (1984). His actual name is Stephen Norris. He is a battle rapper who came to the limelight in 2003 when he appeared on a live TV show named Rocafella MC Battle.

Against all odds, Fury was extremely talented. He started singing at the age of 5. He appeared in many shows and participated in talent hunts to showcase the skills that pushed him more towards earning the name of Fury.

Early Life & Family

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Stephen was born blind with no eyeballs, which made transplantation impossible for him. Additionally, he had a few more birth defects- Spina Bifida and Clubfoot. While he was still an infant he had to start with a stimulation program at an age of just 10 months.

Fury’s Career and Major Milestones

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Once Norris received his recognition in 2003 from the reality show on MTV, he appeared in Battle II: The Takeover in Times Square on MTV, where he had reached the semi-finals.

Within a tenure of only 5 months, the hip hop artist added the title of Freestyle Friday Champ on B.E.T’s 106 & Park. Following this, he took his throne as the Freestyle Friday Grand Champion (2011). Gradually, he earned the respect of several artists from the industry and worked with them as well. Tech N9ne, Busta, Cypress Hill are a few of them who had boosted him to grow and introduced him to raps.

In 2014, Fury launched his debut album “Young And Gifted Always” which added to the spark of fame. Recently he released another album “Ferda” and a song “Friends Back”.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Fury

1. Fury loves to Play Piano

Stephen played the keyboard while he was still a toddler of 4 years. With his growing talent as a singer, his skill of playing the piano increased as well. His cousins inspired him while they too used to play the piano.

He later sharpened his skills with Nintendo songs that impressed his peers and family.

2. He Didn’t Stop Growing

Apart from the stimulation program in his childhood, he also had to undergo several surgeries as well for his physical afflictions. Even when his body might not permit it, Fury never gave up on developing and growing with his skills and talents to shine at a very young age of 34 years only.

Net Worth

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Norris is recognized as the richest rapper in South Carolina. His main source of income is as a rapper and he earned a net worth that is estimated at around $103 million. He also runs a youtube channel with more than 39000 subscribers to add to his source of income.