5 Tested Tips to Boost Your TikTok Engagement

TikTok is a platform for creators. It was designed to give you a pathway to the world and let you be free in what you create, how you create and how you present it. over the years it has become one of those creators’ platforms that you either love or hate.

TikTok has exploded so fast with its trend stuff and we see creators getting the hang of these things. Those short little clips that can be fun, educational, informational or just plain dumb are catching on. People are looking for something short, and concise that they can check out and move on and this app has delivered that, and then some.

TikTok has been killing it for the past year or so and we see more and more creators jumping there. the app is simple to understand and use, the video section is great and there are other things within the app that you can use to increase the quality and the fun factor of your videos. Today we decided to lend a hand to those that are new to the app primarily, and you that are there for a while and struggling with engagements and views. There are a lot of things you can do to boost the engagements and get people to your profile and vid but there are only a few of them that work.

Thanks to GoviralPro and this article here you will be the next star of TikTok in no time so pay close attention.

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1. Questions

This may sound a bit silly but if you want more engagement in your videos try to as a question so your viewers try to answer it. Engagement on video means that whoever is watching feels inclined to comment, watch it all over again or even send it to someone else. If this happens you instantly have more than one viewer and your video stats are going up. To achieve this, you can either end your vid with a question you ask in the vid or you can add question text in the vid or the caption.

It is all up to you but we strongly advise you to give this a go. It may not even be a straight question; you can do whatever you think as long as that will make the ones watching engage with what they are watching. People have made intentional mistakes in their videos so the audience engages and tells them they are wrong or something. So, whatever your content is and the types of videos are, try to fit these things in and you will see the change in no time.

2. Conversation starters

Whenever you are doing your videos try to have something in it that will spark a convo about it. People that do TikTok professionally never leave anything to chance and they are carefully planning everything from the topic to the individual items you can see in the vid.

For instance, we can have a video in which the host is talking about sunny weather while holding a Starbucks coffee cup trying to spark a conversation about coffee places with his viewers. You can have so many small things in your vid that will serve this purpose you aren’t even aware of. From your clothing to all the tiny things in the background. Wear a shirt with a certain band in your next video and see what happens. Trust me it will change and boost your engagements instantly.

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3. Controversy, typos, incorrect things

When making TikTok videos make sure you are always comfortable with anything. This anything includes making typos, wrong statements, mistakes and so on. We touched on this in the first tip and we are going to elaborate more.

Some people will miss this but some can’t stand when someone makes a mistake, typing error or similar and have to, for the life of them, make you correct it or point out the mistake. What this translates to is more engagement for your video and engagement equals what?! Success, of course. There are content creators that are afraid of this and that are very meticulous when they make their videos watching for the mistakes.

What you need to do is take it easy and be comfortable with mistakes because you will have more engagements, comments and whatnot and this may lead to you interacting more with your audience making them more interested in what you have to say and showing them. This trick is best used when you don’t force it too much and like put typos everywhere all the time. Use it with caution.

4. Hooks

Something everyone will tell you is to always work extra hard on your hooks. The Hooks are the first two, three to 5 seconds of your video tops that will determine whether people will or will not watch the rest of it. there are a lot of different ways you can go about this but the best thing is to go check out all the viral videos you can watch and focus on those 3-5 seconds, in the beginning, to see what they are doing.

There is a pattern to this and it is easily visible in all of them you just have to focus. We will leave this part to you and leave you to do some work because that way you will learn, understand and quickly memorize them for later when you need them.

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5. Make it look professionally

When making a TikTok video there are certain ways you can make them for people to think they are done in a pro way, or even make people see what you are talking about them. Make your videos with clear lighting on you and give yourself some room from the camera. All of this has some sort of a pro feel and makes people think that you put a lot of effort into those and makes them wait and see what you got to say or show.

As you can see there are plenty of things you can do to increase engagement on your TikTok videos. Some of them are simple some take a bit more fiddling with but all in all, they are tested and tried and they do produce positive results. Have fun and tell us how it went for you.