5 Bucket-List Chocolate Tours For Real And Pure Chocolate Lovers

If you are a chocolate lover, you must know how different places offer different chocolates. This is why it is advised to go on chocolate yours and learn about different types of chocolates in the market and how people live to eat chocolate. You’ve probably heard of wine tours and adventure travel; why not chocolate tourism? Chocolate lovers can’t go wrong with these fantastically delectable locations. Many people love chocolate but need to learn how different places provide chocolates.

Further in this article, we will talk about how you can visit several places around the globe and get to know about different famous chocolate places. The places are made for real and pure chocolate lovers. Many people do not know about the fact that chocolates are just not a thing to eat, but there is an area that you still need to explore.

Some Of The Bucket-List Chocolate Tours For Real And Pure Chocolate Lovers

Let’s check out the fantastic places for the chocolate tours so that you can easily taste some of the finest chocolates that exist and that you didn’t know of. If you plan to go for chocolate to some amazing and affordable place, you can visit chocolatree and learn more about the chocolates in detail. You must scroll down to learn more about other places also.

1. Choco-Story

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The ultimate chocolate journey will begin at Choco-Story, a chocolate museum in Paris, France, where local culture has celebrated chocolate for hundreds of years. If you plan to go to Paris soon, along with other places which are the best tour sites, you can also visit this place and learn about the chocolate origin and what makes it unique from the others. Going to Paris is not feasible as it might be too far away, but you must consider it as you might have a different experience.

You can also chit-chat with the people to learn about other people’s perspectives on that particular chocolate. You will learn about the origins of chocolate in the early Americas. Besides being a fantastic food item, it has a lot of hidden mysteries and ingredients, and you can also have the answer to the questions like what makes a bar of chocolate, chocolate?

2. United States of America, Hawaii

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This would be the only truly American-made chocolate because just one state in the US can cultivate cacao. If you are bridging the states and want to know about their chocolate type, you can visit Hawaii. It is referred to as the “North Pole of Cacao” since it is where cacao grows in the coldest climate in the world.

Many tourist visits this place, and it also gives you the opportunity to learn about a pen do the finest handmade chocolates, which local farmers basically make; you will find them in the authentic market of local farmers and learn about the pure chocolates.

3. Brussels, Belgium

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Everton knows about Belgium chocolate, but why is I t so famous? For anyone with a sweet craving, Brussels is a need. The “Chocolate Capital of the World” is another name for Belgium’s largest capital city. There are more chocolate shops per square foot here than in any other city, so it’s awash in them. You will see the difference and what it is famous for when you visit. Belgium is known for chocolates, and if you want to know more about its specialty, you go and check it out yourself.

Godiva and Leonidas, two of the largest chocolate manufacturers in the world, are both based in Brussels. If you have a sweet tooth, you will like this place a lot; it is the home of many different chocolates. You will get to know about the history and what their USP is in chocolates. Passion Chocolat, Jean Galler, and Pierre Marcolini are a few of the well-known chocolatiers, but there are also many lesser-known but equally talented independent chocolatiers.

4. Bariloche

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In addition to its stunning scenery and Swiss-like ambiance, Bariloche, a city in the Rio Negro region on the southern banks of Nahuel Huapi Lake, attracts tourists as a center for handmade ice cream and, more and more, for its chocolate. There are many tourists that come year around to get the taste of delicious Bariloche chocolate. It is a beautiful city with mesmerizing scenery and mouth-watering chocolates.

When some locals discovered they had access to an almost unlimited range of ingredients that still needed to be reflected in the region’s gastronomy, the artisanal food and dessert trend began here over fifty years ago. Now it is becoming so famous, and people around the globe are visiting the place to learn about the ingredients and what makes it so delicious and different from the rest.

5. Teuscher, Zürich, Switzerland

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Switzerland chocolates come under the category of one of the most delicious chocolates. If you want to visit the place, you will learn about so many aspects and the production process of chocolate. Teuscher is one of them; this chocolate was founded in Switzerland in 1932 and is consistently ranked as one of the world’s best chocolatiers.

You must know that their legacy is still followed, and if you are visiting Switzerland, you must try to visit this place to learn more about the delicious Switzerland chocolates. The old-school family business specializes in truffle production, and the Champagne truffle is one of their most unique creations in the shop. The truffle, invented by Teuscher Sr. in 1947, is encased in chocolate and butter and filled with Champagne cream. You will know more about the other types of chocolates when visiting these places. Also, Their best seller is the dark chocolate version.

Bottom Line

Chocolates are comfort food for many people, but more than being delicious, there are many other things you must know about. If you love to enjoy chocolate tours, you must have all these places on your bucket list to quickly learn more about authentic, pure, and handmade chocolates and get your answer on how so delicious chocolates are!