Casino Affiliate Program

Capitalizing on Potential Opportunities ─ Casino Affiliate Programs for Passive Income

Affiliate programs are attractive primarily because you can get a stable income online without investing money. Currently, gambling is one of the most promising areas for generating passive income, since this industry has a significant turnover of traffic and funds, it’s developing and expanding rapidly. To put it simply, you promote the casino on the Internet and get rewarded for it. The more successful your activity is, the higher the percentage you will be assigned.

The difficulty is that casino affiliate programs must be combined with your brand and look harmoniously on the website, on your channels, and social networks. It’s also not so easy to choose one sentence out of many.

Cooperation must be not only profitable and promising but also safe. First of all, you should recognize the basic concepts and types of affiliate earnings and understand how to find a partner. In this article, we will define traffic arbitration, and tell you about the types of casino affiliate programs and their features.

Traffic Arbitration

Leads are people who are interested in gambling and have visited the casino’s website. If you attract visitors to the resource, you can get a reward for each of them. This process is called traffic arbitration. You place ads on your site and you can report it on a blog, podcast, or social media.

To receive payment you need to familiarize yourself with the list of casino affiliate programs and sign an agreement with the organization. Advertisers are looking for contractors on casino websites or CPA networks. They place their offers with prices and conditions. You can either agree or move on to a better deal. Let me remind you that you will have to spend your own money on advertising.

Types of Partner Programs


  • CPL offers (cost per lead) ─ The essence of such programs is that the webmaster receives payment for each lead. The calculation can be carried out in various ways. Currently, the most popular fixation of the lead is as a result of installing the application on a mobile device (CPI).

A more profitable way to get a lead is by registering a new client on a gambling site. There is a division between unconfirmed registration (SOI) and confirmed (DOI); this is important, since many register without confirmation to spin slots for free in demo mode; you can also make a profit from them. Media buyer uses various ways to attract interested parties: mailing new offers, messages about receiving free spins, announcements of promotions, and so on.

CPL is beneficial because it does not matter to you how much money the player deposits and how long he stays on the site, you are only interested in the fact of downloading the application. The advertiser scrupulously checks the leads so that there is no cheating.

GEO is taken into account, as well as the percentage of people who deposited registration; it should exceed 7-8%. The traffic must be of high quality. It’s most convenient to work with CPL if you are a blogger and you can give your subscribers a link to go to a gambling site.

  • CPA offers (cost per action) ─ This program implies that a new visitor will not only fill out a registration form, but also activate his account and deposit funds to the site. In this case, you will receive a payout only if the performance indicator (KPI) is fulfilled.


If the gambler deposited the amount to receive the bonus, then you win, but if he has made a minimal investment, then the action does not count. The advertiser will pay the webmaster only for the first refill, all other deposits are not taken into account as part of the transaction. The advantage of the CPA is that you receive money immediately after depositing by a visitor.

Payments are made here more often than in CPL (up to three times a month) and they are larger. Practice shows that when working with CPAs, it’s not profitable to stop advertising as you can lose profit. The disadvantage is that the webmaster is only interested in new players, but their influx may decrease if there is not enough growth in their own popularity. It should be remembered that most players stop at the first deposit and no longer make contributions. In this sense, the CPA model is the most attractive, it’s popular among beginners and experienced webmasters.

  • RevShare offers (revenue share) ─ This contract is the most profitable since the webmaster receives a percentage of the player’s loss, you take a part of the advertiser’s profit. Working under this scheme is very promising because you not only invite new players but are also interested in continuing their activities. Payments under this scheme are not fast, but this passive income can become stable.

The advantage is that over time you can make a profit without a constant infusion of traffic. It’s believed that the RevShare model is not suitable for beginners, as it takes a lot of time to gather a sufficient number of new customers who will actively invest in the casino, and this is not so easy. You will have to be patient, look for various traffic sources, and invest a lot of money to attract customers. In this case, the popularity of the institution also plays a role, which should not decrease during your cooperation.

What is ROI?

Using this coefficient, you can determine how profitable your investment in a particular project is. Cooperation with gambling sites in most cases generates income, but cost-effectiveness is not always high.

Using this indicator, you can plan a marketing budget, as well as calculate how much of your income is advisable to spend on advertising. The ROI can be used to predict the vector of development of the company or your business. Plan your budget yourself or contact one of the specialized companies.


It’s not so easy to choose a model of cooperation with an advertiser. You should consider all the options: CPL, CPA, RevShare, and choose what suits you best.

The size of the webmaster’s budget is of great importance. It’s important whether you have connections with famous people or sites where you can place ads. To search for current programs use the website. Try CPL first and evaluate your results. Pay attention to the credibility of the company and the amount of the commission.