How to Choose the Right Doodle Breed For Your Family – 2024 Guide

Another dog in the family is always a good idea because we can never have too many dogs, right? Well… that is true to some extent. If you have the time and resources to afford a new family member, why not. The children will enjoy it, and the home will be happy and full of love. The hard part of this plan is choosing the right breed. There are so many wonderful dogs, how do you decide on just one? Even if you have narrowed down the choice to just a doodle breed, there are so many different breeds to choose from. It would be best to gather all the necessary information and choose a dog that will suit your lifestyle and other important criteria. Here is some more info on how to choose the right doodle breed for your family.

First of all, why poodle?

As you can see, all doodle breeds are descended from poodles. If you have been wondering why poodles are a great choice, you should know that the answer cannot fit in one sentence, because these dogs have so many great qualities. First of all, they are very intelligent and easy to train. They like to please the owner and are bright and cheerful. Although they are sometimes hyperactive due to their cheerful nature, they are very obedient and great with children. Considering that all doodle breeds are of poodle origin, these traits are common to them as well. Another important thing for doodle dogs is that they are very healthy and beautiful. Although it is difficult to choose just one breed, it is certain that some suit you better than others.

1. Labradoodle


A labradoodle is a dog that is obtained by mixing a poodle and a Labrador retriever. This can tell you for a start that these dogs are very loyal to their owners, cheerful, smart, and adore children. This is not a dog that is stubborn and dominated by his temperament. The Labradoodle will adapt to its owner, listen to him, and do everything to please him. The important thing to remember about this breed is that they need long walks, runs, and a lot of activities during the day. If you have children and live in a house with a large yard, or you like to jog every day, Labradoodle can be a great choice of dog for your family. But in case you live in a small apartment and you are very busy, this dog is not for you because he will suffer a lot and will not be happy.

2. Goldendoodle


Goldendoodle is a combination of a poodle and a golden retriever. Golden retrievers are known for being very intelligent (just like poodles) and can be trained very easily. What is very typical for this breed is that the owner is the center of their world, and the same goes for Goldendoodle. They need attention, love, and affection. Otherwise, they can be very unhappy and sad. In case you work a lot and do not have the time (or desire) to play and walk with your Goldendoodle for hours every day, then it is best to skip it. These dogs are exclusively for families with children, a lot of space, and a lot of commitment.

If this is not enough information for you and you want to get acquainted with Goldendoodle and other breeds, you can find phenomenal articles on We Love Doodles that give you more details and all these dogs. You will enjoy reading them!

3. Schnoodle


Schnoodle is a dog that is very cheerful, has a lot of energy, and loves to play with children. This is a small dog that can easily adapt to living in an apartment because it does not need a lot of space. Unlike Labradoodle and Goldendoodle, these dogs do not require much attention and do not aim to be at the center of your universe. They will enjoy the time spent with you, but you can leave them alone for a few hours and they won’t mind. If you and your partner work hard and do not have time to dedicate to the dog, Schnoodle can be a great choice, because it provides the best of both worlds.

4. Irish Doodle


When you combine Irish Setter and Poodle, you get an amazing new breed – Irish Doodle! This is another breed that is extremely cheerful and friendly. You can play with children for hours without stopping because they have a lot of energy and love to offer. They are small in stature, so they do not require large houses. A smaller apartment also works for them. Although they are very intelligent, they get bored of some things quickly and are ready to move on to a new activity. This can make training more challenging than with some other breeds. However, when Irish Doodle feels that you will not give up and that you have a lot of patience, they will eventually give in and allow you to teach them tricks.

5. Sheepadoodle


Sheepadoodle is obtained from Poodle and Old English Shepard. It is a slightly larger, fluffy dog that is very intelligent. Their training is very easy because they simply want to listen to the owner. Another interesting trait that these dogs can boast of is their strong intuition. They are happy when you are happy, but they also feel when something is not right with you. In these situations, they will probably come to help you and try to do everything to make you feel better. With a dog like this, you will always feel safe and confident that they will be obedient and will not cause any problems.


Although there are so many wonderful doodle breeds and it is not easy to opt for just one, understanding the characteristics of certain breeds can help you make a choice. Make an effort to choose a dog that will fit your lifestyle. If you work a lot, choose Schnoodle who doesn’t mind spending time without you. In case you have a large yard and many children, Goldendoodle is the dog for you. The main goal is to make your family and dog happy and to enjoy hanging out and living together.

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