10 Gorgeous Hairstyles for Women with Short Grey Hair

Many older women are shy of their short grey hair and always try to hide it by painting it with permanent dyes. Now, these grey hairs are not common since you are still in your early days. Well, that pretty much makes sense. However, when you are getting older and getting greyer, you may want to sport your silver hair or go blondish with style and pride.

After going through the following short grey hairstyle ideas for women, you will utterly change your view on grey locks. According to LoveHairStyles, there are so many gorgeous grey hairstyles, depending on your hair length and texture. Sincerely speaking, grey hair looks dignified. It gives a perfect framing for your face, drawing attention to your beautiful facial features. So, sit back and take your time to go through these stunning looks and select the ones that rock your complexion more.

Grey And Layered

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Who said grey hair could not look youthful? With modern hairstyles that include long layers for subtly curled tips, it is possible to give your short grey hair a fresh and youthful vibe.

Aged women look beautiful with short hair that doesn’t go beyond their shoulder length. This grey and layered haircut is an excellent alternative for soft short hair. Give it a try and you will enjoy the results.

Grey and Beautiful Naturally

If you want to go short and grey naturally, then this is the surest bet for you – this hairstyle is very common among modern young ladies and you can join the bandwagon too.

Get the stunning layered cut and ensure that your grey hair doesn’t have any yellowish tints. You will get fantastic silver-grey hair that you will really love.

Beautiful Grey Bob with Sweeping-Layers

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For aged women, choosing a mature style and shade that you will feel comfortable with is not an easy task. Rather than shying off from your greying hair, you had better embrace the change and tell your stylist to customize your haircut and shade to match your grey hair.

You can still add dimension to the hair by using light-toned highlighting techniques. It is a pretty simple approach you can take to achieve amazing results. Though, do not go for chunky strips, as they can visually drag your face down and make it look tired. Opt for thin streaks, which will make your hairstyle look airy and moveable.

Classic Bob

This is a classic haircut for short grey hair. It is ideal for those women with straight and thinning hair. If your hair is grey, this bob dramatically shows off the stunning color depth that is usually a characteristic of naturally grown white or incorporated platinum accents.

Besides, this haircut is a badass, low-maintenance look that is suitable for professional ladies.

Blonde into Grey

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Regardless of your hair type, straight or curly, if you are not well prepared to make the transformation and embrace grey hair, then you should consider subtle blonde with grey tones. And if you think this is too blonde for you, you can opt for a greyer tint rather than full short grey hair, which is expensive and difficult to attain.

Grey Hair Glam

Do you remember your high school hairstyles? Well, you can recapture them with just a single addition of a twist – a grey color. Short grey hair doesn’t have to be too scary, and it is not only meant for older women permanently.

Maintain your locks straight, soft, and short to embrace the old high school vibes at your older age!

Elongated Pixie for Elderly Women

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Short haircuts are without a doubt more manageable and thus the most suitable hairstyles for women over 60. Yet, if a traditional pixie cut is a bit too bold for you, then you can go for its longer version. This elongated pixie offers femininity and hassle-free maintenance since a continuous trim is not required.

Using wax and tousling curls is a good example that demonstrates that this is an easy haircut for women with short grey hair no matter its texture.

Elegant Grey Spiky Pixie

You never become too aged to incorporate some spunk and shine into your haircut. This stunning spiked pixie haircut gives just the correct amount of playfulness while keeping the look low-maintenance. Match the edge with beautiful side bangs to get the best face-framing impact and bring attention to your eyes. It is an irresistible haircut you should embrace before this year ends.

White And Gray Ombre

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Ombre is a very popular hair coloring technique that a lot of women resort to across the globe. It allows you to create a smooth transition from one color to another adding a stylish touch to your hair. And if your locks have become grey, this is not the reason to deprive yourself of this gorgeous hair color style. Instead, a grey ombre comes out more unusual and eye-catching than a colored one. There are several ways to pull off this look. You may start with white at the roots and blend it into silver grey tips. And the other way around, dark grey roots may fade into white ends. Both options look mesmerizing, so which one to choose is a matter of taste.

Shaggy Silver And Gold Hairstyle

If you want to bring warmth and radiance to your face, then add a hint of gold to your grey hair. Not only will it make your complexion look healthier and brighter but it will also spark up your eyes, thus erasing several years from your face. Aging hair tends to become thinner and look limp. To make your silver-gold mane bouncy and voluminous, style the locks a bit shaggy. This will add depth and dimension to the strands, giving an impression of a fuller head of hair.


There are basically no limits in terms of length and style for grey locks. However, it goes without saying that short grey hair appears more flattering and youthful on mature women. So, if you have decided to upgrade your hair look, wait no longer to choose one of the stylish ideas we have put together above. Any of them will add greatly not only to your appearance but also to your confidence and self-esteem.