Coolest Mohawk Fade Hairstyles

For centuries, mohawk fade haircut has maintained a cool and bold look for guys. It has remained a statement haircut for native North American Indian tribes. It is also a symbol of loyalty to the 1970s punk movement.

However, the modern hairstyle has undergone a lot of transformation to take the fade form. It has not lost its striking original vibe, but it is much updated to suit the needs of modern-day insurgents. Are you ready to try out this daring haircut? According to MensHaircuts, check out these bold and statement mohawk fade hairstyles for inspiration.

1. Mohawk with a Taper Fade


According to, for a refined, smooth, and super-stylish style that is a versatile show-stopper, the mohawk with a taper fade will be an outstanding option for you. If you are an office man and this will not allow you to rock a style, then you can opt for a semi-scale mohawk. The hairstyle features gradually tapered down hair and a fresh shave. It makes it look more refined and edgy.

2. High Mohawk Style

According to Saki Shears, Whether you want to grow your hair to rock a full mohawk, or you are looking or a more contemporary way to rock your hair, a high offers you a chic way of enjoying your style. The most fantastic thing about this hairstyle is as long as you don’t crop your hair into a crew cut or buzz cut, you can style your hair into a beautiful high cut.

As a result of the short style of the haircut, adding the fade feature helps you add fullness and create dimension to the entire look. That promotes a manly but youthful and energetic look.

3. Extended locks Mohawk

Bring together your vibrant, extended haircut with a low or mid fade this year, and you will be rocking one of the crispest looks. By styling your hair extended to both sides of your head, in a perfectly styled fade, this hairstyle brings out a flawless balance between punk and refined. The low-maintenance look is especially ideal for men in their teens, but it is also an excellent option for older guys seeking to uplift their innermost youthfulness.

4. Low Mohawk Fade


If you have been searching for a seamless cool haircut in vain, your search ends here. We recommend that you try out this mohawk style with a fade. The hairstyle features a cute fade that starts at the temples. It leaves a lot of hair on the crown that you can style the best way you need it to look. It is the best natural pairing if you want to rock a haircut.

It is a subtle, but edgy approach that allows you a lot of versatility in the styling of your hair. If you want a modern way to rock a haircut while still leaving some chance for a traditional appearance for an office, this is the right haircut to choose.

5. Rush Fade Mohawk

This is a contemporary and fresh take on the old-fashioned fade cut. It is a great option for men who love rocking mohawk style to reveal their dense manes. It resembles the standard drop fade, but it curves down to the ears, and then the curve progresses at the nape.

So, what makes it different from the standard drop fade is the fact that rather than progressing to the nape of your head, the manes at the nape offer you an opportunity to come up with a statement haircut that progresses from the front to the back of your head.

6. Side-Styled Mohawk with a Fade

If you need a more subtle take of the bold cut, then you should try out this swept-side mohawk with a chic fade. If you like the punk look, but you don’t need too much dimension, this, is without a doubt, your ideal style. Rather than utilizing your styling gel, use mousse to come up with a soaring mohawk and then sweep the hair to either side.

The simple trick to hammering this look is making sure that you have the right depth in your hair before combing it to either side. That ensures that your mohawk appears trendy and perfectly groomed instead of messy and flat. This is a great style you should consider before this year ends. What are you waiting for?

7. Lined-Up Mohawk Fade


Those who prefer adding more details to the haircut might like the line-up mohawk. It provides a modern and elegant appearance. The main feature is the line between the hair and the part where it is faded.

While it is very attractive, you have to know that this option requires more effort if you want to keep it more often. You will need to visit a hairstylist at least once a week or correct the line by yourself if you have a proper electric razor at home.

Mohawk With a Hair System

Getting a mohawk hairstyle can be difficult if you have bald spots or thinning hair on top. No worries, you can give your hair an instantly fuller appearance by using a modern hair system. You will need medical-grade glue to attach the hair system to the problem area.

And then the hairpiece will seamlessly blend in with your natural hair. The hair piece is positioned in the same angle and direction as your own hair growth. You can ask your hairstylist to trim the new hair into the ideal mohawk hairstyle you want. Visit the website for New Times Hair to see their wholesale toupee options.

Other Interesting Options


Many people might rather avoid playing around with haircuts, especially when it comes to mohawk style, which is unique. In case that you are interested in following modern hairstyle trends but are not sure which mohawk style would be the best option, you should pay attention to the type of your hair, proportions of the face, skin details, and other features.

For instance, if you have strong curly hair, combination with afro can be the perfect solution for your mohawk. You can play around with the beard as well and add some fading details to it. The same is for thinner curls, where you can simply create an outline of fading effect starting from the ears to the top, and leave longer curls.

Determining the type of your hair can be crucial because some styles might not fit features of the hair and contours of the face. Moreover, you can be even more unique with some special style and details. For example, adding symbols on faded parts or intentional disproportions that will make your appearance more striking.

It can be a great way to express your personality or highlight somethings different about you. The original mohawk represented rebellious people. Therefore, you can use it as a way to distinguish from the crowd and express that you prefer thinking outside of the box.

On the other side, if you are looking for a way to represent yourself as an attractive and modern person who is following the most recent trends but is often attending business meetings where having some unordinary haircut might make you appear frivolous, you can apply some subtle version.

Reasons to Choose This Style


First of all, it can make you appear more attractive and easily recognized in the crowd. If you are seeking more attention, this haircut will most certainly provide it. Also, there is an increase in the popularity of some movies and TV shows. In most cases, characters with this type of haircut are brave, rebellious, and powerful. You will express that you are courageous and confident enough to try something different and enjoy it.

In that matter, the only thing to be careful about is the shape of your face, along with the type of hair so you can make the right decision about the outline of fading effects and the size and design of the mohawk. You don’t need to worry in case that you don’t like it as well. Professional stylists can always make some corrections and fix them in the right way. Also, experimenting more with different options will help you find the best design.