Netflix TV Series to Learn English – 2024 Guide

You can spend 1 hour learning English every day and improve your knowledge in the near future. Does your leisure in social media guarantee you any achievement? No, it’s a waste of time. If you truly want to improve your English, then start doing it now!

To watch or not to watch?

So many people still wonder ‘Can I learn English by watching series?’ and can’t find a fair answer. Someone says that there is nothing better than practice. As watching series in English doesn’t include speaking, this option doesn’t bring you great results. But experts insist that you need to try it!

Nowadays you don’t need to go to the USA or Great Britain to hear native speakers’ speech. Yes, this is the foremost advantage of the Internet. Besides, you may use your guilty pleasure to reach success. If you are a screen fan, you should try watching movies and TV shows on Netflix in English.

So be ready to enjoy your favorite series and study with pleasure. The following list of the best TV shows will help you to start improving your skills. Also, find out how to make Netflix unblocked and receive additional advantages of this platform.

Important tips before you start learning English with Netflix


Sometimes you can’t watch the exact TV show because of your location. But don’t get upset and unblock Netflix for free with good VeePN software. You can try VPN and enjoy all your favorite series non-stop. Just download the app and use it online. You can get a trial version to find out its advantages for you.

It’s also good to select subtitles according to your level. For instance, beginners would like to use English audio with subtitles in their native language, while intermediate students should try English audio with English subtitles. Advanced individuals may rely on audio-only.

Also, don’t ignore useful apps. Many extensions may help you. Starting from translations to Netflix unblocked apps to white noise audio software, you can enjoy the process more.

Which series is best for learning English?

Now you know how to unblock Netflix, so hurry up to select your ‘educational materials’. There are so many great shows to watch online. Whether you like crime dramas or natural documentaries – you can find anything on Netflix. This is a well-known platform with countless options for beginners and advanced viewers.

Well, there are so many options to watch, but you only want the best English series on Netflix. So use the following list depending on your current level, and don’t forget to buy popcorn for an exciting learning process!

TV shows for beginners


1. Friends

This is a well-known sitcom about the friendship and love of 6 friends in their late 20s and middle 30s. They live in New York and try to find happiness in career and relationships. The atmosphere of the 90s will highlight very easy, clear, and modern language. Just watch several episodes, and you wouldn’t be able to get Joey’s ‘How you doing out of your head.

2. The end of the F***ing world

This show with a British accent reveals the story of the first love, personal identification, and rebel behavior of teenagers. This is a great choice to learn English because each episode lasts only 20 minutes and can easily be a part of your everyday routine. Also, you’ll find out the meaning of modern U.K. slang.

3. Sex education

Sex education is dedicated to a group of teenagers who are living their lives and trying to discover thrilling sex topics. This is one of the best series Netflix has ever created. Tons of sarcastic dialogs with easy vocabulary will impress you. If you have at least an A2 level, then you can enjoy this show with educational goals.

4. How I met your mother

This is a classic sitcom about friendship and love. The main lead shares the story of how he had met the love of his life – the mother of his children. You will enjoy clear and easy language. Besides, this TV show is a source of many popular Internet memes.


Series for experienced viewers

1. Brooklyn 9-9

This is a cop show that isn’t an ordinary cop show. You’ll meet funny, lazy, strange, and unusual detectives from the 99th precinct. They use clear, easy-to-understand language. Besides, the show reveals important topics like racism, toxic relationships, mental health, and so on.

2. Explained

This is an informational TV show with episodes dedicated to the exact topic. Yes, the vocabulary can be challenging because you don’t know what to expect from a new episode. But this is a great tool to grow your vocabulary. Besides, one episode lasts only 20 minutes, so you can find time to watch it.

3. The Crown

This is the true story of Queen Elizabeth II and other members of the royal family. If you have B1, then feel free to watch this show to make your accent better. People often say that this show is blocked in other countries. But you can say a magical spell ‘unblock us Netflix’ using VPN and access it.

4. Our planet

Our planet is about nature and animals. It proves that a documentary can be both fun and useful. This show used very simple language to describe animal encounters and the beauty of the landscape. You can easily learn English while watching episodes.


Perfect shows for advanced students

1. Black mirror

If you are a fan of sci-fi or alternate reality, then leave all other series behind. Black Mirror reveals the darkest sides of individuals and society engaged with modern technologies. Every episode is a news story that describes a terrific reality. Many famous actors have joined the show, and it’s unbelievably easy to understand their dialogs. If you feel the episode’s vocabulary is too hard for you at the moment, you can skip it and don’t miss the storyline.

2. BoJack Horseman

The plot of this TV series is a little strange: a horse BoJack was an actor time ago, and now he is looking for happiness. Give the show a chance: It describes important social topics like drugs, fame, relationships and has awesome witty humor. It is a challenging show, but it will bring your understanding of the tongue twisters to the next level.

3. Breaking bad

Breaking bad is a story about a chemistry teacher and his former student. Together they make meth to earn money because the main lead is diagnosed with terminal cancer. You will enjoy fantastic dialogs and extend your vocabulary. If series are blocked, then use the listed above guidelines on how to unblock Netflix.


4. Star Trek

This is a story of the Enterprise team and their adventures to unknown places in the galaxy. It describes the living of people in the 24th century. This is a great show to learn English because characters speak slowly. Besides, the vocabulary is amazing, and you can be a master of topics in technology and science soon.

Learn English with joy and excitement

As you can see, watching interesting series can be your favorite instrument for learning English. There are more than 3,7 thousand movies and more than 1,8 TV shows available today. You definitely can find the one!

Even if your favorite TV series is not available in your country, you can easily unblock us Netflix. Just let yourself enjoy education, and you will see the progress soon!