Erica Boyer Net Worth 2024


Erica Boyer is a popular and well-recognized face in the adult movie industry. Even though she is no more in this world, her loyal fans still leave no chance to know more about her.

This piece is aimed at sharing intricate details of Erica Boyer’s life. She may not be with us physically but she will live on in the memories of her admirers for long.

So let’s get upfront and personal to know more about this enigmatic personality!

About Erica

Erica’s birth name is Amanda Margaret Jensen. She was born in Andalusia, Alabama in the US, on December 22, 1956.

She was a famous actress who starred in many adult movies. Before debuting in this industry she worked at Mitchell brothers O’Farrell theatre.

After she caught the attention of Marilyn Chambers, she was contacted to make her movie debut in Beyond De Sade. She has done well in more than 150 movies.

She was not only an actress but a producer and writer as well.

Early Life And Family

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Erica’s father, Joseph Gantt, was an attorney for the Alabama state. She has also been married twice in her life. Her first marriage with Rand Gauthier was very short-lived.

She then went on to marry Derrick Jensen who was a former NFL player. They share a son named Davis. She identified herself as a lesbian in an Interview with Hustler Magazine after a brief debate on her sexuality.

Her death came as a shock after her 53rd birthday. She was killed by a Highway Patrol officer driving a Hyundai on December 31, 2009.

Her Career And Major Milestones

Erica was an expert in lesbian scenes and even received an XRCO Award for Lascivious Lesbian Scene in 1985.

She took a break from the adult film industry for a while but made a comeback by returning to work with Marilyn Chambers. She eventually permanently retired from this industry and started her own business for massage therapy.

She even volunteered to work as a face painting artist and a clown.

A Few Surprising Fact About Erica

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Much information is shared about Erica’s life on various platforms but there are still few facts about her that impress her fans.
Erica is inducted into the AVN and XRCO Hall of fame.
She was given the nickname “The ultimate goddess of erotica” by Nina Hartley.
Erica Boyer’s zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Net Worth

Erica’s main source of income was from her adult movies. Being the popular artist she was, she earned a decent amount for herself.

Her last known net worth was between $1 Million to $5 Million. She passed away unexpectedly due to a pedestrian accident. Otherwise, she would have continued to work hard in whatever venture she was involved in.

She was a dedicated individual in her profession and was recognized for being an expert in her work. Many years have passed since her death but her fans and admirers continue to learn more about her life.

Erica Boyer will live on in the hearts of many!