Justin Warner Net Worth 2024


Cooking is commonly misunderstood as a woman’s domain of skill. On the other hand, male celebrity chefs have effectively demonstrated the opposite by participating in cookery TV series in greater numbers than their female counterparts.

We learned that there was no such thing as a gender-specific line of labor as we progressed in time. The same was the case with Justin Warner. He went on to guest star on cooking shows and wrote cookbooks despite having no formal culinary training.

Who is Warner?

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Warner, from Maryland, USA, is a self-taught chef who has proven to the world that fancy training means nothing if you don’t have a burning desire to learn. Warner was crowned the eighth season winner of the Food Network Star after putting in a lot of effort.

He went on to author several cookbooks and has a guest appearance in a number of TV shows. He is currently married to Brooke Sweeten and leads a happy life.

Early Life & Family

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His mother was a teacher, and his father was a psychiatrist; therefore, he had a really modest upbringing. He graduated from South Hagerstown High School in the year 2002. Warner often explains that he observed his father cook with a keen sense of passion and picked up his skills.

Warner’s Career Milestones


Warner’s time as a server at Danny Meyer’s famed restaurant, The Modern, provided him with the clear objective and motivation that put him on the right path. Warner and his then-girlfriend J.J. Pyle competed in the 24 Hour Restaurant Battle in August 2010.

Their creative concept for a brunch restaurant impressed the judges and crowned them winners. Sadly, the idea was never executed. With the mentorship of Alton Brown, Warner competed in the eighth season of Food Network Star and again proved impeccable skills by winning the season.

Risk-takers in any industry are prone to ups and downs. Warner had high hopes for his own series, ‘Rebel with a Culinary Cause,’ that never made it to the TV screen. He was also one of Do or Dine restaurant co-owners, which abruptly got shut in the year 2015, which left Warner with mixed feelings.

He went on to say that the closure inspired him to seek a career in media and reach a wider audience with his talents.

In 2016, he rekindled his creativity by hosting his own cooking show, in which he cooked live while addressing viewers’ queries. He wrote books like “The Laws of Cooking” and “And How to Break Them.”

Few Interesting Things About Justin Warner

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Here are few things you might not have known about Warner:

1. Warner is a go-getter.

2. Despite getting knocked down repeatedly, Warner never wanted to stop modifying his art of cooking through non-traditional methods.

3. His restaurant Do or Dine was a Michelin-rated restaurant.

4. Everyone in the culinary industry understands the value of Michelin rating under their name. Before its sudden closure, Warner’s restaurant was Michelin-rated.

Net Worth

The estimated net worth as of 2024 is $8 Million. Currently, Warner lives in Rapid City. He recently came into the spotlight for donating a large sum of money to charity after winning Guy Grocery’s games. It is speculated that the donations were used for Covid-19 relief.