Features of Smart Lighting Technology In 2024

It would be hard to think of life without the use of technology. We are living in times where people learn, work, shop, and communicate via electronic gadgets. The gadgets that are commonly used are smartphones, laptops, desktop computers, and tablets.

Technology is something that children are starting to get acquainted with from a very tender age. This is a new era where a parent can calm down their child using a game on a smartphone. Once they start watching, they easily get glued to the games and can browse on their own.

College courses that include coding can now be studied in the first stages of education. In some countries, these courses have been entrenched in school curriculums and a parent could enroll their child to learn on their own without even going to school. All of this is thanks to technology.

Light is an integral part of technology. It is through this smart lighting technology that these gadgets are kept running. This is because they need to be charged when they are out of power. For one to be able to see what these gadgets have in them, they have to emanate a light that will enable one to see that which is within them.

It is in this period of the COVID-19 pandemic that people have had to work from home, children have been forced to study via e-learning platforms, and businesses have been kept running via the online space. This has necessitated people to learn to be tech-savvy and businesses have had to revamp their websites and social media pages.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic necessitating people to become tech-savvy, technology is evolving at a supersonic speed. The generations to come will no longer want to shop physically because one can easily find the products and services they need on websites and order them at the touch of a button.

According to Led iBond, the use of technology has also enhanced lighting in that homes, offices, and businesses have now resorted to making use of smart lighting technology. This should be an encouragement to those that had traditionally made houses to turn their homes into using smart lighting technology.

3 Features of smart Lighting Technology

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There are various features of smart lighting technology. This article will highlight three features of smart lighting technology.

1. Can be set based on one’s mood

The installation of smart lighting technology comes with unique features such as allowing one to set them according to one’s mood. This is something very new and different from the use of traditional lights. Setting lights according to one’s mood means that this smart lighting technology could be used for different occasions.

For instance, when one is celebrating their spouse’s, friend’s or child’s birthday or anniversary they could indicate to the person in point of what exactly is going on. During valentine’s day, the color that is often used is red to indicate love, the smart lighting technology could easily be used at such times.

With one simple voice command or a few touches of your fingers, you can set your own mood for the night in whichever way you want. If you autotune your smart light’s settings beforehand, you won’t even need to bother doing anything – your lights will automatically do it for you.

Nothing is more pleasing than coming home from work and your lights automatically turn on for you, turn automatically dimmer and warmer when you are reading a book so your eyes don’t hurt, and gradually turn off when you are sleeping so you get a sound sleep. Indeed, smart light technology is the most satisfying technology you can equip your home with.

2. Can be remotely controlled

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The other good thing about making use of smart lighting technology is that these lights can be remotely controlled. This means that one does not have to be in his or her home or a building to turn on the lights. It could be that you have traveled and you always want to have your security lights on at night.

One can easily put on their lights while in the comfort of their home or getaway location. When it comes to manufacturing industries, the staff allocated the duties of checking on the machinery used could monitor them by remotely putting on the lights through the smart lighting technology.

While remote technology may sound just a fancy feature to some people, if you can utilize it well, you’ll find out it has various underrated uses. By using remote control technology you won’t ever have to worry about leaving your home, realizing you left the lights on, and going back again to turn them off. You can simply turn them off while you are seated in a car or in the middle of a party.

3. Automation

Automation is another good thing that comes with the use of smart lighting technology. The lights in the streets, for example, should light up come evening. The authorities in a certain area could install smart lighting technology that can be automated and have them come on at a certain time and off in the morning when the sun starts to come out.

Owners who have smart lighting technology installed in their home state can never get used to the amazing technology and it continues to surprise them every day. Automation is the future of humanity and smart lighting technology is one of the first steps towards it. Having smart lighting technology at your home impacts your guests with the impression that you are sophisticated and futuristic.

Turning traditional switches on and off can be quite bothersome, especially when you are in the middle of your flow while working or studying. However, if your lighting is automated then it easily resolves this issue by changing the lighting to your preference at a time you set. For example, if you know you will definitely be studying by 6 pm then you can set these settings in your smart lighting app so the lights automatically turn on at 6 pm.

Various owners state that the automation feature makes their home feel alive. According to them, an automated lighting system in the home makes them feel like their home actually cares for them. They also add that they never felt like that with their old incandescent bulbs.

Convenience and energy savings

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The bulbs used by smart lighting technologies are CFL or LED, both of which are very power efficient and save up to 90% of energy than the old incandescent bulbs. This means you can use your automated lighting any way you want without worrying about your electricity bill. Smart lighting technology also offers the user to put their lights in an energy-saving mode where they turn off when you aren’t in the room and get a little dimmer to reduce their energy consumption.

Having smart lighting technology removes the dependence on traditional switches. While this only removes a minor inconvenience, you’d be surprised to realize how much more convenient your life becomes without them. No more do you need to switch off each light after you leave a room – with the motion detectors of smart lighting technologies in place your lights will automatically turn off when you leave a room.


There is no doubt that homes, offices, and businesses should make use of smart lighting technology. This will enable them to save on the energy and expenses spent and help them adjust the brightness that comes with the lights in their buildings.