8 Tips to Finding the best Criminal Defense Lawyer In 2024

Nobody wants to face a criminal charge; it is a devastating moment for an individual. But God Forbid, if you have to, you need to hire affordabledefence.com. You need to hire the best person to represent you because nobody wants to put their reputation at stake. It is important to understand that all lawyers are not the same; they won’t all promise high-quality services. Thus, picking the right one is important.

Here, we have listed some tips that will help you find the best criminal defense lawyer for yourself or maybe for a friend in need.

1. Responsive


While hunting down for lawyers, you will have to communicate with many and talk to them about your case. If a lawyer does not get back to you within a short time span, he is not worth it. Why? This is because you are facing a criminal charge, and each second counts. If you are losing time and you are not getting a lawyer on board with you, it simply means that they are not responsive. And this is the last thing that any attorney must lack. Therefore, while looking for the best criminal defense attorney, you must not forget that responsiveness is an important part. Unless your attorney isn’t in touch with you every day, it will be hard for you to get rid of the criminal charges. In some cases, people have to work with several criminal defense attorneys, which makes it hard for them to find the right people. Talk to the attorney, and don’t forget to have a one-to-one conversation with each of the prospective lawyers to rest assured about their willingness to participate in your case.

2. Specialization

You must pick an attorney who specializes in criminal law. Likewise, if you are managing a divorce, you will look for a lawyer specializing in family law. The point being; you need to make sure that you are hiring the rightly qualified person for your case. If the attorney has nothing about criminal law mentioned in their portfolio or on their website, then you need to move on to finding the right one. After all, the law is a diverse profession, so it is hard for a single attorney to know everything about it. In fact, most attorneys choose the area of interest and work on it for the rest of their lives. Therefore, the next time somebody tells you about having complete knowledge of the field, you are allowed to be skeptical about them. Only newbies and inexperienced attorneys make such claims, so you better beware of them. Looking for the area of specialization will be a big relief since you will easily shortlist the right candidates for this job.

3. Choose Someone Local

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The biggest mistake that a lot of people make is to look for a lawyer outside of their town. Yes, there are many amazing lawyers in foreign countries. But you need to hire someone local. Why? This is because they will understand your local laws and court systems better. They will be accustomed to handling them, and your chances of winning will increase. Each court has its ways; thus, be smart to make the right choice. It is best to hire an attorney who has experience working in the local courts. As explained, every court has its own set of rules and regulations, so it is best for you to avoid hiring somebody with little to no experience. The experience of the local court should be the top of your priority when an attorney has to be hired. Never trust somebody who has never worked with the local court. Despise hiring somebody from a far-flung area. You can contact The Law Office of Lenore Tsakanikas, PLLC at https://tsakanikaslaw.com/.

4. Referrals

Asking for referrals can help you largely in finding the right attorney. Ask your friends, family, colleagues, and people around you about some of the best criminal defense lawyers in town. If someone has had a first-hand experience of working with one, then it will be extremely helpful for you. Word of mouth helps a lot in finding the right person. Referrals are important because they help you weigh the pros and cons of working with a certain individual. Furthermore, they also allow you to get in touch with people whom your friends and family members are rest assured about. This means you won’t have too through a long process of interviewing several people to choose the best one. Bear in mind, as soon as you are suspected of a crime, you won’t have much time to defend yourself. Make sure to ask everyone around in your social circle, so you can quickly get rid of whatever charges you are facing.

5. Check the Reputable Sources

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Thanks to the massive advancement of technology and the internet, we have access to what is known as digital media. More than the referrals, we can rely on the client reviews on the social media profiles of the lawyers and confirm the veracity of their services. Furthermore, it is also easy to visit the personalized website of the attorneys to check their portfolios. A few years back, nobody had even imagined that digital media would change the dynamics of how people used to look for attorneys.

This means you no longer have to visit several offices to find a criminal defense attorney. All you need to do is, open the laptop, visit the website of the attorney and see the work they have mentioned. From there, you can visit their social media profiles and see how the clients have valued them. You can also conduct background checks to see if he/she has a clear record. Visit this website to do this.

Apart from the quality of their services, you also get to know about their character, and whether or not they are compassionate about their clients.

6. Test their Knowledge

Although you have little time to find the right criminal defense attorney, this doesn’t mean that you hire anyone who occurs as the first person in Google’s search results. A top-notch attorney knows the basics of the case and understands the situation pretty well. Sometimes, you don’t have to hire an attorney for a long time if the chances of winning the case are small. Instead, you could apply for a plea bargain to get a deduction in the total fine or the amount of time you will have to spend in the courtroom. Now is the best time to meet a prospective attorney and ask them a few questions in the beginning. If they are upfront about your case, they will be worried about your situation more than the total budget. However, if you don’t find the attorney a strong communicator or lacking enough knowledge, it will be best to look for other options.

7. Check their Enthusiast

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Although lawyers are honest working professionals, unfortunately, the industry is full of rotten apples. This is why you hear stories of innocent people talking about how they were ripped off by attorneys and never contacted again. However, because you have enough information after reading this text, it is important that you judge the enthusiasm of the attorney. Get in touch with the lawyer in person rather than relying on the phone. After all, the easiest way to know about their enthusiasm is to meet them and see how they are willing to navigate your case. Dealing on the phone all the time and relying on text messages will turn out to be a bizarre strategy. So try to engage in actual meetings and despise relying on people who aren’t willing to meet in person.

8. Good Listening Skills

More than all the factors mentioned above, it is important for you to know if the attorney is a good listener or not. Bear in mind, when a criminal defense attorney is to be hired, it is important that the individual is confident, vociferous about their thoughts, and is a good listener. After all, you need to be heard properly by the attorney. Even if you have had any little involvement in a certain criminal activity, the attorney should know about it and help you in the best way possible. So when you meet the attorney, make sure to check if they are good listeners or are only focusing on what they have in their minds. Because the other side in the courtroom will have a strong legal representation, too, your attorney needs to support you strongly. Unless they aren’t a good listener, you can never rest assured about getting rid of the criminal charges.


Hiring a professional and highly qualified attorney is very important. You need to look into all the details before hiring anyone. Sit and discuss your case with them in detail before investing in them. If they are good at communicating and are bringing the basics to the table right away, then you can go ahead to considering them. Lastly, trust your gut and go with the choice that feels the best to you. Because nobody wants to get stuck with a criminal charge, now is the best time to look for a criminal defense attorney and chicken out of the situation.