6 Tips to Consider When Finding a BUI Attorney 

Operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol or other psychoactive substances is the leading cause of accidents, deaths, and injuries in traffic that could have easily been prevented. DUI cases are sadly ever present and they tend to be on the rise every year in certain areas of the world. People neglect their own safety, and more importantly, safety of other, unsuspecting members of traffic.

Those who have been arrested and have to go through the legal process as a result of their improper behavior behind the wheel know how serious it can be. Not only can you lose your license for years, but you may end up behind bars and have hefty fines to pay. And let us not even mention the emotional trauma that will be plaguing you if you seriously injure or kill somebody.

Just like the fact that you cannot be drunk while driving a vehicle on the road, you also cannot be under the influence when operating a boat of any sorts. A vehicle is a vehicle and no matter the medium in which you are present while controlling it, there is a set of guidelines and rules that absolutely have to be followed. If you are a boating enthusiast, no matter how passionate or not, you have to be familiar with BUI attorneys and what to do if you ever need one.

Did you recently get charged with boating while under the influence? You will need help if the answer to that question is positive. Right here in the article we discuss everything that you need to consider in order to find the best BUI lawyer around. Keep reading to learn more and get informed in case you or somebody you know ever need it.

1. Experience

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Not all lawyers are the same as come specialize in certain areas of law that others know little about. Not every case is the same and some people are simply better at dealing with a specific type of problem. Therefore, you should think about hiring someone who has worked on many BUI and DUI cases and knows everything there is to know about them. Hopefully, the local bar association would direct you to which attorneys specialize in boating/driving while under the influence.

If the lawyer you are interested in has worked hundreds of boating while intoxicated cases, they would make this very apparent. When you visit their website, you would see his case count on his site. Always aim for the professionals who advertise themselves as DUI or BUI lawyers over the ones who are willing to accept any case. This will ensure that their experience is on your side and that you have all the help you require by your side.

2. Wins

Now, experience is important, but it hardly matters if the lawyer has failed to win the cases and actually help the clients they are defending. Apart from having enough experience in the field, you should also make sure that your attorney has won most of the cases they have worked on.

Experience and a good track record go hand in hand, or at least they should. You should even prioritize the win percentage over the total amount of experience, if possible. Unfortunately, you may have gotten your second or third charge for operating a vessel under the influence, in which case you could easily get a jail sentence unless you hire a lawyer who can win a case this difficult.

Just like an attorney who has been around for a while would advertise how many clients he has worked with, one who has won many cases would not hide this either. It is the best type of advertisement a lawyer can have and the only thing a potential client needs to know about them.

3. Costs

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You do not need us to tell you that it is quite expensive to hire an attorney no matter the case. Unlike a personal injury case, where you would only pay if you got a settlement in your favor, you would have to pay a BUI/DUI lawyer even if you lose. Because of this, you should definitely not skimp and try to save with your lawyer. The best lawyers usually cost the most and you will need one of the best if you want to make sure your case ends well.

If you do not have a lot of money to spare on a BUI lawyer though, what can you do about it? The best course of action would be to find a lawyer who would let you make payments in instalments. Many large firms, like TorontoDUI.com offer this service so make sure you check them out.

4. Scheduling

Although an acclaimed lawyer would increase your chances of winning, they could be juggling hundreds of other clients at the same time. They would be too busy to focus solely on you, something many clients dislike. In such a case, you would be corresponding with their assistant most of the time and not directly with them. You and the attorney would only meet when you must discuss important case details. It is always best to choose a good lawyer who works independently or for a smaller law firm if you want them to be as devoted as possible.

5. Reputation

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You are advised to do your research on the lawyer you are interested in. They may have a great track record and are not too busy at the moment, which would be great. However, they may not be the most punctual or the most professional person for the job. Also, they may have a reputation of being rude. If you look through their reviews and ratings online, you would see what others have said and have a clearer picture about them.

6. Emotional Advice

Dealing with a boating while intoxicated charge is no joke. You would have to pay a hefty fine, and the BUI would be on your record permanently. Hopefully, your lawyer would provide advice to guide you through the ordeal and help you regarding your feelings and outlook on your future. He should also advise you on what to say to others, as you could say the wrong thing to a third party and make your case worse and more difficult to win. Listen to them and trust their judgment, especially if all of the previous tips we gave you helped you find the best lawyer for the job.