How to Make Your Food Packaging Environmentally Friendly?

Raised awareness of ecology and eco-friendly solutions can be implemented in various spheres and industries. When it comes to food, the main focus is on increased production of organic products, and avoidance of chemicals that could cause damage to the environment.

Also, the packaging is very important as well. The main issue is that many companies were using potentially harmful materials in the production of packages for food. Besides the ingredients that could cause damage to the environment, some substances could cause health issues as well.

Therefore, it is crucial to raise awareness and introduce new regulations that will prevent companies from using that material. Moreover, another trend is related to sustainability, where packages can be recycled or used more than once. If you are interested in sustainable packaging, check uCan Packaging.

Moreover, there are some important factors related to cans, boxes, and other products for food storing, and how to choose only those that are safe for the environment. Here are some important things to know about those features.


Try To Be More Sustainable

Avoiding the need to produce new packages, which have to include processes that can cause damage to the environment. That will save the resources as well. Moreover, an excellent method that will help you to keep your products fresh without the need to use additional ingredients and cans for preservation is to focus on local productions and stores.

For example, it will be much cheaper if you buy fruits and vegetables in your area, and you won’t need cans for them. Besides that, you should focus on buying seasoned plants. In most cases, producers are adding substances to make the vegetables and fruits last longer, and that is especially the case with imported goods.

Even if they are not using any additives, large shipping companies are leaving a huge carbon print, and emphasis on local productions will make it lower. Furthermore, try to choose only those producers that are not using chemicals and harmful ingredients in the production. The advantages are that you will buy products for a more affordable price, and always have them fresh.


Eco-Friendly Packages

Another important factor is the selection of boxes, cans, bottles, and other packaging products, and you should focus on those that are safe for the environment, and that won’t affect the food by releasing toxic ingredients. When it comes to plastic, the only safe solution is a PET bottle, because it won’t affect the product, it will keep it fresh, while you can recycle this material.

On the other hand, it is widely used, and you won’t need to spend a lot of money on this option. Moreover, glass jars are maybe the safest solution. However, the main issue is the higher price of these packages and their fragility. Still, some types of food can be safe only in this model of packaging. IF you want to transport fresh fruits and vegetables, cardboard is the best solution.

However, we suggest you choose those types without harmful artificial colors, that can be recycled or used more than once. Paper is also a great solution for some types of food and spices. It is an affordable option that can be easily recycled, and there are no risks for the environment since it is degradable as well.

You can notice that many restaurants use cornstarch for deliveries, and that is an excellent option since it will keep the food fresh for a longer time, there is not a way for it to affect it in any way, and it can easily be recycled.


On the other side, cans for fish and processed food are also safe and sustainable. This is one of the oldest methods for preserving food. The great feature of metals used in the production of cans is that you can use them several times. The interesting fact is that the most of metal used for the production of cans is made through recycling.

Benefits of Using Eco-Friendly Solutions

With raised awareness of ecology in recent years, customers find it very important if a company uses sustainable and safe products. Therefore, that will improve the status of your business on the market, and bring you more customers. People are now ready to pay more when they can choose between eco-friendly options and those who are not.

Moreover, you are working on the raised awareness with your actions, which can motivate other people to start doing the same. The main issue is that many countries still don’t have proper regulations related to food packaging, and the best solution is to promote the features of these models.

In that matter, focus on the use of paper and cardboard without artificial colors and chemicals. This is a cheap option, and you can easily buy it locally. A huge percentage of paper and cardboard is recycled. Besides that, use plastic that can be degradable in a shorter time, or those that can be used several times.


Also, switch from using plastic boxes, or card boxes with chemicals, and use basic cardboard instead. It can help you with branding as well since it will provide a minimalistic appearance of your products. For instance, you can use basic cardboard and only place your logo over it.


You have to pay attention that each process related to the production and transport of goods has lower emission of hazardous substances. Therefore, choose local products instead of imported ones, buy seasoning fruits and vegetables because those that are out-of-season in your area come from distant countries.

Also, organic food is the best option because producers are not using any chemicals in the production. That will lower the use of pesticides and other harmful ingredients that are causing damage to insects, rivers, animals, and whole nature.

Even if you are using some materials that might have some potentially harmful substances, try to use them several times, and be sure to place them in a safe place. Also, avoid using plastic bags, and replace them with paper.