6 Things to Have in Mind when Moving Without a Moving Company – In 2024

Moving is an important moment in every person’s life. If you are moving to a newly built house, a new apartment or you have rented new living space, you certainly feel great excitement, joy, you have plans to decorate the interior and exterior, you think about furniture, carpets, paintings, but also small things, decorations, lamps. All this is beautiful and everyone is looking forward to thoughts and ideas regarding aesthetics and decoration, but there is also a big job that awaits us especially without a company that organizes moving.

There are many reasons for our decision to do everything ourselves. Maybe it’s about saving money, maybe we don’t want a lot of strangers to come to our house, sometimes we trust ourselves and our organizational skills the most, and so on. We must be aware that it is extensive and complex work requires a detailed plan. If you fail to do so, there can be complete chaos and confusion, stress and nervousness will grow, the chances of something breaking will increase, etc. So these are things you need to have in mind when moving without a moving company.

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1. Plan each step

The first and foremost is to think about everything well, to consider all the options. When we are scheduling a move, how much time we need to empty the space, whether we need to paint it or not, and so on. Also, we need to ask friends and family to help us if they have time. We have to make a list of all things so as not to end up losing something in the process. Consider giving or selling things that we will no longer need. Of course, you need to hire a truck, van, or private vehicle, depending on the plan and agreement. Even if you opt to move on your own, you can still rent a vehicle from a moving company. Find more about it at quickverhuizing.nl.

2. Acquire packing boxes

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One of the most important tasks is to provide enough boxes for moving, appropriate and different sizes. Think about what we are packing in which box, write on the boxes what is inside, whether it is fragile or not. This is one of the more detailed tasks, but very useful because we will prevent doubts about the contents of the box, and thus the damage that could occur due to inadequate handling. You should also buy adhesive tapes, markers, plastic foils for wrapping, large plastic bags with zippers, and so on.

3. Clothes we will wear during the move

Although it seems like a marginal and unimportant thing, on the contrary, it is very important that we dress in accordance with the work that awaits us. It would be wise to wear some work overalls, or comfortable wide pants, a sweatshirt, or a long-sleeved T-shirt, something in which our movements are free, and which will protect us as much as possible. We will definitely need to provide gloves to everyone who comes to help, you never know where the rusty nail or some sharp corner or edge is lurking. It is also necessary to put a tool in a visible place. It would be good to find a handcart or small platforms with wheels, and these things would make it much easier to carry heavy items, such as washing machines, refrigerators, pieces of furniture, book boxes, etc.

4. Packing

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The packaging process needs to start earlier. After the plan has been made it is best to start packaging immediately. We can pack room by room, if it is easier for us, and if we will have the opportunity to arrange things exactly as we would like, immediately after moving in. We can pack things thematically: dishes, books, CDs, bedding, wardrobe, lamps, glassware, chandeliers, carpets. You should pack lighter things in large boxes, such as pillows, postage, jackets, and in small boxes put heavier things. Sensitive and fragile items should be wrapped in special plastic wrap with air bubbles, and something can be wrapped in old blankets or towels.

Be sure to do triage and share what you don’t need anymore. You will save yourself from an additional job, and you’ll make room in your new home for new things.

5. Plan how will take care of children

In such a job, such as moving, which requires time, constant crowds, the flow of people, and bulky things, it must be borne in mind that children have no place in the house at that time. It is important to provide a babysitter, a relative, a grandmother, and a grandfather earlier so that we can work peacefully without fear that the children will fall somewhere, go out of the house or stand in the wrong place and trip someone who carries things.

6. Transportation

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When we packed everything, marked everything, it was time to load everything in the vehicle. We need to assess earlier how many things we have and what they are like, in general. Do we have bulky and heavy furniture, many large armchairs, double beds, mattresses, or is our furniture lighter. Accordingly, our means of transport must be of a certain size. Is it a big truck or several smaller vans, will our friends and relatives carry something in their trunks We should think about everything and not risk situations where we don’t know how to transport something.


Although everyone who has ever moved has had their own experience, we know that things with moving never go quite smoothly and absolutely according to plan. Something unforeseen always happens. Someone is late, someone’s tire bursts, someone drops something, someone misunderstood something, someone’s back hurt, so he dropped out of the game, and someone fell asleep and did not show up. These are all situations that raise tension, make a person nervous, there is a raised tone and some quarrels, but it should be borne in mind that it is best to calm the agitated spirits. Then the job will be easier and more successful and we should look forward to moving to new space.