What Are Gaming Fundraisers And How Do They Work – 2024 Guide

Fundraising is a common activity that helps meet various social goals and objectives. Nowadays, it is associated with many other activities, and the most recent combination that has been making rounds is fundraising with gaming.

Now, what does this stand for?

It refers to the combination, which includes a rise in the live streaming of the gaming process and the mushrooming popularity and appeal of video games. The appeal is common amongst various groups of people who love video games. All these popular instances are excellent opportunities to solve charity purposes. Both these things act as what is commonly known as gaming fundraisers.

It is something first of its kind, and hence, gamers have a chance of raising money for charity purposes through the live streaming advantage. Players play online and Livestream the whole scenario and get money the viewers bid on their chance of winning.

Gaming For Charity – How True Is It?

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Most people might not be aware of the concept of a gaming fundraiser. You are not alone, as this idea is in its initial stage.

It is an interesting concept and gives the interested parties a chance to fulfill their charity intent. The only component you require to organize or be a part of this event is video games. However, the process of conducting the fundraiser differs from its base activity. Platforms like fundly.com can help you with individual crowdfunding processes based on your need and interest to conduct it.

Hence, a gaming fundraiser is a unique idea, but it doesn’t need to be conducted the same way a cookery fundraiser will be conducted.

If you talk about the gaming fundraiser, you will get to know that it has a unique fact related to its functioning. Such a fundraiser can last for more than a single day. Hence, you can let your creative side take turns and introduce various kinds of gaming events under a single umbrella. It is an opportunity for many players as they can do things within this time and get live-streamed while in motion. The competitive tournaments are fun, and it becomes more exciting when so many people watch you and praise you for your skill.

So, in all possibilities, there is one thing of utmost importance in gaming fundraisers. It is the concept of live streaming. It helps in ensuring that an organization can reach the maximum extent of an audience that can act as potential donors for the game and do justice to the cause of the organized fundraiser.

Effectiveness Of Gaming Fundraisers

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The size of a gaming fundraiser can vary from one event to another.

You might be wondering what the size of a fundraiser means and how it can impact funding.

The fundraiser can be small or large, meaning the extent to which it is happening. Small events might have fewer games and can last for a short period. Also, the money they might raise will be less than what a large one can raise. The large ones can, however, raise impressive high-dollar money for charity. As per the statistics, in 2018, the charity amount raised for St. Jude’s was $3.7 million. The amount was raised over the weekend itself.

Hence, it clearly indicates that the planning, organization, and idea of fundraisers are effective. Combining it with one’s love for gaming works like a silver lining on the cloud, as there is a chance that gamers turn up in huge numbers owing to a variety of reasons.

Another interesting fact about such fundraisers is that additional money can be welcomed in the form of shoutouts for the players’ skills, followed by on-screen trackers and goals that provide the first-hand experience of how it feels during such games. Other benefits like raffles can also be a thing over here.

Working And Ways To Get Involved In It

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Such charity raisers work like any other. The organizers come in contact with the professionals supporting a cause or others like welfare groups, non-profit organizations, and NGOs. Hence, the existing social networks are important for fundraisers. So, it becomes important for you to connect with organizations familiar with the best practices for peer-to-peer fundraising. Organizing a raiser for the cause is no use, and the money does not reach the people who need it the most through any means. It becomes more important when the Livestream angle comes into the picture.

In such cases, you need to use a system that allows collections and donations through the internet. Who knew that technology could have such a wonderful use, too?

Some organizing groups have contacts with local gamers who either have staged such an event or would like to do it. So, they get them on board and begin the preparations. The best way to indulge them is to pick either of the following:

  • They can consider a partnership or help organize an event of the desired size.
  • Apart from that, you can look for an existing philanthropic.

Taking the first step in the process looks hard, but all you need is confidence, a good idea, ground knowledge, and staff to help you with the work. You can have proper research and take steps accordingly. If you are going for a gaming fundraiser, you can think of including a component for proper streaming, as it will include a wider audience virtually.

Are you unable to find a big space for your event?

If you plan to organize one, you can also begin on a small scale. There is no hard and fast rule related to space. Once you begin attracting small viewership, you can gain experience and opt for a massive following of people who can put in more money. The games can continue in such a way, and you can contact people who can use the money for a good cause.


If you have a mission in your head, this type of fundraising can do wonders for you. Many people will tell you this is an odd idea, but its effectiveness and volume are enough to speak for themselves. So, you can begin the work now and don’t let a good cause wait.