What Is a Dedicated Server Ark

Playing games is one of the entertainment methods that many people enjoy. The interesting storylines and having your friends with you are just some of the reasons why is gaming so popular. However, there is one thing that determines your playing experience and that is the type of server you are about to join.

That is the case when playing Ark. The type of server is surely a huge determinant for your experience both because of the playstyle and your past experience with this game.

For that reason, we made this article to explain what a da dedicated server is, and what are the other alternatives. This should help you understand the right option for you to maximize your gaming experience. Keep reading and find out more.

Explanation of ARK

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Ark is a game of adventure that came out in the summer of 2017. In this game, your task is to survive on an island with lots of creatures like dinosaurs for example. You can combine the forces with other players to beat these monsters, or, you can play against the other players in a PvP option.

The game is supported by most platforms including Mac and Windows as well as Nintendo, Xbox, and PS. In addition, this game is available for mobile gamers on both operating systems.

You can play Ark either in first-person or from an omniscient point of view no matter the type of server you’ll select. In addition, you can play solo or against other people depending on what you enjoy more.

There are various non-dedicated servers that you can find. But, if you are looking for performance, and truly want to enjoy this game without any obstructions or lagging, a dedicated server is the right option for you to consider.

What are non-dedicated servers

These servers are hosted by players but are meant for players in the same geographic location. This might be the option for you to consider in case you are playing with friends who live near you.

However, if the non-dedicated server is far from you, you get to experience crashes and lags which just ruin your game. For that reason, if you are playing with people from other countries, this is not a good server option.

What are dedicated servers

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Dedicated servers are hosted by players as well, and they require computers with great performance especially memory and ram. If you do not have more than 6 free gigs of ram, don’t even consider running a dedicated server.

The unique IP makes you control the people entering the server and you can create the best settings for every friend you’ll be playing with. In addition, you will ensure that you get the most performance out of the game, so lags and drops in fps will not be something to experience.

In addition, the server runs non-stop so if you are playing with people from different time zones, or you just have different playing schedules, it will be no problem. Everyone can log in whenever they want and enjoy their time with Ark.

Bear in mind that you’ll not be able to play on the same computer that you are using for hosting. For that reason, you’ll either need two computers, or a computer and another gaming platform where you can play the game.

However, as many players you gather, that much ram you need. In addition, the power bills can become too big because the system will run non-stop. For that reason, as evoluso.com suggests, going with an offshore dedicated service can be the best solution for everyone who wants to fully enjoy the game.

Single-player option

This game also has servers for single-player modes. That way, you log in and you have the whole world for yourself. You can explore the maps, get to buildings and tame various types of creatures.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about being attacked by other players and losing all your progress. There is even an option to use cheats and customize your experience as the only player inside the server. Play at your pace and enjoy the games as much as you want.

Official and unofficial servers

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There are two kinds of servers, ones that are run by the publishers and ones run by third-party firms.

The official servers or the ones run by the publisher are a great option if you are just starting. You’ll get to learn the game and adapt to the playstyle without the need to pay for it. They are also wiped at times to give beginners a chance to build and be equal with long-time players.

However, the wipe means you get to lose everything, and this is where you should consider whether you’ll host a server by yourself, or play on single-player options.

The unofficial servers are run by various firms and they provide certain benefits. For example, every progress of yours gets saved so in case something happens, the backup will surely be helpful. However, you will need to pay a certain amount to play on these servers although the sum is not anything serious.

What should you choose depending on your playstyle and experience

What type of server is most suitable for you is dependent on your playstyle and your previous experience with the game. For example, if you want to play alone, single-player servers are your best option no matter whether you choose primitive, hardcore, or playing versus enemy modes.

In case you are more of a social player and enjoy the company of others as a beginner you should choose either official or unofficial servers. If you are more experienced, dedicated servers are a better fit. However, instead of player versus enemy, you’ll be playing against other players which is far more competitive.

Lastly, if you are playing with people who live near you, non-dedicated servers are the best option for you. However, if one of the players moves to a different location, or you get to experience lags and drops in fps, moving to a dedicated server is the best possible solution.