How to Buy a House With Bitcoin: 5 Things to Know

Bitcoin is digital money that is now widely accepted by retailers around the globe. Now accepting Bitcoin payments are Expedia, Microsoft, and a few particular stores. The question of whether one can use Bitcoin to purchase real estate is one that many people have, nevertheless.

Despite its ups and downs, Bitcoin ranks among the top cryptocurrencies worldwide. In December 2017, it hit a record high before dropping significantly during the following month. Since then, Bitcoin has emerged as an imperfect but workable alternative for conducting online payments.

Why not carry out your real estate transactions with Bitcoin? You can learn everything you need to know about bitcoin-based real estate transactions from this guide.

1. Find A Seller Who Accepts Bitcoin


Finding a seller willing to take cryptocurrency on conventional home listing websites might be very challenging if you’re looking to trade your cryptocurrency stash for a house. Some retailers will indicate in their advertisements that they accept cryptocurrencies, but in all other cases, you must inquire.

There are filters available on some real estate listing websites that let you view only homes for sale that accept cryptocurrencies, although this functionality is still not very common.

2. Crypto Taxes

Due to the volatility of most cryptocurrencies, investors are more interested in investing in them and earning money by buying and selling them. They prefer it to the conventional currency. This is similar to buying and selling stocks in the pursuit of a profit. Cryptocurrencies are subject to capital gains tax since the IRS views them as capital assets.

Selling an asset for a profit is considered a capital gain. It will constitute a short-term capital gain if you buy and sell an investment in the same calendar year. Long-term capital gain is profit from holding an asset for more than a year.

Depending on how long you had the asset and how much it costs to maintain, your capital gains tax will change.

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3. Find A Real Estate Agent


Finding a real estate agent who takes cryptocurrencies is among the easiest ways to purchase a home using Bitcoin.

These realtors are becoming more and more prevalent every day. Once you’ve selected one, buying your home can go exactly as it would with any other house purchase. The main distinction is that you send Bitcoin to the real estate company rather than cash when it’s time to transfer your money.

4. Crypto Loan

A mortgage is often used by most of us to purchase a property. Can you carry out the same action using cryptocurrency?

In a way, yes. You can apply for a bitcoin loan in the same way you would for a traditional loan. The time it takes to apply for a crypto loan can be as short as three minutes, though you will still need to be able to provide some form of security and be able to make the repayments.

Then you can use that cash to purchase a home or just about anything else. Additionally, if you currently possess any bitcoin, you can use it as security to obtain a loan, putting your investment to work for you.

5. Convert To Cash

If a seller won’t accept Bitcoin and you don’t want to use cryptocurrencies for a mortgage, you may still utilize cryptocurrency to buy a house by selling your holdings and turning them into cash.

The entire procedure, from the first acquisition of the “currency” to the final sale, needs to be meticulously documented before you sell. The bank or broker may reject your mortgage application or flag the deal if you don’t maintain an accurate paper trail.

If a seller won’t accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are not suitable for a mortgage, you can still use cryptocurrency to buy a house by selling your holdings and converting them into cash. It’s essential to thoroughly document the entire process, from the initial acquisition of the “currency” to the final sale, to avoid potential issues with your mortgage application. Ensure a seamless transition by exploring reliable cryptocurrency acquisition options at

Additionally, you must ensure that all transactions are made in U.S. currency and disclose any profits to the IRS. Since cryptocurrencies are considered capital assets in the U.S., they must pay capital gains tax like stock investments.

Consult legal and tax experts if you intend to make any significant cryptocurrency transactions, such as selling Bitcoin to finance a home purchase, a down payment, or meet the mortgage requirements. This will help to ensure that the transaction is appropriately documented, that all laws are observed, and that all taxes are paid and filed. For more details on crypto currency, you can visit

Advantages of Buying Property With Bitcoin


Anti-Fraud Measures

Bitcoin’s private, fully verifiable digital identification allows you to send and receive money from deal participants in a secure manner. Using this as proof of funds is even more trustworthy than a bank letter. This digital I.D. may be applied to various financial transactions, including escrow, future mortgage payments, and real estate purchases.


One of the quickest and safest methods of money transfer is through the use of blockchain technology. Since every transaction must be confirmed by every node (computer) in the network, it is theoretically considerably more challenging to hack. To alter the blockchain, each node would need to be compromised. On a public ledger, everything is transparent and immutable. Unlike more traditional real estate transactions, which might take time, these happen almost instantly.

Potential Savings

If you locate a merchant who accepts a cryptocurrency offer, they might give you a discount. Bitcoin or other virtual currency sellers are probably also cryptocurrency investors anticipating your offer’s worth to increase over time. They might agree to a little lower price for the house if they’re convinced they can keep making money from the cryptocurrency you’ve offered them.


Bitcoin and other well-known cryptocurrencies, like Ethereum, are being used by people all over the world to pay for real estate. Numerous uses for cryptocurrencies are being considered by the industry, from home services to sales and purchases.

Real estate sellers can decide whether to accept bitcoin as payment for their properties, and buyers are increasingly using cryptocurrencies as a form of payment for real estate. Because of the blockchain’s strength, openness, and security, participants in the real estate industry are looking to it as a potential substitute for conventional means of documenting property titles and transfers during the sales process.