How Do You Know If You Have A Pest Infestation?

What are the signs that you might have a pest street infestation? What steps should you take to uncover whether or not your place is overrun with pests?

Living in a busy and fast-paced society, many people do not realize exactly how quickly pests can start to spread. Having one pest problem can, in turn, lead to dozens of others, and if you don’t catch them early on – you might have an epic battle on your hands.

Today, we’ll try to provide information on how to recognize the signs in your home that indicate a possible infestation is present. The warning signs of infestations are various, ranging from foul odours all the way to damage to your property or something as uncanny as animal droppings in the backyard.

So, without further ado – let’s begin.

1. You’ll Notice A Build-Up Of Dirt And Grime


If your home or property is infested with pests, there are some tell-tale signs that point to a pest infestation. The first sign is the presence of build-up of dirt and grime on surfaces such as countertops, cabinets, and appliances. This build-up may not seem like a big deal at first, but it can indicate that pests are nesting in these areas.

Build-ups like hair, crumbs, or just outright dirt often point to an infestation, and you’ll often find them in the attic, garage, basement, or other areas of your home with less traffic and human activity. If you spot these in your kitchen or the living room – the infestation has probably spread quite a lot, and you need to call an exterminator.

2. You’ll Notice Animal Droppings

If you notice pest droppings, it’s best to take steps right away to stop the problem. You can start by inspecting your home’s exterior and interior for any signs of a potential infestation. Check around the house for places where pests may be nesting or hiding, such as cracks in walls, basement, attic, crawl space and others. If you find evidence of an infestation, contact a qualified pest control company to help with the problem.

The presence of droppings, especially rat or mouse droppings, is a clear sign of a problem. When a pest is present, they will leave their faeces or nests near food sources to attract new victims, and if you see live insects near droppings – you should pick up the phone right away and call for professional help.

3. You’ll Notice Strange And Foul Odours


Pests in your home can give off a foul odour that you may not be able to stand. That’s because they’re feasting on your food and damaging the property, leaving behind a stench that’s very hard to miss. These can range from sewage-like smells to the sweet smell of rotting flesh. If these smells are consistently present in your home, they may be an indication that your home has been invaded by pests.

Fortunately, you don’t have to suffer through all of it. says that as long as you don’t let the foul odours linger – there is a good chance that the pest infestation will be dealt with in a short amount of time. So, don’t try and ignore the smells. Call for help instead.

4. You’ll Notice Damage To Clothes And Various Fabrics Around The House

Pests like cockroaches, moths, and termites can be a nightmare. They can infest your home, chew holes in your clothes, or even cause you to lose sleep at night because of their constant noise. Fortunately, there are some signs that you can be on the lookout for if you suspect a pest infestation.

If you notice damage to your clothes, curtains, towels, or other fabrics, and if you have no idea what is causing these visible problems, feel free to suspect an infestation. And then, call someone who specializes in pest control so they can help get rid of the problem once and for all!

5. You’ll Notice Damage To Your Plants


If you are unsure whether or not you have a pest infestation, one of the best ways to tell is to take a look at your plants. Plants that have been damaged by pests may be wilting or dying, and leaves may be turning yellow, brown, or black.

Plants may be suffering from a pest infestation just like your home, and if they do – they’ll look as though they’re dying. They will have lots of holes in them, and you may even notice insects coming out of them. If you notice that your plant is infested with pests, there’s a good chance your house is too, so it’s best to make an appointment with a professional to determine how to treat the issue.

6. You’ll Notice Signs Of Nesting

One of the key signs that you have a pest infestation is when you notice evidence of nesting. But what does this mean exactly? Well, let’s look at some examples. A nest in your yard might consist of a few or many strands of spider silk coming from the nearby tree trunk. You might also see droppings made by a rat on the ground or even some strange excrement lying on top of your garbage can. Either way, all of these point to a pest infestation.

You might also spot food, stains, or other evidence of increased pest activity anywhere on your property. You could even notice faecal pellets from rodents, insects, or other pests, or even eggs of those pests on surfaces around your home.

7. You’ll Head Strange Sounds


If you hear strange noises at night or even during the day, it is possible that you have an infestation. The noise may be a sound of scratching or chewing as pests try to find food or something odd like buzzing, clicking, chirping, crackling.

Now, most animals that live in or around your home will be asleep during the day, so you may only notice a pest infestation if you hear unusual sounds at night, so keep your ears perky before you go to sleep.


It’s all about the symptoms.

If you spot any of the signs mentioned above, there is a good chance you’re dealing with some pests. If you suspect that to be the case, it’s up to you to find out what type of pest and how bad the infestation is – in whatever way you seem fit. We’d suggest contacting a professional.

So, pick up your phone, call up a professional, and have them handle it.