The Art of Contesting ─ How to Stand Out and Win More Online Contests

Are you looking for tips to increase your chances of winning more online contests? Then, this article is for you!

Learn the secrets behind crafting an effective contest entry that stands out and grabs the judges’ attention. With the right technique, you can make your entry stand out and put you closer to victory!

Finding the Right Contests

Finding the right contests to enter can be overwhelming, especially with the rise of social media platforms. With so many options, how do you narrow down your search? Before you start entering contests, there are a few things you need to consider.

First, decide what types of prizes you want to win. Once you know what you’re looking for, research online contests that offer those types of prizes. You can also take a look at influencers and brands on social media for potential leads.

When it comes to free entry competitions, make sure that the contest has enough entries and an easier odds of success before investing your time in entering it. Also, check if the competition accepts entries from certain countries only as some may accept international entries while others are restricted geographically.

Finally, consider who is running the contest and read reviews about them if possible; it’s best to go with reliable sweepstakes sponsors like Sweepstakes Advantage as they provide legitimate weekly updates regarding new contests as well as detailed rules and regulations so that participants know what they are getting into before signing up.

Understanding the Rules


The most fundamental rule to remember when it comes to understanding how online contests work is that there are typically multiple entry periods and criteria for each competition. Each stage of the process can offer different rewards and potential consequences, depending on the design of the game.

To ensure you are eligible for winning a prize or award, take some time to review all of the rules associated with any given contest before entering. Some important considerations include:

  • Age eligibility
  • Number of entries allowed
  • Dates & deadlines for entry submission
  • Rules regarding multiple accounts
  • Reimbursement policies in case of disqualification/withdrawal from the entry submission
  • Prizes or awards available for each stage & qualification categories

Crafting an Effective Entry

When crafting your entry, try to be as specific as possible in your description. Keep it short but make sure it contains important details because if it’s too vague or ambiguous, judges may not select it for further review.

Explain why you are entering the contest or tell a story about how you intend to use the prize if an award will be given to the winner. With these few details, readers should be able to get a better sense of who you are and why they should consider your entry over someone else’s.

Increasing Your Chances of Winning


Build up a strategy for entering multiple times if it’s allowed. As with any skill, practice makes perfect so don’t be afraid to make mistakes–you can always learn from them next time. Make sure that each entry is unique and tailored to that particular contest – generic entries will not stand out from the crowd.

Also, look for bonus points or other opportunities where there may be extra points available – these could tip the balance in your favor and make your entry stand out from others.

Finally, stay organized by keeping track of all your entries and responses in one central location (spreadsheet/notepad). This will also help when creating reports which most contests require upon winning a prize. It’s also important to claim any prizes promptly when they arrive–most prizes will expire if not claimed within a certain amount of time so plan accordingly!

Strategies for Multiple Entries

To enter multiple times without risking disqualification, take some basic steps to ensure your entries are varied enough that judges don’t suspect duplicate efforts. Here are some ideas for submitting multiple entries successfully.

  1. Change the form of your response ─ Pay attention to different formats accepted by the contest organizers, so there is no possibility that your entries sound or look too similar to one another. For example, if a competition is asking for creative ideas, you could submit one written submission and one video submission.
  2. Switch up the content ─ Don’t just mix up how you present the information ─ be sure to also switch up the actual content you’re submitting. This can include introducing new characters or scenarios in a story entry or submitting a different angle when responding to an open-ended question like “What is your favorite place?”
  3. Use separate email addresses ─ Creating dedicated email accounts for each entry can help keep track of your submissions and allow you the opportunity for more than one entry– plus it ensures that most contests don’t flag all of your entries as duplicates!
  4. Time yourself wisely ─ Some contests have time limits on responses, so be sure you organize yourself beforehand and make any necessary adjustments based on deadlines or rule changes along the way

Knowing When to Quit


Knowing when to move on from one competition to the next is key for any successful contest entrant. Some contests require a significant time commitment with lots of data entry and research, while others consist of just a few minutes of your time. Depending on the type of prize you are targeting, it may be more effective to invest more time in higher-value prizes but less time on lower-value ones.

The key is finding the balance between entering too few contests (which may limit your chances) and entering too many (which will become tiring and cost you focus). It is often best to focus your efforts on fewer targeted entries that are aligned with your preferred prizes rather than spreading yourself too thinly over all the contests you find.


The online contest landscape is a complex one, with many different types of contests and platforms all competing for your attention. It’s important to carefully evaluate each contest you enter, to make sure you are submitting the best possible entry for your goals. By following the steps in this guide and keeping track of the contests you enter, you can give yourself a better chance at standing out and winning more often.

By taking these steps, along with some luck and creativity, you should find yourself in a great position for increasing the number of wins under your belt. Good luck!