What Kind of Information is Gathered from a Depression Quiz?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over 280 million people globally suffer from depression. Depression is more than just a bad mood and it can take help to conquer. Taking a simple Depression Quiz can help to determine if you’re dealing with more than just the blues.

Depression is more prevalent in women, possibly due to biological factors, but it is equally debilitating to men and women. In fact, it’s one of the leading causes of disability worldwide and it can be a dangerous emotional state.

A Depression Quiz gathers some simple information about thoughts, habits, and lifestyle to determine if you may be suffering from more than just a bad mood. Here’s what it’s all about.

Interest in Activities

Depression Quiz typically starts with some simple questions about your interest in activities. It is usually just a short multiple-choice question type of thing, so you don’t need to write out any answers or give personal information. It may ask about how often you’ve been interested or derived pleasure from activities. They’re probably referencing just normal everyday activities.

If you’ve been sleeping all the time then it’s safe to say that your interest in these things has been minimal. You should also think about the pleasure or satisfaction you’ve garnered from completing activities if any.

Feeling Blue

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Next, you may be asked about how often you’ve felt down. A simple Depression Test doesn’t dive into your personal life. If you answer honestly, it can let you know if you need to take steps to make some lifestyle changes. You may be asked if you’ve had feelings of hopelessness or how often you’ve had them. It’s a simple multiple-choice test that you answer anonymously and hit next to go to the next question.

Sleeping Habits

Most often, a Depression Quiz will include at least one question about your sleep habits. Since sleep disturbances often accompany depression, it’s a logical question. Some people suffering from depression sleep almost all the time and find it hard to even get out of bed. Others suffer from a lack of sleep while their body suffers the consequences. They may find it hard to turn their mind off to fully relax.

Other questions may relate to the way you feel as a result of those interrupted sleep patterns. A Depression Quiz may ask how often you feel tired or lack the energy to do things like everyday activities. More than one question may be devoted to your sleep patterns, but they gather no personal information.


Your appetite can be closely related to your mood so a Depression Quiz may include questions about your eating habits. Just like depression interrupts your sleep cycle, your appetite also suffers. Some people suffering from depression start overeating in an attempt to fill that emotional void while others have no appetite at all.

They get no satisfaction from enjoying a meal. Your sleep patterns can also interfere with your appetite so it’s kind of like a domino effect.

Feelings of Failure

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A Depression Quiz will probably ask about your feelings since negative feelings can be a symptom of depression. That doesn’t necessarily mean they are, but they can contribute. Feelings of hopelessness or feeling bad about yourself can be a symptom of depression.

Feeling like you’re a failure or like you’ve let people down can be a terrible emotional symptom so a Depression Quiz will usually gather this information. Again, the questions are anonymous and multiple-choice, so they are worded carefully. You just need to answer honestly and move on to the next question.

Difficulty Focusing on a Single Task

Remember that domino effect? Well, disturbances in your sleeping patterns and your nutritional intake can lead to trouble concentrating. Difficulty concentrating on a single task, like reading a book, isn’t necessarily a risk factor for depression. However, a lack of sleep and a poor diet usually leads to difficulty concentrating so a Depression Quiz often asks if you have difficulty focusing on a single task.

If so, it may want to know how often this is a problem. Is a lack of focus something you deal with daily or just sometimes? The questions aren’t invasive, but they are carefully engineered to gather pertinent information.

Restless Fidgeting or Slow Movements

Many people who suffer from depression end up engaging in restless fidgeting without even realizing it. On the opposite end of the spectrum, people who are depressed sometimes start moving noticeably slowly. It isn’t intentional behavior but it often comes with the territory. A depression Quiz will sometimes include questions about slow movements and/or fidgeting.

Suicidal Thoughts

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People who suffer from depression often have suicidal thoughts. When this happens, it’s time to seek medical help. Unfortunately, people are usually embarrassed to admit that they’ve been having these thoughts. It can be hard to bring up conversations with friends or loved ones.

A lack of sleep and other factors can contribute to suicidal thoughts. Not everyone who suffers from depression has suicidal thoughts, but some do and most will not ask for help. Hence, the question is often included in a Depression Quiz.

Nonspecific Identifiers

Lastly, a Depression Quiz will typically include general nonspecific questions about your identity. It may ask about your gender and age range. Don’t forget, women are more likely than men to suffer from depression which is why these questions are included.

If your answers indicate that you’re experiencing depression, then the Depression Quiz will tell you that at the end. It’s not a clinical diagnosis but it will let you know if you should start taking steps to make corrections. Sometimes, a few lifestyle changes are all that’s needed to combat the depression you may be experiencing.

Don’t Hesitate to Take a Depression Quiz

If you are experiencing a lack of interest in daily activities, major sleep disturbances, feelings of hopelessness or all of the above don’t be afraid to take a Depression Quiz. It’s just a simple, multiple-choice quiz that only takes a few moments and gathers no personal information. It could just give you the answers you need to make lifestyle changes that create a more positive, fulfilling future.