Brain Injuries In Youth Sports

Preventing Brain Injuries In Youth Sports: What Parents And Coaches Should Know

Sport is an excellent thing for people from all walks of life. But, it is better to begin playing sports early as children begin learning and doing many things at that time. It is the best way for young children to stretch their limits, learn various life skills, and inculcate a sense of discipline.

But, in all possibility, as much as sports are full of fun and learning, it is undeniable that it comes with some difficulties and injuries. However, the problem with sports is that you never know when an awful condition will occur. One such issue is a concussion.

Those who are hearing this term for the first time should know that it is an injury in which temporary changes occur in the brain and alters its functioning of the brain. The top causes of concussions in children and adolescents are when the head experiences a severe blow or when the head is shaken back and forth after it comes in contact with great force.

These injuries can have a long-lasting effect on the brain and can get severe immediately or gradually. Hence, treating and avoiding them in all circumstances is essential. Here are some ways coaches and parents can significantly prevent brain injuries in youth sports.

● Using Proper Equipment

sport Equipment


While playing sports, kids should always be surrounded by and use proper equipment. Also, you should ensure that the kids should have safety fear. But, the basics for this is that the gear and equipment should be the correct size and fit without discomfort.

If children indulge in games like baseball, bike riding, softball, and cricket, it comes with various dos and don’ts. Minor children should wear helmets, especially when indulging in inclination activities.

● Home And Before Play Learnings

The coaches and parents should teach children about the game, the potential risks, and how kids can tackle them while playing. If the parents have any confusion while buying the things or mentally training the child, they can refer to the coach for the same. You can invest in other things like protective eyewear for children, like shatterproof glasses.

Also, the coaches should ensure that children use masks and other equipment certified by councils and associations. Also, helmets and bicycles should have safety certifications from the commissions and certified professionals.

Apart from the basics, the coaches should talk to kids about the rules of playing that will help reduce the concussion risks. Coaches should help children by discussing the limits on tackling the football or heading the ball while playing soccer. At home, parents should teach children that they should never shy away from telling even if they have suffered a slight injury, especially near the head area while playing.

● Learning Techniques

Learning sports Techniques


Many states have rendered laws that help improve the prevention and treatment of traumatic brain injuries. The parents, coaches, students, and fellow players should ensure that everything is working well.

Young athletes should focus on learning proper heads-up tackling techniques. The coaches and parents should ensure that the techniques should be enforced and practiced at all times. Other tips like avoiding helmet-to-helmet contact should be catered to while teaching young athletes.

● Know The Kinds Of Potential Injuries That Can Happen And Their Treatment

There are common kinds of injuries that kids and teens can suffer from while playing different kinds of sports.

Potential Injuries in sports


The first one is the acute injuries that happen when the kids are hit by something and fall. It can be a minor bruise or a significant problem like an eye injury. Then comes the overuse injuries, which are a result of doing the same action time and again. These are also called repetitive stress injuries. They can happen on the feet and knees. The last type of injury is the reinjuries that can happen when the child hits himself on the same spot where a previous injury has occurred.

If these injuries occur, a doctor should be consulted; whatever instructions are given, they should be appropriately followed. Also, the premises where these sports are practiced should have the proper gear, equipment, flooring, alternatives, and first aid.

● Prevention Guidelines

Concussions are not limited to a single sport only. However, you might have heard it occurs in sports like football or soccer. But, the case is that it can happen to anyone and anywhere. Hence, the students should be taught the following guidelines:

It would help if you avoided head-to-head, arm-to-head, or foot-to-head collisions while playing with other athletes. Students should never compromise on investing and wearing the proper protective equipment, which keeps the tiny body parts like the knees and elbows free from any potential pain or injury. Parents should ensure that the child has shin and mouth guards, too.

Coaches should ensure that all rules of fair play and sportsmanship are enforced and followed. Physicians should be present if the child suffers a head injury, and proper evaluation is necessary.

What To Do If Such An Injury Occurs

sport Injury treatment


If there is any condition in which the young athlete suffers a head injury, the coaches and referees should take immediate action. They should remove the child from the ground and game immediately. The child should be evaluated appropriately, and the seriousness of the problem should be noted. If an urgent medical practitioner is needed, the same should be called.

The child should not be sent to the open or the field until they get a clearance from the healthcare professional.


They say prevention is better than the cure, and it stands true in this case, too. Concussion in the brain is a significant issue and is all the more unfortunate when it happens with kids at a tender age. Whenever parents or coaches see that children have such symptoms or know situations where such issues can occur, precautions should be taken beforehand. Coaches and parents can remember these tips to help keep against brain injuries while playing various kinds of sports on the field.