10 Instagram Accounts Every Cryptocurrency Trader Should Follow In 2024

Trading with cryptocurrency has been a revelation in recent years. Ever since bitcoin was first introduced, there have been different cryptocurrencies that have come about. There are many pros and cons when you trade with cryptocurrency. For beginners, the best advantage is the amount of money you can potentially make.

The worst con can is the fraction of money you could potentially lose. All this is due to the severe fluctuations prevailing in the cryptocurrency market. So, if you are a cryptocurrency trader or aspire to become one, you should take all the available help. Following Instagram accounts of cryptocurrency experts can be a good start for you.

Top 10 Instagram Accounts To Follow For Tips And Guidelines

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Instagram accounts usually provide pictures and videos of what’s happening in the cryptocurrency market. As a person aspiring to trade or already trading with cryptocurrency, following these Instagram accounts and websites like menafn.com can be relatively beneficial.

1. CryptoExplorer

With 606 thousand followers and counting, The CryptoExplorer is one of the top accounts you can follow. If memes and inspiration for trading are your cup of tea, you will find this account much to your liking. It is a fun way of understanding the crypto market.

Trading can be a leisure way of understanding the cryptocurrency market. You will learn better and faster when you are having fun while doing it. Therefore, this tops our list when it comes to tips and guides for crypto trading.

2. CryptoBrekkie

If you are a person who is more into reading about cryptocurrency, you can begin by following CryptoBrekkie. Blockchain and Morty were created by him and are still popular among traders. This Instagram account is managed by an individual from Los Angeles, United States.

You can read the existing 1,300 plus posts and keep yourself constantly updated with new ones. The person is also commonly known as “Brekkie von Bitcoin.” The information available on this Instagram account is beneficial for beginners or experts in trading crypto.

3. CoinStats

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This Instagram account has about 12,000 followers. If you are looking for updates, current trends, and news about the crypto market, following this account can help. This account also features trend analysis that can be helpful for both expert and novice traders.

You will be amazed at the way the indicator tools work. It is possible for traders to obtain helpful information from CoinStats. The account also provides insights on when to trade and what cryptocurrency you should trade.

4. Girl Gone Crypto

Another account that gives a female perspective on cryptocurrency is Girl Gone Crypto. You can rely on this account to get daily updates on the crypto market. The account creator was also named as the top female influencer in the cryptocurrency market.

Following an influencer can be very beneficial for you as a trader. As they can impact the cryptocurrency market, their thoughts tend to be very valuable. You can depend on her predictions, analysis, and stats without any doubt.

5. CryptoWendyO

With 30,000 plus followers, Wendy is ranked very well within the cryptocurrency market. She is even considered an influencer for the types of interviews she conducts with market leaders in cryptocurrency. She has in-depth knowledge of the market.

With this knowledge, she can ask the right questions. Listening to her interviews can be of great use to a trader. You can obtain practical proficiency from the most knowledgeable minds in the cryptocurrency trading business.

6. CryptoFinally

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CryptoFinally, who is essentially a globetrotter, has finally proven her worth in gold. Constant updates that are useful from different parts of the world make her Instagram account a useful one to follow. She has about 8,000 followers on this platform.

She is known to create content or materials considered top-notch by cryptocurrency traders. Although her account does not boast too many followers, her subject delivers the right message to anyone who trades cryptocurrency.

7. Crypt0snews

Regardless of whether Crypt0 or CryptoOmar does not have a large following on Instagram, he is better known for his YouTube videos. His YouTube channel has over 120 subscribers interested in the cryptocurrency market.

Attending events on cryptocurrency around the world is one of the things that Crypt0snews does. He also regularly communicates with the best minds in the crypto trading field. It allows him to post content that is useful in online trading with crypto.

8. YoungDumbCrypto

Here is another account you can follow on Instagram to obtain regular updates. You would be surprised at what is happening behind the scenes in the world of cryptocurrency. Getting these insights as a trader can be very useful.

The account is operated by two individuals. They post regularly, which can keep you as updated as you would like to be on crypto. You can begin by following them on Instagram and start progress in the trading business.

9. TheCryptograph

Source: thecryptograph.net

TheCryptograph is another account that has incredible news information on its page. Originating from Scotland, you can get almost all the essential news on the cryptocurrency market from this page. It is a one-stop solution for all your cryptocurrency news updates.

Often, information from around the globe is collected and put on their page for traders and cryptocurrency enthusiasts. One thing about this page you can rely on is constant updates to get all the latest information.

10. CryptoPlayhouse

If inspiration is all you need to begin your trading day, you can follow CryptoPlayhouse. Inspirational quotes that outline the crypto market is what this page specializes in. Valuable information is also something that you can obtain from it.


Instagram can be a great platform that you can use to follow experts. We have compiled a list of the influencers and information providers on it. Also, you can do your research and communicate with experienced traders to attain better knowledge.

Doing all these can help you trade better with cryptocurrency. You will also take fewer risks and earn more consistently when you are up-to-date with the latest information in the crypto market. This way, you can manage to become a successful trader of cryptocurrency in a relatively small amount of time.

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