How To Make Money Fast As An Influencer On Instagram

Instagram today is the top platform for making money online, not just a page where you can upload your photos. Let’s take a look at online monetization methods used by popular bloggers on Instagram to make money.

How you can make money on Instagram

Start blogging

There is an opinion that only stars of showbiz, sports, business and other spheres can become a popular user and make money from their Instagram profile.

Paid posts for storis

A blogger posts a post or story in their feed with an advertiser’s product or service. This is a direct advertisement about the properties of the product. Such a post can be barred and tagged “Paid by an affiliate” so as not to undermine the trust of subscribers.

Selling content

A blogger can sell his own photos on various platforms, such as iStockPhoto. You can also sell author’s presets, subscribers usually buy them willingly. But any blogger needs an audience and activity on the channel to be noticed.

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Beautiful pictures

Such pages are usually called “mood”. There people post a nice selection of their own photos and photos from the Internet. People subscribe for inspiration and to save the pictures for personal use.


Most are interested in how many followers it takes to make money on Instagram. The first advertising contracts get from 10 thousand subscribers. The higher the number, the more interested advertisers.

Collaborations with brands

It is possible to sell the rights to the image. Its effectiveness depends on the fame of the bloggers who participate in it. For example, sell your own image to create marketing products.

Affiliate programs

SRA networks are another way for a blogger to make money. Only here you get paid not for advertising, but for a specific action: someone clicked a link and bought a product, submitted an application, etc. One of the advantages of this kind of earnings is the choice. The blogger himself chooses the product to advertise, the frequency and timing of publication. You can try Admitad or CityAds.

Earn money in your Instagram account


On how much money bloggers earn in instagram affects:

• Opularity. Owners of millions of subscribers receive from 100 thousand rubles for 1 advertising post.
• Updates. The more active the page, the more advertising. In a week, you can earn more than half a million with contracts and an audience.
• Audience activity. Advertisers look at the comments, determining the average subscriber. For example, if the commenters are mostly women over 30, then the ads will be predominantly given to anti-aging products.

Advertising review

The blogger prepares a review of the product and his “feelings” after using it. Most often the blogger writes the text himself on the basis of the TOR from the advertiser and submits it for approval before publication.

How to work with your Instagram blog


From the number of active subscribers to the account. Depending on this, your account is monetized.

On the frequency of posts with ads. If the account has a lot of advertising publications, then advertisers for Instagram will not contact the owner of the blog. It is important to serve ads in the context of the page.

There are four other basic methods:

• Publishing posts advertising big and small brands.
• Selling photos.
• Selling your own products and services.
• Selling products from other sites that offer affiliate programs.
Of course, only a few people make millions for their posts, but there are many other accounts that also earn tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for publishing.

The best topics for making money on the blog

• Beauty
• Fashion
• Sports
• Insta-design
• Photos
• Life
• Food
• Crafts
• Travel
• Pets

How to sell your services in Instagram


If your target audience really overlaps, some of your subscribers are guaranteed to be interested in your offer. Paid posts on popular profiles. Find accounts that are similar to yours in terms of subject matter, and arrange to have your post on that profile.

Contests. We started raffling off certificates or prizes in the form of cash rewards on a regular basis.

Dirty promotion and monetization methods



Repeated complaints from users about photos and videos, as a result of which the user is blocked. The winner is the one who ordered the disliking.

It is possible to make money online in different ways, but the main thing is to know what to choose for yourself, which specific method is suitable in this or that case.

Offers are people who subscribe to your account for money. They are useless subscribers because they will not buy, like or comment on anything from you.

Buying accounts

They can be hacked and stolen from other users. The more subscribers they have, the higher the cost, but there is no activity there.


Spam is used to promote anything. It’s sent to both email inboxes and dropped in the iron box in the entryway. Spam is present on Instagram.

There are also backdoor methods like activity chats, mass mailings.

Instagram is the best platform for making money, so with the competent management of the page, promotional offers will come continuously, allowing you to earn hundreds of thousands of rubles per photo!