What to Look for When Hiring a Customs Lawyer

Having a scenario in your life where you need to employ professional help form a certain expert is never easy, particularly if you have never done something similar before. And out of all the things that people end up having to go through, it is the legal matters that stress them out the most. This is more than understandable as nobody wants to be involved in courts, hearings, and all of the other stuff related to law.

Not everyone is lucky enough to go through their entire life without ever needing to hire a lawyer, but it does happen. For those who at a certain moment need professional help from an experienced law expert, it is never an easy decision. How do you pick among the thousands of available lawyers? What makes them different and what should you look for when choosing between them?

Different Case, Different Lawyer

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Well, first and foremost, you have to know which type of lawyer you need. Law is a very diverse system and the industry that exists around it is quite complicated. There are many reasons why a certain party can sue another party, and most of them imply the presence of a different type of lawyer. Law is not only challenging for regular people who are not professionals. It is also hard for those looking to pass the bar to pick a specialization.

No lawyer takes on every type of case. It would be impossible to be good at everything equally. Instead, they choose the area they believe is the best for them, something they care the most about or a section of the law system that comes to them naturally. One of these is customs, which of course means there exist customs lawyers. In this article, we talk about hiring a customs lawyer for upcoming legal matters and bring to you information on what to look for when hiring one. Read on to learn more and be sure to check out Abady LawFirm for additional information on customs lawyers.


Dealing with customs is something that can be completely different literally between any two cases. There is a lot that can go wrong with international shipment, transport, and traveling, so customs lawyers are always very busy. This is why experience is crucial when choosing a lawyer. You will need a professional who has been through it all, someone with enough cases under their belt that have come their way. In branches like law, experience is arguably the most important thing because it directly means that the lawyer is more knowledgeable and informed simply because they have been in the game for a long time.

Now, we are not trying to dispute young, up-and-coming lawyers and say that only their older colleagues have enough experience. Not at all. Younger professionals can also be experienced. The key for you as the client is to find out how much work they have already done and how successful they were. Experience is not always in the years. It is the number of cases, particularly the ones with a positive outcome.

Reputation and Reviews

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Like everything else in the world, the person or the service you choose for something important to you should be the absolute best you can find or afford. The easiest way to check if the person you have your eye on is the right one for the job is to check their individual and their firm’s reviews on the web and ask around for their reputation. Past customers are more than willing to share their experiences, both positive and negative, so why not use them to make things easier for yourself?

The more detailed the review, the better. Also, you can ask in your community about the reputation of the law firm as well as the individual lawyers they employ. Finding the best one to help you defend your customs case does not happen overnight, nor should it. It is a careful process that needs evaluation and the right approach. Until you learn everything you need about them, do not make the ultimate decision.

Communication, Feedback, and Fit

A crucial part of collaborating with a lawyer no matter the type of case is to keep communication at the highest level possible. Unless they give you feedback and update you constantly, you will be left in the dark. Remember that you are a team. Unless their culture does not involve frequent emails, phone calls, and in-person meetings, they are not the right person for the job. Legal cases can last for a long time and they can take over most of your time and resources. This means you need to be not only present but included all throughout.

Let it be known right from the start that you want to be updated on a regular basis and contacted no matter how small the decision. If they have no problem with this, they could be the right person for the job. During the initial negotiations, you will also get to know them a bit which is where you can conclude if the lawyer is the right fit for you. The relationship is built through communication and you must be more than a lawyer and a client. If things feel off and if you are not comfortable with them, no amount of feedback and communication will matter.

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Focus, Drive, and Attention

Last but not least, you should be careful whom you hire in terms of availability. If the law firm has numerous clients to juggle, your case will never be a priority. It could make more sense to hire someone who works for a smaller firm because it means they will devote most of their will to succeed, focus to see things through, and attention to your case. Collaborating with anyone who is passionate about their craft and willing to push through is not only optimal and with a higher success rate, but also more fun and exciting. Your customs lawyer needs to be focused and driven, and the majority of their attention should be pointed toward your case.