7 Common Mistakes All Men Make When Buying Adult Toys

It’s excellent to have a wide variety of sex objects at your disposal so you can play with them in any way you like. You can reach for your favorite sex toy when playing on your own, or when experimenting with your partner.

It’s your body, therefore you get to choose the toys you use and how you use them in terms of shape, touch, intensity, placement, and anything else you can think of. However, how to know what to shop for, and what to avoid? Keep on reading and understand your options down below.

7 Common Mistakes All Men Make When Buying Adult Toys

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1. Not washing them

Maintaining sex toys in a clean, dry place is essential to your very own health, but also their longevity.

Most men quickly pick up on the fact that it’s best to just wash their privates with warm water, which is what they tend to apply to their toys as well. Not maintaining them can and will lead to a ton of urinary tract infections, which are so unpleasant for the ladies. How you keep your sex toys clean between uses is just as important as how you wash them after each use.

The second step you should consider is wrapping or bagging each toy separately. It shields your toys from each other and any dirt, dust, or debris that may be hidden in your drawer.

2. Using the wrong materials

Surprisingly, sex toy production may not be as heavily regulated in your country as you might imagine, if at all.

Even more alarming is the fact that this includes American-made sex toys.

There is considerable potential that you could buy a sex toy that contains harmful substances if you don’t do your homework first. This is where a ton of guys forget to do their research. You should watch out for:

Phthalate-containing chemicals, polyvinyl chloride, and some plastics are examples of these materials.

Toys made of porous materials should be avoided if at all feasible, as they may harbor bacteria if incorrect cleaning practices are utilized.

These are the most secure materials for sex toys:

  • Silicone
  • A glass containing boric acid
  • Rubber
  • Jelly

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3. You are not reading reviews

Modern consumers are savvy to marketing strategies, and it’s common knowledge that companies will always say their product is “the best thing since sliced bread.”

Thankfully, reviews from actual customers can help give contrasting perspectives and can have all of your questions answered.

Although it’s true that some customer reviews can’t be trusted (especially in light of the widespread practice of buying reviews on sites like Amazon), you shouldn’t write them off entirely.

However, they can still give you a wealth of knowledge and a more in-depth grasp of what to expect from the goods you’re thinking about purchasing. Go for reviews that have been written by actual buyers and trustworthy sellers.

4. You are not using lube

The most common mistake is probably men not using sex toys at all or using them improperly. Who wants to do anything sexy without prepping initially?

Discomfort, tears, inflammation, and other problems can arise from a lack of lubrication.

Not only does improper lubrication cause the aforementioned problems, but it also ruins your equipment.

Most toys these days are composed of silicone, therefore the only lube you should use are those based on water or oil.

Silicone lubricant should never be used with silicone devices, which may sound counterintuitive. Browse through your options till you find the best & most pleasurable (natural) lube.

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5. You are not reading instructions

There are times when you just want to dive right in and start playing with a new gadget without bothering to read the manual first.

But there are usually a few valid arguments against it.

Most battery-operated toys come with charging instructions that recommend fully charging before first use.

Don’t you want to know what each button does so you don’t inadvertently alter the settings when you least expect it?

Similarly, practicing proper harness technique before attempting a battery-free toy will save you a lot of time and frustration.

PS: In addition, a warranty is included with many toys, especially the more expensive ones. This will ensure that you are one ‘satisfied’ customer.

6. Oops, wrong hole

There are millions of different toys out there these days, and getting the best kind for yourself that works and does wonders can be hard. Now think about the other hole that can also be pleasured.

This is why you also shouldn’t use sharp objects like pencils, paper clips, scissors, or nail files with your sex toy, since these could damage it.

Any opening provides perfect hiding places for dirt, bacteria, or viruses.

Finally, make sure you store your sex toys in a cool, dark place away from any direct sources of heat or sunshine.

Again, sex toys made from anything other than silicone, wood, stainless steel, or glass may melt, dry out, degrade, or bleed onto one another or the towel they’re wrapped in. Talk with your partner to see if your original purchase and its intended use is the right one.

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7. You are only orgasm focused

Not all toys and sex gadgets are there for your orgasms. The truth is that some can be used to tingle you, arouse you, or make you feel as hot as never before. You aren’t required—or even encouraged—to use toys to aid in your victory. You can use them to spice up things in your bedroom and to make your girlfriend want you even more. Don’t rush the foreplay is what we’re saying.

For instance, anal beads and nipple clamps won’t release their grip.

There are so few nerve endings in the vagina that it is almost non-responsive. Show that you care and that you know her body with little tricks, not mind-blowing pumping toys.

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