Should You Grow Feminized Seeds Indoors or Outdoors?

Have you been thinking about how to start growing marijuana from feminized seeds? But you’re not sure whether it should be done indoors or outdoors, to ensure the best result? This article is going to tackle this question and provide you with clarity.

Many people in the world today are delighted with the multitude of possible applications of cannabinoids extracted from the hemp plant. Most people do not have access to a regular and consistent source, and thus more and more are starting to grow their own crops.

Of course, all the factors that influence breeding are important, but in general, it is better to stick to the medium or food that suits you and not fall for new trends. The basis of breeding is to keep things simple. It is of key importance to start cultivation to choose a strain, whose genetics corresponds to the area in which it is intended to be cultivated.

Since we’re going to discuss growing from feminized seeds, it’s important to point out that these are the seeds that have been used for a very long time. People, however, have just recently started to be aware of their benefits, which influenced their popularity increase. Their biggest benefit is the fact that they produce way more flowers than regular plant. Maintenance is also a lot simpler, as these can be grown indoors and outdoors. As a result, one gets a higher yield, than when cultivating other strains, or non-feminized ones. In other words – more flowers, more money!

What is the difference between feminized and normal plants?


Most growers who grow regular ones have male plants. It is because when pollination happens between two genders, the result is always male seeds. On the other hand, if you have feminized ones, and keep them away from male ones, the end product will always be feminized. In a way, it is a whole new strategy for cultivating. For some, it can be hard to switch from the traditional one, however, once the results are there, hardly anyone will ever want to go back to the old ways.

Such seeds can be used for so many other things that don’t involve just flower making. You can breed plants with a specific characteristic, like the Jealousy weed strain. Or you can decide for a plant to have a certain trait, for example producing more resin than the usual ones. Possibilities are endless, and they depend on where you want to go with this production.

Finally, when it comes to growing, should it be done indoors or outdoors?


If your aim is to ensure your crops are high yield, and while they’re thriving you don’t waste too much energy on their maintenance, meaning they don’t require too much care, then indoor cultivation is your better option. It is also said that these seeds are much better for cultivating indoors, and the whole process is a lot easier than when cultivating regular ones.

You do need to make sure some basic requirements are met, such as the right soil, enough water, and nutrients, and the right lighting. But, generally, as we already mentioned, compared to regular plants, they require a lot less care. So, with a minimum effort, you’ll end up having a higher yield of buds.

There’s one thing that makes people give up cultivating with these seeds, and it’s related to the price – as they are a bit more expensive than the other ones. However, if you think about it in the long term, and consider the higher yield fact, it definitely pays off. Therefore, you shouldn’t be afraid to invest a bit more money in seeds, as their end product will keep you more than satisfied.

When cultivating, the most important thing is to be sure that your seed will grow into a female plant. Traditional or ordinary seeds, which we often find with “home” grown plants, are free and relatively easy to access, but the main disadvantage is that they do not guarantee a female plant and therefore require a lot of attention due to detecting the sex in time and maintaining excellent conditions so that the plant does not turn into a “bisexual”. We advise that you always buy feminized or auto-flowering seeds from official producers online.

If you have a limited area on which you can grow, you want to grow fast and you don’t want to bother with light cycles, we recommend auto-flowering seeds that will get you results the easiest, and are especially good for beginners.

For those more advanced who plan to clone their plants, we recommend that you use feminized seeds or that you take clones from a plant that you are sure is female.


To conclude

A lot of people do not want to cultivate, because it requires them to recognize plants of different sexes and remove male plants at an early stage of flowering. Feminized seeds effectively eliminate the need for this procedure, as the plants will be female. Not every variety is suitable for this, but those that are can become very good flowering plants. Feminized seed series is not recommended for reproductive plants, as they still carry the potential of plants, which can be mixed-sex or hermaphrodite. Although in the last couple of years this risk has become minimized, it still exists in some cases.

Also, these seeds are the most practical in terms of logistics. With ordinary seeds, up to twice as many plants as we will ultimately need are grown, due to unnecessary male plants. If you use feminized seeds, you can only grow as many plants as you need. Hence, the work you put into caring for them will be twice as less, while the outcome will bring a lot more satisfaction and motivation, money-wise.