Top Qualities A Good Nurse Should Possess

Nursing is a critical component in today’s healthcare system. Nurses are in demand. As a nurse or upcoming nurse, it is important to prepare yourself for the future. You need the right traits to propel your career to the next level. Enroll for an online Masters of Nursing and acquire the right traits you need in your future career. You should have great morals. Your values should be optimal. Here are the top traits and qualities any Nurse should cultivate.



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Nurses should be respectful. They should respect everybody in a healthcare setting. They should respect patients. A good nurse should respect the needs and opinions of patients. They should also respect fellow nurses.

A good nurse should talk to patients respectfully. No shouting at patients. Handle them with dignity. Don’t scold patients based on their conditions.


Be kind. Don’t shout at the patients. Remember, patients are in emotional distress. They require somebody who understands them. Shouting at them will make them emotionally unstable. It can trigger negative emotions in patients. Thus, be kind. Be benevolent when talking to or handling your patients.


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Fairness is a key trait any nurse should cultivate. Fairness means giving everyone an equal opportunity. Don’t favor others. To you. Every patient is equal. Serve the patients with fairness. For instance, patients who arrived first should be served first.

Emotional Stability

The healthcare setting can be overwhelming. You will deal with extreme cases. Thus, you should be prepared. Emotional stability allows you to remain calm and composed even during extreme moments. Don’t bring your emotions into the hospital setting. Being emotional will make thons worse, especially on the side of other patients.


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Empathy is the ability to understand people’s needs. Patients come with a myriad of needs. Understand them. Try helping them. Address your patient’s issues. Don’t ignore even small issues. Move with speed to ensure that your patients are comfortable. This will make them happy. It will also speed up the healing process.


A good nurse should put herself/himself in the shoes of the patients. Remember, being a patient is not a good experience. Sympathize with your patients. Address their needs. If the patient is feeling extreme pain, move with speed and prescribe pain relievers.


Communication is an important aspect of the healthcare setting. Nurses should effectively communicate with patients, seniors, and management. You should have effective communication skills. Remember, you will need to draft reports and write recommendations. You should explain issues to your patients clearly and concisely.

Think about portraying the right body language. Don’t portray pessimistic body language even when you see things are worse. Stay positive. Encourage your patients. Tell them that they will overcome and walk home healthy. Don’t scare them.

Critical Thinking

A good nurse should be a critical thinker. Critical thinking skills help you to solve problems quickly and more effectively. As a nurse, you will need to identify problems within the healthcare setting. Solving problems efficiently will automatically improve healthcare organizational protocols, and service delivery, and optimize patient care.

Detail Oriented

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A good nurse should not leave anything to chance. All details matter. Thus, attention to detail is very important. Attention to detail helps you follow instructions from leaders. Precision helps you to customize patient care. Thus, the patient’s needs will be met without much difficulty.

Time Management

A healthcare facility is very busy. New cases keep on coming up. As a nurse, you must manage your time properly. Without proper time management, you will not attend to all patients. Thus, cultivate time management skills. Don’t waste time. Have a schedule. Be efficient when dealing with cases. Prioritize emergency cases.

Team Player

You will be working with other nurses, right? Well, cooperation is important. You cannot work alone. Thus, be a team player and involve others in decision-making. Liaise with others to improve patient cases. Embrace a collaborative approach. This will help you adapt to the ever-changing situations within a healthcare setting.

Willingness To Help

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Nurses should be willing to help. Remember, nursing is a calling. You need to have that generous spirit. You need special sensitivity. You should be willing to comfort your patients. A good nurse should be willing to do everything to provide quality care to his/her patients. Talk with your patients. Ask them how you can help them. They deserve the best healthcare services from you.


Nursing is physically demanding. You will have to put in more than 8 working hours. Thus, you need that stamina. You will walk around the facilities tending to various issues. According to experts, a nurse can roughly lift up to 1.8 tons in a single shift. Plus, you may end up walking for about 4 to 5 miles within a single shift.

Thus, you must have stamina. You should be emotionally strong. Manage your emotional and physical stamina well. Plus, you must balance coursework, patient care, as well as coworkers. That’s why you should have sufficient stamina.


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Nursing is a mentally and emotionally draining career. However, that doesn’t mean you become sad all day. Smile more. It will give you a sense of satisfaction. Know how to handle stressful situations. Find time to laugh. Take things lightly. You need to cultivate that lighthearted attitude. Having a sense of humor will relieve stress, making you a successful nurse.

This will also cultivate positivity on the side of patients, fellow nurses, and families within a healthcare facility. Cheer up. Laugh with your patients. This can speed up the recovery process.

Patient Advocacy

Privacy is a fundamental component of nursing. Before securing a nursing job, you will have to sign the Hippocratic Oath. Usually, this earth is enshrined in the mission statements of most hospitals.

Thus, be willing to protect the patient. Deliver high-quality patient care services. Don’t forget about the overall safety of your patients. Don’t disclose patient information without permission. Whatever your patients tell you should remain private.

Additional Qualities And Traits

Here are additional qualities of a great nurse:

  • Ready to learn
  • Cultivate leadership skills
  • Gather enough nursing experience by learning from the seniors

The Bottom-Line

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To succeed as a nurse, you must work hard. You need the right grade. Study smart. Take the right courses. Choose the best nursing school. Also, it’s important to cultivate certain traits. For instance, you should embrace patience. You should be willing to help. Additionally, you should be an excellent communicator. The above are the top traits any nurse should cultivate.