Is It Safe to Buy Game Currency in Your Favorite Games

Each player, in the presence of a well-paid job or simply out of a desire to simplify the gameplay for himself, thinks about buying game gold if such an opportunity turns up.

For example, you love the Path of Exile and you can spend hours exterminating monsters and bosses in-game locations, but still cannot knock out a certain set of armor, or the missing part of it. The service assumes all the risks – it ensures the timely delivery of the paid currency in full and guarantees a refund in case of disputes.

Use them to buy the missing attribute and strengthen the character, but many players are afraid to do this for fear of a ban from the administration, you can visit

What to do to safely buy in-game currency and what to avoid:

  • Verified sellers
  • Prepayment and risks
  • Risk of getting banned


Verified sellers

Where there is a demand for any product, including game gold, there will be an offer from potential sellers. Players will offer others to buy their currency with real money, or exchange it for in-game items.

The selection of the seller should be approached responsibly since the transaction in the future will depend on his honesty and competence in terms of circumventing game sanctions – if the administration considers the transaction to be in violation of the game rules, then it will withdraw the goods without compensation and may even ban the player forever.

It is worth applying for the services of buying game gold from trusted stores. They always keep the gold bought from other players during the period of possible sanctions and work only with reliable suppliers. When the turn comes to the transfer of gold to you, it will already be checked for sanctions and will be clean – that is, the buyer will not be responsible for its use.


Prepayment and risks

If you still decide to buy game gold from another player, you must understand that all transactions with real money are prepaid by the buyer, and you must understand all the risks up to the disappearance of the seller without performing the paid service.

In order not to take risks, it is better to buy from trusted suppliers that are known on the server, or consult in guilds with players you trust.

The store will also take an advance payment from you, but it bears reputational risks and will not deceive you. Stores are easier to check as there are always players in large communities who have used their services and can leave their opinion about the service and honesty.

Until there is an official donation from the game client, any transaction with currency will be considered illegal in terms of gaming sanctions.

But you must understand that although the administration is fighting with sellers and buyers of game currency for edifying purposes and because it is not entirely fair to other players, the developers also understand that it is almost impossible to fully defeat the RMT and you just need not act too brazenly and openly so that the administration has at least the slightest reason to apply gambling sanctions to you and everything will be fine.

Risk of getting banned

There are always risks, but there are many ways to reduce even the likelihood of getting game sanctions to a minimum.

  1. Work with trusted players and stores – we talked about this – because the key to a successful trade is the transfer of gold that was obtained by fair play – without hacking another account and using bot programs and transferring to the buyer in the traditional way as if the player is simply sharing gold with another. The administration does not check every transaction but responds to complaints.
  2. The transaction should be as disguised as possible – for example, buying a low-value item for a large amount of gold may cause less suspicion than simply transferring gold. You can always write off the factor of stupidity, or inattention.
  3. There is no need to create a separate character to receive gold – the administration will be able to track the entire path of the currency in the game logs. There is a trick – to throw gold on the ground, but there is always a risk that another player will pick it up, and some projects completely prohibit this at the level of game mechanics.


Bans can be issued in a chain if the administration responded to the player’s complaint about the hacking of the account, tracked the way the game money was moved, and if after that there was a strange exchange with another player where the currency was involved in the trade and no corresponding reward was received in return, then such a transaction can be counted as RMT and all participants in the process can get a ban – for this, you need to work only with trusted sellers. Funds spent in such incidents will not be reimbursed by anyone.

The principle of RMT itself cannot be completely defeated, there is simply an administration that is fighting hard against trade and suppressing any options, and there are those who do it for the sake of appearances.

You should not be very afraid of a ban, since it is physically difficult to track all the exchanges that take place between players and the game administrator needs to be given a good reason to start looking at all your transactions for a dubious transfer. By the way, it is for this that some item is transferred in return when fulfilling an order. So, in the event of a dispute and a threat of a ban, a player can say that he just made a mistake and changed the product out of stupidity – the administration often does not ban such incidents.