How To Spot Fake Profiles on Online Dating Apps?

Several online dating apps allow you to find your perfect partner by searching them online. You get the opportunity to meet amazing people online, and you can get to learn from them a lot, and amongst them, one might be your future date. Online dating can be fun until you start encountering fake profiles.

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Working methods to spot fake profiles on online dating apps


1. Their profile contains only one or two display picture

People who create fake profiles often don’t spend much time setting up a profile photo. You will see almost every fake profile on online dating apps with just a single display picture or a maximum of two. In most cases, this is a clear indication of a fake profile.

You will also notice many profiles that have pictures of nature, celebrities, cartoon characters, and many more. This is another sign of a fake profile as they can’t find display photos of any real person and set photos of their hobbies or favorite celebrities to rush things up.

2. Their profile picture looks too perfect

If you find a profile picture that looks too perfect like this, then you should know that something is suspicious. Many fake profiles use perfectly looking display pictures of models to get more matches. Not everyone does a photoshoot like models or celebrities for a profile picture on online dating apps.

There are plenty of photo editing apps that can make your profile look similar to ones that are in a photo shoot. In such cases, you must look for other indications to spot a fake profile photo. Also, ensure that these fake profiles are not using stock photos to ruin your dating experience.

3. They have multiple profiles


You will often encounter multiple profiles on online dating apps. These profiles are mostly fake with stock photos, or they often use either celebrities’ or models’ pictures to get matched with genuine users. This technique is used by these fake profile scammers, so their profile constantly appears to users again and again.

Scammers often make multiple fake profiles with the same profile photo and information. And if you see multiple profiles appearing, then it’s a clear indication of a fake profile. Although if you see profiles with the same profile photos on different dating apps, then it might not be fake.

4. They spam you with links

Several scammers create fake profiles to steal information from other users by sending them links to a malicious website that might contain viruses or steal users’ personal information. Never open links while using dating apps until you are not sure the user is genuine and doesn’t have any bad intentions.

These malicious websites often contain harmful files which get installed on your device automatically and often lead to phishing scams. These people often convince you to sign up for rewards or discounts or link to some funny video. It’s always better to verify the link address before clicking on it.

5. They have a suspicious number of followers

Online dating apps don’t show the number of users you interact with, and it’s completely kept private. But you can search for a person on different social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram if you suspect them of using a fake profile.

If they have a huge number of connections or followers on Facebook or Instagram, there are high chances of a scammer using a fake profile with a model profile photo and name. Also, if you see the person has no connections or followers, then also it’s a sign of a new account to support their fake profile on online dating apps.

6. They have a freakishly weird conversation style


You can easily spot a fake profile by observing their conversation style. Many fake profiles lack coherence while making a conversation. You will notice poor grammar or wrong sentence structure. The major reason is that they belong to some other country and use a translator to have a conversation in your language to promote their scamming activities.

The other reason you will notice a freakishly weird conversation style is because it is a bot account to keep you using the application in case you don’t find any matches. Next time if the other person seems to lack proper conversation style, then there can be chances of a fake profile.

7. They will never agree to video chatting

Nowadays, most online dating apps come with a video chatting option that helps users to identify if the person is a real or a fake profile. If you find something suspicious about a person, you can directly ask them to chat on a video call. Also, you get to know the person better before meeting them in real life for an actual date.

If it is a fake profile, they will never agree to video chatting and will give plenty of reasons for not answering video calls. If the person repeatedly refuses to video chat even after weeks of talking on text messages, then it’s clear that the person has something to hide.

The Bottom-line

There are several fake profiles on online dating apps which is the reason why most people don’t prefer dating online. The fun and experience of online dating have been ruined by people with fake profiles. There are different reasons for creating a fake profile mostly used for phishing scams.

Talking with someone using a fake profile can really hurt someone’s emotions and sentiments, and they might never trust any online dating apps. Whenever you spot a fake profile on online dating sites, don’t forget to report them.

The ulterior motive of these fake profiles is to waste the time and effort of other users and ruin their dating experience. These are a few working methods that will help you to spot fake profiles while dating online, and you can actually meet a real person.