Apps Distracting Students from an Essay Writing

Writing essays is not an easy process. Sometimes it appears to be extremely boring and makes you yawn all the time. As a result, you might stick to different apps on your mobile. So, what are the biggest distractors for most learners? Let’s find out!

Before You Start

Sometimes you are extremely tired or don’t want to complete all your academic assignments at all. If you are feeling exhausted because of constant learning and fail to focus on your essay, it might be a good idea to get some professional help online.

If you would like to get assistance from a true expert, it is crucial to choose a 100% reliable service. Don’t forget to read the reviews on the websites that provide academic writing help on independent feedback services, like However, if you still decide to compose an essay by yourself, it’s time to get rid of the most common distractors.

Social Media


Social media apps have hit the list of the most popular applications for years. These are time-eaters that can make you dive into the digital world and spend all your free time there. The biggest danger is that after you’ve opened your app, you might not even notice scrolling the newsfeed for hours.

The fact is that these apps give you an illusion of socialization. It is easy to know all the news about your classmates, friends, and mates. Investigating photos and watching videos are usually incredibly exciting, making learners forget about their daily activities. Moreover, many social media apps contain some useful information about the events and top places in your local area. They have a top-notch interface and are designed to attract the users’ attention for maximum time.

What should you do to get rid of these distractors? No worries, you don’t need to delete them from your smartphone. There are some apps that can block your social media for a particular time that will allow you to learn more productively. For example, you can set up the timer for a couple of hours. During this time, your social media apps will be permanently blocked. These apps are often called mindful productivity applications. Feel free to get dozens of them online. Not to mention, some blocking apps will not cost you a cent.



Another common distractor is your messenger. This might not be a problem if you prefer offline communication and don’t have crowds of friends. However, if you enjoy chatting with your fellows, messengers might consume hours of your time dedicated to writing.

The secret truth is that just writing “hi” is usually the start of a long conversation. Even if you communicated a few hours ago, there is always something you can discuss with your best friends. As a result, you might start chatting for hours and waste the precious time you might have dedicated to writing.

Messengers are also very addictive, especially when you are forced to learn most of the time remotely. Lack of interpersonal offline communication makes people dive into the world of messengers to share news and make friends with other students. This is how the most popular messenger can easily make you forget about all your academic assignments.

How to solve this common issue? You can mute most of your chats and conversations for a particular time. Another solution might be turning off all the notifications on your smartphone. Put your mobile far from your desk to avoid the temptation to check any information on your apps. This way, you will not be distracted by new messages from your chats.

Not to mention, turn off the desktop version of your messenger. Otherwise, you might start getting notifications right when composing your essay or collecting arguments. The same rule works for your tablet versions (if you use any).



Most students are fond of playing games on their smartphones. There are thousands of options designed to suit any taste and demand. However, most games also send notifications and push messages to their users regularly. For example, you might get a notification about receiving extra bonuses or pleasant discounts from your favorite game right when you are writing an essay. What will you do in this situation? In most cases, you will stop writing and will try to get a new bonus or reward by playing the game.

Games are the most addictive apps on our list. When it comes to conversations on messengers, they will end sooner or later. Games can make you glued to the screen for over five hours. As a result, you will fail to complete your important daily tasks and can easily miss the deadlines for your academic assignments.

Spending time playing might not be a problem for common students. However, if it is your main hobby or in case you are a professional gamer, this activity might take all your free time. If you are one of them, try to switch off your smartphone for a few hours to have a chance to write your essay productively.

It is also worth mentioning that setting up limits for playing games is usually ineffective. The fact is that adrenalin released in your body while playing might make you break all your rules and plans. If you are feeling extremely excited, you will move the time for writing again and again. Therefore, just turn off your smartphone to complete all your academic assignments. No excuses.

Your Favorite Websites


Most students have a few favorite websites depending on their hobbies and interests. As a rule, these websites are added to your bookmarks for easy access. However, you might start exploring your favorite sites when collecting arguments for your essay. You might want to check the site for a couple of moments and stick to it for a few hours.

Blocking apps are here to help. There are some applications that block the most popular entertaining sites for a chosen period of time. This way, you will have an opportunity to collect the needed information for your essay with no access to your favorite sites.

All in all, writing without rest is hardly possible. Don’t forget to have short breaks at least every two hours of writing for better productivity.