Navigating The Staffing Landscape: Essential Tips For Working With An Agency

A few things in life can be stressful, and one of them is the hiring process. And to make things easier, companies get the help of staffing agencies to get the work done in less time and cost. The staffing agencies work with the companies to find the best talent for vacant positions.

Tacoma is known for its rich maritime legacy, and it is also home to several startups and tech communities. In fact, it is ranked as the best region in the country for tech jobs by Forbes. So, for your flourishing business, staffing agency Tacoma helps you find skilled candidates for your organization. Also, the staffing company ensures that they comply with government regulations.

But how can you ensure that you are navigating the staffing landscape the correct way? Well, below are some tips for working with a staffing agency.

Tips For Working With A Staffing Agency


A staffing company makes your work easier, and there is no doubt about that. However, you can make your collaboration more effective by following these tips:

Find The Suitable Agency

Before starting on the journey of finding the right candidate with the help of an agency, you have to find the right agency for your organization. Opt for an agency that has a good reputation. Ensure that the agency that you are working with is a reputable one and that it takes pride in the employees that it selects.

A reliable firm will ensure that all the credentials are checked, and if required, background checks too. To get a clear picture, you must sit down with the firm and see if they can bring value to your organization.

Always Be Transparent About Your Need


The aim of a good staffing firm is to fulfill the needs and requirements of the client. They want to find the best workers for your organization. However, they will only be able to do so when you are clear and open about your requirements. You should tell them about your organization, what skills you are looking for, and what type of employee you want.

You should discuss the basic responsibilities and skills, but you should also mention the working hours, if there are any business policies, etc. The staffing company finds you the candidate pretty quickly, so ensure that the position is ready to be filled when you contact the agency for recruitment.

Ask About The Agency’s Screening Process


It would help if you asked how the agency selects the candidates that they send to you. What is their screening process? This way, you will ensure that the agency only screens the candidate who meets the eligibility criteria. Also, ensure that the recruiter checks the references with the former employer of the candidates.

Decide Your Budget

Although hiring a staffing firm is much more affordable than the traditional hiring process, it is important to know your budget too. Also, you must clearly state your budget to the agency so they can send you the candidates. The more data you provide them, the better choices they can send to you.

Consider The Legal Factors


It depends on the positions that you are looking to fill, but you must check the legal details such as the payroll taxes, worker classification, etc. For example, when you hire temporary staff, the staffing agency is considered the employer, and they handle the tax purposes.

Keep A Good Relationship

Once you have got the right staffing firm, it is recommended that you must maintain a good relationship with them. There might be a chance that you will require agency services in the future. You keep up the communication and provide feedback.

When you give feedback about the new employee, it helps the agency to work on its screening process. For example, if the employee performance is not up to the mark, the agency can change its hiring process.

What Is The Process Of Staffing Agency?


Finding the right talent can be a challenging task. In fact, many small businesses and startups struggle to find the right mix of personal, technical, and soft skills. However, with the help of a staffing company, you can easily tackle this challenge. But, now the question arises what is the process that these agencies follow?

The process they follow is as follows:

  • The organization contacts the agency: Well, the first step is contacting the agency that caters to your field. For example, if you are in the commercial sector, you will look for a commercial staffing agency, and so on. After finding the perfect staffing company, you must specify the job requirements, how many employees you need, whether it will be a temporary or permanent position and other details.
  • The Staffing company creates the description of the job: Once you have given all the details, now the agency knows what they have to look for. Now they can easily create a job description.
  • The staffing firm selects the candidates: Looking at the job description, several candidates will apply for the job. However, the agency performs the recruitment process, such as interviewing, checking the qualifications, skills, etc. After that, they pick some of the best candidates and introduce them to your hiring manager.
  • The final decision is yours: At this point, you have a list of talented individuals, and it is entirely up to you which candidate you want to hire. Now, this saves you a lot of time.
  • Paperwork? Don’t worry, the agency takes care of it, too: Several staffing agencies take care of the paperwork associated with the recruits. This paperwork includes handling the payroll, contracts, etc.


Locating and hiring candidates sounds tedious, and in fact, it is not only tedious but complicated too. That is why businesses opt for a staffing company that can easily coordinate with them and find the best-talented pool of professionals. By hiring a staffing firm, you are saving your time and money. However, to get the best results, follow the tips mentioned above.