Why Should You Choose Stainless Steel and Sterling Silver Jewelries?

The jewelry industry is changing and for good. Rather than focusing only on precious metals, it is exploring various materials and blending them into the most beautiful pieces. Among such beautiful blends is stainless steel. Introducing stainless steel into jewelry manufacturing is a unique initiative, and the results are absolutely gorgeous.

Sharing a similar look with sterling Silver jewelry, stainless steel ones are equally lightweight and shining. You might be in a dilemma while deciding between these two, so why not know more about them and then decide? Honestly, companies like Jusnova are taking a great initiative to popularize trendy pieces of stainless steel jewelry among the users of sterling SilverSilver. This depicts how stainless steel can be an excellent alternative for those considering sterling SilverSilver expensive.

What Is Stainless Steel Jewelry?

Stainless steel jewelry is a wide range of modern manufactured with pure stainless steel and, therefore, is shiny and lightweight. Incredibly stylish and elegant, stainless steel jewelry is ideal for an everyday look, formal wear, party wear, and whatever you like.

Whenever you buy a piece of stainless steel jewelry, you are helping nature because this material is sustainable. Stainless steel is one such amazing modern invention that is 100% recyclable, meaning it is eco-friendly. Apart from its sustainability, stainless steel was introduced into jewelry-making because it is one of the most durable materials. Thus, stainless steel jewelry is cheaper than various precious metals and is long-lasting.

Recognizing Sterling Silver Jewelries

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It is slightly different from regular silver, and the difference lies in its purity. While silver jewelry is purely made of 100% silver, the percentage of Silver in sterling one is 92.5%. The remaining part is usually covered with metals like copper; therefore, you can say that sterling SilverSilver is more of an alloy.

Sterling silver is also recognized for its delicateness; the material is softer than other rigid materials. But sadly, this is also one of the reasons why sterling silver jewelry is not that durable. However, it is the best option for those who love lightweight silver jewelry.

How To Recognize If The Jewelry You Are Wearing Is Sterling Silver? How To Differentiate From Stainless Steel?

Although stainless steel and sterling silver jewelry may appear the same because they have similar looks and shine, they have a lot of differences. One of the easiest ways of determining whether your jewelry is sterling SilverSilver is finding the stamp that says ‘925’. It is a common symbol used by sterling SilverSilver jewelry makers to certify that the product contains 92.5% of SilverSilver.

On the other hand, stainless steel has no stamps to differentiate them. They are lightweight, and their affordable range is their most significant proof.

5 Perks Of Buying Stainless Steel Jewelry

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Going with the trend is never wrong. Stainless steel jewelry is a lot in trend these days, and the growth of the global stainless steel jewelry market in recent years is awe-inspiring. From their trendiest designs to glamorous finishing, stainless steel one is no less than a piece of art. There are indeed many benefits of purchasing stainless steel, but the most significant perks you get while wearing them are:

1. Promised Durability

When you purchase stainless steel jewelry collections, you get promised durability. For decades, stainless steel has proven to be the strongest manufacturing material, and therefore, the one carved out of it is also rigid and long-lasting.

2. Safest Material That Is Non-Allergic

People with sensitive skin are prone to skin allergies, and even wearing jewelry can cause them irritation. But, when you wear stainless steel one, there are no worries about skin allergies because it is hypoallergenic.

3. Budget-Friendly

Undoubtedly, stainless steel jewelry is the cheapest option for those seeking trendy accessories at pocket-friendly budgets.

4. Safe For The Nature

Stainless steel is recognized as a sustainable material; hence, it is safe for nature. This eco-friendly material can be 100% recycled and reused several times.

5. Easiest To Clean

Cleaning jewelry is a task with great hassles sometimes; the stains and dirt build-ups are so deep that professional help is needed. Cleaning it is the easiest; a soft cloth, mild soap, and warm water are enough to clean them.

4 Reasons Why Sterling Silver Jewelries Are Also A Good Option

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People who love silver jewelry will be a fan of sterling Silver one because of the elegant look they share. People who only love to invest in precious metals can never say no to sterling SilverSilver. These five reasons make sterling silver collections a must-buy:

1. Offers Luxury At An Affordable Range

If you are seeking luxury at an affordable price, there cannot be a better option than sterling Silver jewelry. They are aesthetically pleasing and precious.

2. Trendy Designs And Various Options

You can see the trendiest designs paired with precious gemstones in sterling silver collections. Everything you see, from pendants to necklaces, rings, and earrings, is stunning and can help you rock every outfit. Sterling silver jewelry is also the best option for those who love to wear minimal jewelry with the lightest weight.

3. Non-Allergic Or Hypoallergenic

Like stainless steel, sterling Silver is also a hypoallergenic material and, thus, can be worn by people with sensitive skin.

4. Quite Durable

Since SilverSilver is recognized for its durability, and if maintained properly, your sterling silver jewelry collections can last for years.

Maintaining Both Types Of Jewelry

Not much care is required to keep your stainless steel collections shining for years. They need cleaning once a month, and the cleaning process is the simplest. Warm water, mild soap, and a soft cloth are enough to wipe away the dirt formation. However, one thing to note; stainless steel should never be exposed to reactive ingredients such as bleach, vinegar, baking soda, etc., as they can dull your jewelry and leave stains.

On the other hand, wearing sterling Silver jewelry regularly can make them appear blackish. But there is nothing to worry about because a jewelry-cleaning varnish readily available in markets can solve your problem. Varnish can help restore the lost shine.

The best thing about stainless steel and sterling silver jewelry is its shine. Both these materials offer a stunning look when paired with any outfit. Both stainless steel and sterling silver have the prettiest collections for women and men, but the main difference lies in their price and valuation. While stainless steel is cheaper, it is not a precious metal. On the other hand, sterling Silver may be a little expensive, but it is indeed a precious metal and an excellent lifetime investment.