4 Best Tactical Boots For Long Hikes 2024

Hiking shoes are a mandatory part of the equipment for conquering mountain tops or walking on mountains and inaccessible terrains. However, it is not always easy to choose this type of footwear because it is specific in many ways. That’s why we suggest you see some of the best tactical boots for long hikes, and maybe you will find a pair that’s ideal for you.

You Got To Have Tactical Boots To Enjoy Hiking Fully

Hiking is truly something special. This activity is good for fitness, body, and spirit. It combines enjoying nature with working on your body and health. In addition, in return, it provides a sense of fulfillment when conquering the set goal – but also enjoying some of the most beautiful views in the world.

However, by its very nature, this activity can also be very uncomfortable sometimes. Uneven terrains, constant temperature changes, walking at high altitudes, or constant inclines in body position, are not pleasant – especially not for beginners. Also, you need equipment for hiking. The most important are hiking shoes, which will significantly ease the pain and protect your feet – and also, your entire body.

How To Choose Tactical Hiking Boots?

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Do not be fooled by the external appearance of the shoes, beautiful colors, and design – since hiking shoes are bought for use, not for fashion. The most important features you should keep in mind are comfort, suitable weight, protection from mechanical and other influences from the environment, good adjustment of the foot in the shoe, etc.

When choosing hiking boots, first, we need to know what our plans are. So, think about where, when, and how often we will wear them. Light models for easier, mainly plain walks – and they are completely different from boots for demanding tours that may include easier climbing, walking through snow, on wet rocks, and the like.

What Are The Best Models For Long Hikes?

Tactical boots are primarily the most durable. They are recommended for people who are more professionally engaged in hiking and mountaineering. Most often we can find them in several options, such as jump boots or so-called parachuters, standard military boots, then Tankers, and Combat boots for cold weather conditions. So, which one to choose?

1. Standard Military Boots

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These are very similar to real military boots. Even though the design may differ today and they can have a sportier design – they still have the characteristics of military boots. They don’t always have to be black, but they also come in colors like brown and beige – still, their main feature is that they provide you with the necessary stability.

Most often, they are made of waterproof materials and designed to provide you with reinforcement in the ankle joint and feet. If you take a look at web pages such as (https://nortiv8shoes.com/collections/mens-military-tactical-boots), you will see that these models are ideal for long walks – and they are very convenient for walking on rough terrain.

2. Jump Boots

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These are also known among hikers as so-called parachuters. This is also a type of military boots, similar to those used by soldiers in parachute units. They are primarily a light option of military footwear – but on the other hand, they offer additional reinforcements in the joints. This feature makes them almost ideal footwear for hiking. The fact that they are lighter and do not burden the feet is a good recommendation for those who spend a lot of time on rough or uneven terrains. They are designed so that they can be semi-deep or deep so they reach the shin.

3. Tankers

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This type of hiking footwear does not have laces – but instead, they usually have leather straps. That can be very practical for professional hikers because on rough terrain, it often happens that the ropes get untied or tangled – which can be very inconvenient. Most tanker shoes are designed to have a tongue with spikes that prevent the entry of twigs, stones, or any debris inside the shoes. Some models are also designed with metal foot guards.

4. Extreme Tactical Boots

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This is a type of footwear for extreme weather conditions. These models combine the qualities of some other types – such as Jungle, Desert, or Combat boots. Sometimes, their upper part is made of a canvas-like material, just like the Jungle boots. That can be good because they can dry very quickly. On the other hand, they usually have a rubber sole that does not leak water and protects the feet on inaccessible terrain. Very often, they resemble desert boots, which means that you can also find them made of rough and resistant suede. They also have the characteristics of Combat boots because they can withstand different temperature changes.

What Should You Consider When Buying Tactical Boots For Hiking?

If you are just discovering your passion for hiking, or you are an experienced hiker and getting ready for a trip to a high mountain peak – you certainly need advice on choosing hiking footwear. How do we choose the best, most comfortable, and most durable ones? To perform their function adequately, hiking footwear should meet several criteria. Here’s what you should consider when buying.

Durable Material

Durable materials can withstand even the most demanding conditions and ensure the longevity of footwear. It is essential since you are in a constant battle with unfavorable terrain. Look at the declaration or ask the seller what material the boots are made of. It is also important how the boot is lined on the inside. That also depends on whether you will be comfortable and warm in your hiking shoes.

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Water resistance

You can never know whether it will rain, snow, or get cold and windy. Also, the air is often humid at high altitudes, and the terrain is full of dew and sometimes mud. That’s why, even in summer, you should only wear waterproof footwear for hiking. Water resistance depends on the design itself, the material on the outside, and the material on the inside of the boots. The design of hiking shoes must be such that there is no open space to the feet anywhere, but they need to be completely closed.

The Bottom Line

With today’s wide selection of hiking shoes – it is difficult to choose. The best help can be to get the advice of experienced sellers, well-made shoe tests, experiences of friends and acquaintances – but most importantly, your feeling. A model of hiking shoes that is great for someone may not necessarily suit you. It is indeed difficult to decide based on a few steps in the store – so we have to listen to our experiences and feelings for the final purchase decision.