A Look at the VW ID Electric Range

It is clear that the future is electric and most major car brands are now focusing on their electric range. Volkswagen is a brand that has invested heavily in production in recent times and recently announced that it would be ramping up its efforts in a bid to overtake Tesla as the world’s largest EV maker by 2025. They also have plans for half of their global sales to be electric by the year 2030.

The first thing we can notice about VW is that they are great at branding and design of a new line of electric vehicles. It is called ID, and there are already some interesting models that you can buy.

So, what are some of the electric cars currently available and the ones in the pipeline from Volkswagen?


Source: carscoops.com

The ID.1 is supposed to replace the very popular Up! Model as a small city car that is a good option for young/new drivers, elderly drivers, and those living in towns and cities. It is thought that ID.1 will first go on sale in 2025.

As is expected from such a small vehicle, the battery is not so big. It has a capacity of 36kWh and can reach up to 185 miles with a full battery.

It might not seem as much, but keep in mind that this small car is perfect for the big and crowded city where it can be a great solution for finding a parking spot. Also, developers are working on improved chargers that can charge much faster, which means that traveling a longer distance with it won’t be a problem in the future.


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The ID.3 is already available and the first of VW’s electric range to hit the market. A vehicle that is often compared to the iconic Golf, the ID.3 is a subcompact that is well-suited to many different types of motorists and has a range of up to 259 miles on a single charge.

Those that purchase the ID.3 (or any other VW electric model) should take out VW gap insurance as a way to protect their investment. This will cover the gap between an insurance payout and the amount originally paid, which can be a hefty amount due to depreciation.

This model belongs to a popular Golf category, and it seems like the replacement for the Golf series. We will see whether there will be a separate version of electric Golf in the future. Also, it is expected that this model will become the most popular of this company.


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The ID. 5 arrived early in 2024 and is a coupe-SUV that works well as a family car or for young professionals. The ID.5 is capable of an impressive 323 miles on a single charge although this drops to 298 if you opt for the dual-motor GTX model, which is a more powerful option.

It looks as an alternative and advanced version of Tiguan, which is one of the most popular SUVs from this brand. It is interesting that they decided to keep some well-known things on these modern vehicles, such as the famous design of the front bumper and a logo.

There are other versions of SUVs, that represent alternatives for T-Roc, which is the model ID.4, and this model has nearly the same range as ID.5, with only around 15 miles below the bigger SUV in this series.

VW ID Vizzion

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People first got a glimpse of the ID Vizzion in 2024 at the Geneva motor show and it is one of the more eye-catching electric cars. Set for release in 2024, not a huge amount is known about this vehicle but there are mentions of autonomous level 5 driving (capable of driving without any human input).

As you can see from the design and category of the vehicle, it represents a modern version and replacement for Passat, Jetta, and Artheon, which are the most popular sedans from this brand at the moment. Also, it will be the biggest rival to Tesla, especially in the European market. Besides the autonomous driving mode, the range is also making it a serious rival to Tesla Model 3, with an expected range of over 400 miles.

VW ID. Buzz

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The iconic Microbus minivan has been revived and electrified and is certainly an eye-catching vehicle. The ID. Buzz is a heavily-stylized version of the Microbus and one that will appeal to those looking for a large vehicle with ample storage but also one that is eco-friendly.

Even though it is not a small vehicle, the range is only 260 miles. However, we expect that this company will work on further improvement of this model. It was the first one in the ID series that was presented to the public.

The most interesting features are the design that resembles an old version that was famous during the 70s and 80s, but with a modern touch.

As you can see, VW is investing heavily in EVs moving forward and there will be lots of good options for motorists looking to make the change in the coming years with electric models in many different categories.

What we can see by now with these models is that VW is not risking too much with the design, which can be said for many other companies.

They simply upgraded the existing versions of models that are some of the bestselling in the world, especially when it comes to Golf. Therefore, it will be easier for people to adapt to new technologies and features.
Also, we expect that developers will manage to improve the range of batteries even more in the future, which will make them much better than standard vehicles that use fuel in every segment.