Avoid These 11 Website Design Trends

Web design trends are changing regularly. Some of these trends are only short-term while others appear to last longer. Either way, keep up with trends, and to avoid your website looking outdated, you must constantly update and optimize. Out-fashion websites usually appear inconspicuous to the customer, which doesn’t manage to attract and engage customers. An unattractive web design will undoubtedly result in low conversion. But, many current web design ideas and trends are mishits. Today’s subject of discussion of Alpha Efficiency is the trends in web designing that, despite their popularity, consider better to avoid.

1. Complex design

In an attempt to draw attention, many designers, especially novice ones, creates a design overloaded with details. Their venture to express their talents creatively might result in an intricate design, but the audience doesn’t prefer a cluttered and confusing look. A clear and simple design will better contribute to design effectiveness. The sophisticated design better conveys the desirable message and leaves the impression of clarity, contrary to the previous trend of multi-layered design.

2. Autoplaying music and videos

Although a popular solution nowadays, this option can be uncomfortable for users. Autoplaying of audio or video content, without users’ control or choice, can make discomfort when people access the website. If a visitor is currently in a place that demands quiet or does not want others to hear the content of the site they are entering, this imposition can be annoying and make the visitor leave your website as fast as possible. Thus, the chances that this user will return to the website are lowered. Furthermore, the video content usually implies a large size slows down webpage loading. Avoid integrating such an option where the user won’t have control over playing site content and make on-page material available for visitors to play on click.

3. Pop-ups

Similar to auto-playing, avoid self-activating pop-ups. This eye-catching method can be very distractive and repulsive to users which will prevent conversion. Whether you want to collect emails or feedback, or simply advertise products, pop-ups are not a good idea to achieve such.

Source: webflow.com

4. Too many dated fonts

Font choice is a tool that has the power to represent the same word in hundred different ways. Different fonts are one of the ways to make an impression on website looks, but random and unharmonized fonts can have the opposite effect. Complement fonts with brand and page content, and achieve visual impact and website character without looking chaotic. Also, the messy and disregarded chosen forts can give a hard time for users to read, or even have to read multiple times to understand the word. Most websites have two to three fonts on the webpage, beyond that number of diverse font styles can make text difficult to interpret.

5. Generic stock photos

When selecting the stock images for the website, avoid basic and uninteresting images. Besides unoriginality, the disadvantage of choosing the stock image is the possibility to bump into the same image on other sites. Boring photos that can be seen on every site and don’t leave an impression, won’t make an impact on users, instead, use effective photography that sends a clear and strong message about your business. Authentic images are the way to present the brand’s personality the way you want it to be perceived.

6. Hidden navigation

Although hidden navigation is a modern way to achieve a seamless website look, this design solution is not very practical. Consider all the users that can find this style confusing and unsuitable. Without clearly displayed navigation many visitors will leave the site without the chance of a conversion.

Source: betterteam.com

7. Replacing Text with Images

The actual style in designing a sleek website considers the abstinence of text and implementation images instead. Besides its impressive look, the performance of this style in search engines is not so incredible. Even though Google matters about the photos, the thing that it really appraises is the text information. Google search engine counts more information about your website instead of its look. Although the visual aspect of the website has great value, without displaying textual information, the user experience will be on a low level. Imposing a website looks without useful text is unproductive.

8. No standard Icons

Personalized icons are the present trend in the customization of websites. In an attempt to impress visitors, many use unstandardized and unique icons to comprehend the entire website look. But, this exotic customization can transform icons into unrecognition for the users. The standardized icon helps the users through guidance to faster navigation and direction to act toward conversion. While authentic icons can be amusing, unusual icons that are too far from the norms can hurt users’ experience by confusing visitors.

9. Large cookie alerts

Cookie alerts are necessary legal requirements for every website or blog. These comprehensive regulation alerts should be as transparent as possible to gain users’ trust. Cookie alerts are something users have to get used to, even abominate. Like necessary measures, visitors expect to see cookie alerts as the first thing that pop-ups when entering the website before moving to desirable information. Reduce the repentance and display of the cookie alerts by making them diffident and not blocking the entire screen.

Source: saymine.com

10. Hover menus

Another modern website tool is the hover menu. With this option, the subcategories roll down from the navigation bar, when the user moves over them with the mouse. This is a convenient option for not using the click, but it might be very challenging and requires a high level of skills. A standard menu instead of a demanding hover style can be an advantage in the case of elderly users.

11. Endless Scrolling

Endless scrolling is another new trend in website design that appears like a convenient and modern solution. However, continuous scrolling can be an annoying and frustrating way to get to the bottom of the web page and reappear at the top. A better user experience is provided by separating the content into distinguished pages.

Final Thoughts

A modern website is a must-have in attracting valuable traffic. While creating a stylish website implies following the trends, matching the brand’s attitude and message with fashionable solutions is crucial. Not every design trend is worth implementing and truly innovating, but sometimes staying with conventional principles is more productive for attracting and engaging users. After all, the quality of users’ experience is the factor that counts the most in SEO ranking and overall conversion.