Great Father’s Day Gifts for a Man With Good Taste

Father’s day is one of the holidays every dad in the world can’t wait every year. We are talking about the day when we celebrate our dads, we say thank you for all that they have done for us and we want to give them a gift they will enjoy.

At the same time, those people who don’t spend enough time with their fathers take this opportunity to deepen this relationship even more. Naturally, we can say that the gift we give to them should be something special they will remember. Even though some ideas might come to mind for every individual, we can see that this can be quite problematic.

Fairly sure we can all agree that the quintessential Father’s Day gifts from golf balls to neckties are underwhelming, to be kind. Sure, it can be a challenge to shop for a man who appears to have everything he wants or needs.

Yet, with a little research and a little creativity, you can uncover something even he didn’t know he wanted or needed! When you want to truly honor a man who knows what he likes and likes what he has, you may feel driven to default to the dreaded card and let him shop for himself. However, here are some rare recommendations that will undoubtedly make this distinctive dad a very proud papa.

First and foremost, Dad wants to protect his family and keep them safe. While most often a utilitarian monolith, a designer fire-extinguisher as a gift make sure he has these life-saving (and very good-looking) tools always nearby.

Weston Table offers a wide range of custom fire extinguishers meant to be displayed in the kitchen as a conversation piece rather than hidden in the garage or under the sink. Pair your choice of a fire extinguisher with his pastimes.

Man’s best friend is featured on one canister, while another embodies his love of sailing (and would be great on the boat he’s always talking about getting). Or why shouldn’t he learn how to shuck oysters while keeping the kitchen fetching and flame-free?


Entertaining family and friends is probably a priority pastime for your dashing dad. Now, what’s more dad-like than bringing the festivities out in the wild? The REI Co-op Wonderland 6-Person Tent sleeps just that many and, with almost vertical walls and two rooms that can be opened into one, makes for civilized camping for any of his great outdoors gatherings.

Only the most conscientious of hosts would be sure to keep his trusty fire-extinguisher by his side while roughing it with the relatives. That’s why we believe that this gift would be a perfect option.

While the genes of fatherhood and grilling seem to be commingled in many men, asking for advice seems to be congenitally off-limits. However, getting some irreverent open-fire instruction from a few fellow fathers could help raise your cultured man’s capabilities to the level of the pitmaster.

Get him a signed copy of The Best Grilling Cookbook Ever Written by Two Idiots by the Grill Dads. Not only will he be able to brag he can literally make any sort of dishes on the grill, but will also tickle some ribs or a funny bone along the way.

Dads are unendingly curious, eager to know everything from how to raise the performance of their roadster to seeking the sources from which the family is fed. That includes special occasion suppers when he treats the crowd to some sumptuous shellfish. So take your guy to a local oyster farm. Several farms located up and down both East and West Coasts offer farm tours, including Island Creek Oysters in Duxbury, Massachusetts.

Your four-hour adventure from seeds to shucking can be enjoyed with the family or up to twelve guests if you choose to embark on a private farm tour. These down-to-earth experts will school dad in everything oyster and give him tales to tell anyone who will listen for years to come.


If your dad lives alone, then providing him with some company would definitely be a good move. We are talking about purchasing a pet that can keep your father company when you’re not there to do it yourself. An obvious move would be to purchase a dog.

Dogs are great options since they want to socialize as much as possible. Therefore, with all the attention your dad can give to the dog, the dog will return it in the same capacity, maybe even more. The decision on what race you will purchase depends solely on your father’s preferences and needs.

Every dad out there enjoys sharing a drink with someone. So, another gift idea you can take a look at is purchasing a set of themed glasses that can make this sort of company much more interesting.

Thankfully, there are countless options in front of you when it comes to the themes you can choose from. One of the most interesting ones is urban map glasses. They are suitable for drinking whiskey or any other sort of short drink. That’s why we sincerely believe this will be a great thing to give to your dad for father’s day.

Relieving the most beautiful memories we have is something that always triggers a smile on our faces, right? When we know that, then it becomes obvious why your father would enjoy having something that reminds him of you.

No matter how old you are, you will always be your father’s child. To provide a constant reminder of this fact, you should purchase a photo book, where you can include the pictures that remind your father of your relationship constantly. You can include all the pictures you believe will trigger a smile on your father’s face as well. Giving them something they can wear all the time is a great idea. A necklace from Jewlr would be perfect.


Chess is one of the oldest games in the world that is still enjoyed by millions of people from all over the globe. If your father is someone who loves this game, then purchasing a chess set might be something interesting for you to take into consideration. In this day and age, some numerous variations and characteristics can make the game itself much more interesting. We are talking about some interesting solutions when it comes to the design of the table and figurines. Be sure to take a look at some of these sets when you have a chance to do it.

One of the great gits, any dad would love could be the swords, machetes and similar. Dads usually watch the action movies with Jackie Chan or Jet Li, famous Chinese martial arts experts. If your dad is interested in these movies and share the passion for the swords, you can check the variety of classic Chinese swords online.

You know dad will always go the extra mile for you, and some dads do it in style. In tribute to them, we want to ensure their Father’s Day gift shows not just how much we care but also how much we know and respect the man he is. Have fun purchasing something distinct and demonstrable from the list of items above for this precious parent, and it will surely carry through in the gifting.