Gambling Horoscope for the Week

We all have days that are lucky – and days that are not. Those who love gambling know this best. It’s very simple – no matter how great you are at a game, or how big a budget you have, if it’s not your lucky day, things will keep going bad.

This is where gambling horoscope comes into the picture. Here, we present you with the second best way to boost your winning odds. The first is, of course, finding the most trustworthy polskiekasynos to do your gambling at. After all, you need a safe and fair site to even get a chance to win real money.

The second best thing is knowing what your horoscope has to say about your gambling luck this week. Enjoy!



Aquarius is facing some changes in mood this week, making this less than a great time to tackle the most important things. Because of such mood changes, you should be cautious not to offend your closest people, and try to keep your emotions in check.

In terms of gambling, this means keeping a clear head. Focus your betting this week on entertainment only. Don’t get into lengthy, complicated, and frustrating tournaments or big game. Pick something simple and entertaining, such as slot machines.


Aries is very passionate about winning this week, but it’s also facing some unexplained fear and emotions. At the start of the week, things will look confusing. You’ll have some misunderstandings at work or at home, things will not be clear at first, and this might frustrate you. When you feel that way, stay away from the casinos – you’re more likely to make mistakes at this point.

These feelings should clear up slowly by the end of the week. So, it’s best not to pick difficult and complex games, at least before the weekend. Right now, your optimal gambling choice is either roulette or slot machines.


Cancer is anxious this week, perhaps because of weather changes or mood changes. Expect unreasonable outbursts, emotionally speaking, and series of insecurity. Because of this, it will be hard to make key decisions while gambling. For Cancer, the best games to play this week are simple ones like slot machines or Bingo.

If you go for the games that require strategic thinking and swift decision-making, you are very likely to make mistakes. Not just that, but the mistakes will cost you your patience, and you’re risking losing your gambling budget. Slots and Bingo should keep you occupied, bring you some wins, and keep you playing to boost your mood this week.



Capricorns are really lucky this week. If they take the chance and immerse themselves into the risk, they can expect at least small victories and gambling achievements. However, be cautious when you have to make the most important decisions – don’t rush into it. This week, you are very likely to rush and make an error. If you have a clear head, you can play Poker or Blackjack.

Pick a Poker table, perhaps a live one, because this week you’ll be very communicative. You’ll find it easier to make the important decisions if you play live, and the thrill will be much higher if you keep track of your pace and your budget.


Gemini’s week won’t be ideal in gambling, but they’ll have a great week in terms of family life. So, instead of spending all your free time in front of the computer or in the casino, it’s time to catch up and re-connect with your family. Of course, you can still do some gambling if you wish, but keep it light – slot machines would be the obvious choice for you this week.


Leo has it opposite from Gemini this week. The stars give them the opportunity to win big despite of their furious mood these days. In fact, you might benefit from that furious behavior because it will help your decision-making and make you sharper in detecting people’s poker faces.

Still, try not to overdo it. Keep yourself sharp and pick serious, thought-provoking games like Poker and Blackjack. Focus on your opponents – this week, your gambling radar is at its best!



If you’re a Virgo, you’ll be really tempted to do tons of gambling this week. Yes, you can expect winnings, but don’t be zealous. Accept what you’ve won and try not to get greedy. Start this week with some high-wager games to challenge your lucky stars, and once you win a good amount, stop increasing. Instead, you can try your hand at some Roulette or Lottery.


As the weekend approaches, you’ll feel calmer and get a more positive attitude. If last week was tough on you and you feel a bit tired and overwhelmed, a bit of Roulette or some scratch cards will help get you in the right mood. Who knows – those scratch cards might just bring you an unexpected surprise!

Once you get in a better mood, which is very likely to happen before the weekend, you can try your luck in more complicated card or table games. But, don’t jump at live casino game just yet – next week seems to be a much better time for you to do this.


Scorpio is a winning gambler this week, but you have to find the right game to play. Don’t be afraid to multitask right now – try Poker, try Slots, try Baccarat, try Roulette – and even play on several tables at the same time. You might have to test various strategies too before you get on your winning streak. The good thing is, your stars should keep you there for at least some time, so if you don’t get too greedy, you might just end up winning a lot this week.

In times when you’re unsure about what your next hand or move should be, fold or decrease your bet.



You’re feeling lucky this week, aren’t you? Your stars are perfectly aligned, giving you an opportunity to start small and grow big – but gradually. Take your slow pace this week. Work on claiming the bonuses that the casino offers, since you’ll definitely want to get back for more this week. When you feel tired and drowsy, take a break – this is your lucky week, but don’t overdo it.


These days, you will have a great deal of concentration and good decision-making. For you, Poker games are ideal right now. If you pick simple casino games like slots or Bingo, you’ll find your thoughts scattered anywhere else but on your gambling.


This is not your best gambling time, Pisces. If you really want to do it, do it at home. You’ll be easily annoyed these days, so avoid visiting crowded casinos. Some simple game with pleasant graphics and good background music, such as some video slots can get you in a good mood and boost your luck for the remaining days.

Wrapping Up

Generally speaking, this week is a good time to do some gambling for the majority of horoscope signs. For those who aren’t really in a winning place, tiny wins on easy games like slots and Bingo can be just the right way to warm up for next week.