World of Warcraft

How to Pump Up and Earn Gold at Tailoring in World of Warcraft

WoW is a complex and multifunctional project that allows the player to choose his race and class, decide on the Horde and Alliance factions, and start earning his first WoW gold.

Professions Concept

World of Warcraft has a very strong concept of professions, which allows players to develop their skills and use them to earn gold or produce equipment for themselves if the chosen profession is suitable for their hero.

By the way, you will only have two slots for a profession, and it is best to get them so that you can always strengthen your hero with his help.

The second option is, of course, to upgrade two professions of collecting resources that you can sell and earn Wow gold.

If you play as an attacking or defensive type mage, then tailoring will be useful to you and this profession has a huge advantage over other crafts.

The fact is that any profession that creates something needs resources. And usually for this another slot for the profession is used to provide you with everything you need.

This works for all professions except tailoring.

This is the most unique profession because, in it, you do not need additional crafts to form the resources that are needed for production.

You will simply kill monsters and get from them cobwebs and other types of resources that can be processed into thread and subsequently into fabric.

Tailoring Concept

Using your tailoring skills, you can sew yourself a robe that will increase your physical defense parameters and overall mana, depending on the resulting quality.

You can use a free slot at your discretion based on your favorite activities, but it will be better if it is a profession that will allow you to fully equip your hero. For example, choose jewelry making for the production of jewelry, orbs for magical attacks, or an inscription for creating staves and reagents.

In addition to robes, sew and roll of fabric, bags, and other useful items for all players.

In the future, you will reach the order table and will be able to earn WoW gold simply by completing orders from other players, using their resources and at the same time pumping up your skills at someone else’s expense.

Leveling up Your Tailoring

To develop your tailoring skills, you need to sew logically.

Engage in the production of fabric that you will process from threads, creating roles and gradually moving on to gloves, hats, bags, and robes.

Only through personal production and completing orders from other players will you receive points that will open access to more complex items and will be subject to more demanding customer requests for the master, because this affects the overall likelihood of creating a truly valuable item.

New Interface

Anyone who plays professions in World of Warcraft and earns WoW gold will appreciate the changes to the interface for professions.

Now you will see all the potential items that can be created the resources that are needed for this and of course, the level of skill that is required.

By pointing at any material, you will see its potential quality and improvement options to increase the chance of creating a truly valuable item.

The interface will even tell you places or monsters from which you can get that very resource.

You will be notified of any buffs or quality upgrades when crafting an item. This is accompanied by sound and animation.

Characteristics for Artisans

Now each profession has its own unique parameters, which will likely, or constantly add different bonuses that will be useful when working with resources, or direct production.


This is an option that allows you to create two items at once instead of one, spending the same amount of resources.


A parameter that, on the contrary, allows you to greatly save the initial amount of resources by creating an item with a minimum amount of materials.


The value of the created item directly depends on the quality of your general knowledge of the profession.

The inspiration parameter allows you to greatly increase the overall knowledge of the profession for one time during the production of the item.

By increasing your tailoring stat, you will have an increased chance of creating a truly valuable item and selling it for much more than it would initially cost.


The last parameter in terms of importance, has its own value but is not a characteristic that will radically change your interaction with the profession.

This parameter will significantly speed up your resource processing and overall item production.

Of course, you will process all your materials faster and prepare all resources for production, but globally this is not the most important and primary parameter for development.

Artisan Equipment


In World of Warcraft, starting with the Dragonflight update, all representatives of professions have their own special equipment, which significantly affects the above characteristics and allows players to increase their WoW Gold earnings by producing goods more quickly and with minimal expenditure of resources.

Each member of the profession will have three slots for equipment.

You can create some of the items yourself, while the rest must be ordered from other craftsmen, but you, in turn, will be able to create equipment for other craftsmen.

You will have the opportunity to create one of two types of equipment, which will differ in personal quality.

Things that you can create yourself within the framework of the profession will not cause any problems – everything is solved simply by the number of crafts.

As for items, for the creation of which you need to turn to other artisans, the Dragonflight update has an optimal solution for which you don’t even need to buy gold in World of Warcraft.

You simply create a request on the order table and select the qualifications of the master who will be able to see and take your order. The more professional the craftsman, the greater the chance that he will create a masterpiece. In any case, you will pay the agreed price, regardless of the result.

The higher the quality of the items, the more characteristics will be combined in such equipment, including bonuses to the general parameters of the profession itself.


Conclusions on the tailoring specialization in World of Warcraft

Tailoring is an effective profession that will be useful for magicians and will greatly simplify the tasks of many players, since it eliminates the need to learn additional professions to collect resources.

By choosing sewing, you will be able to produce robes and various tools and auxiliary equipment for other artisans – hats, gloves, bags and so on.

The main advantage you will get is if your main character is a magician, healer, or other magical character who uses a robe as the main equipment and, due to the increase in characteristics, you can get higher quality items, rather than buying WoW gold to improve the level of equipment of your hero.