Top Ways To Woo Your Escort On Your First Date

Top Ways To Woo Your Escort On Your First Date

Dating an escort is not very different from meeting any other girl for the first time. You, as a client, might feel nervous and she as your escort might feel uncertain.

But, once you meet, things can take a favorable turn if you can follow the following tips. Wooing a professional escort on your first date is not a herculean task. It is all about being a nice person and being true to your feelings.

Choose the Right Place to Meet

When deciding a place to meet an escort for the first time, make sure to select the venue carefully. If you chose a cheap lace, your escort might not be particularly excited about you. On the other hand, selecting a sophisticated place might put you on her best client list.

To woo your escort on the first date, get to know about her food preferences. Based on what she likes, choose a restaurant specifically popular for the cuisine she likes the most. Suppose she confirms that she loves Chinese food. In that case, look for the best Chinese Food restaurant near you and book a table for two.

Offer Her Well-Thought-Of Gifts

Offer Her Well-Thought-Of Gifts


When you walk into the venue to meet your escort, make sure not to exchange pleasantries without any gifts. You should give her some presents while introducing yourself. This creates a positive impact almost instantly. However, the gift you offer should be something well-thought-out.

Flower bouquets are generally an undisputed choice for meeting a girl for the first time. You can also buy a chocolate box, a necklace, or a Chanel perfume for her.

During your initial conversation before fixing the date, try to know her interests and things she loves. If she mentions anything particular like a Gucci clutch or a French perfume, your gift selection task would get easier.

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Do Not Be Late on Your Date

Turning up late on your first date can never make your girl happy. In fact, try to reach a few minutes before the scheduled time. The best scenario would be letting her find you sitting calmly in your place as she walks through the doors.

The moment you see her, stand up and greet her with a welcoming smile. These might be trifle things to do for a lady you wish to have a relationship with. But, all these acts of insignificance make a significant impact on your date. To be on her best client list right after the first date, these small tricks could be beneficial.

Try to Dress Properly Based on the Venue

Grooming is important for any man going on a date with a woman for the first time. Especially if your date is a professional escort, you need to double-check your wardrobe before leaving for the evening. Wearing casual attire for a dinner date will never impress your escort date in any way.

Therefore, pick the right trousers, shirts, and accessories while getting ready for your upcoming date. For example, if it’s a dinner date at a reputed five-star hotel, make sure to wear something extremely formal and gentlemanlike. A suit or a tuxedo can be ideal for such dates.

But, if you have booked a beachside resort to meet your escort for the first time, wear a T-shirt, knee-pants, and flip-flops. In short, your dress should be in line with the place you have picked for the date.

Be Honest About Your Expectations

Be Honest About Your Expectations


There is no doubt that professional escorts possess experience and know what a man generally prefers. But, you should never feel shy or stay away from expressing your wishes and expectations. Please understand that escorts are women who know men better than many others but are in no way mind-readers.

They too need cues from you so that they can meet your expectations in the long run. First dates are the best times when you as a client can make yourself clear to your escort. This transparency will keep your relationship with the escort strong and mutually beneficial in the future.

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Intimate Hygiene Is A Plus

Escorts always prefer clients who are strict and particular about intimate hygiene. On your first date, make it very clear to your escort how much you value intimate hygiene protocols. This gives the escort mental peace and confidence to start a new relationship with a new client.

Plus they will feel more relaxed and free while interacting with you intimately knowing that you do not keep reservations about following the hygiene protocols. Nevertheless, intimate hygiene keeps both parties safe and protected against several infections. Therefore, it is a mutually beneficial choice.

Do Not Get Overdrunk

Enjoying a glass of wine with your escort intensifies the conversations and helps build a bond. But, do not take this opportunity as a license to get drunk and tipsy. To communicate with your escort properly, to discuss your plans with her about the relationship, you need to stay in your senses.

Consuming too much alcohol might become a disruption and you might eventually do something awkward or outlandish under the influence of alcohol. This is the point where you lose your escort.

To impress her, make sure to drink carefully so that you never feel the punch. A wise way to do so would be to stick to one glass of alcohol and savor it slowly.

Treat Her Respectfully

Treat Her Respectfully


It’s an instant turn-on. Even if you choose the best place in the town, get dressed perfectly, and give her an expensive gift, you cannot impress her if you fail to treat her with respect. Mistreating any escort anyway is a straight turn-off. You can be pretty sure that you will never make it to her favorite client list ever, let alone impress her.

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