All You Need to Know About MVP Web Design

An important stage in the development of a website is the creation of an MVP – Minimum Viable Product. This is a trial version of your project, which aims to collect user feedback and test the site’s performance. And at this stage, site developers pay much attention to technical characteristics. But they often neglect to create high-quality UI/UX design for MVP. This point of view is usually refuted by the fact that it is not the appearance itself that is important in a test product, but its usability. But this view is wrong! No matter how strong your website is from a technical end, if people don’t find it attractive, they won’t use it. And the first impression of customers is always formed from a visual point of view, and therefore from the design. If you want to impress users, try to release even MVP with a harmonious design. Don’t spare money and time on the visual side of your website. Keep reading and you will discover all the intricacies of creating a beautiful picture of your product.

Importance of MVP Web Design


MVP design is a huge part of web development that is done by web designers. People of this profession create the visual side of the website, its navigation, and its aesthetic look. To create a high-quality MVP web design, you should hire professional web designers like Purrweb. When choosing the best candidates, take into account the following qualities that guarantee that these workers are the best in their field.

  • Taste for creativity and practicality. In MVP design, it is crucial for designers to be able to create an engaging and responsive website image at the same time.
  • Basic knowledge of how the back-end side is connected with the front-end. To ensure that the MVP design is logically connected with the website functions, web designers should be in close communication with developers.
  • Ability to create designs for different extensions. No matter what clients use: tablets, phones, or desktops, your MVP design should be built for any kind of extension.
  • Experience in marketing. As the design is directly connected with the marketing, web designers should know how to implement it through the visual side of the website.
  • Ability to integrate CMS programs. Websites are always about content. And in MVP design, design should harmonically integrate with the design itself.

What Are Vital Elements of MVP Design


A good website design is not the most colorful or the most aesthetic design. Many factors define the design. And all these elements should interact comprehensively to make the website look attractive and practical. Learn what the design of the website depends on below.

Visual Look

The first and most important factor is the appearance of the website. All its elements must correspond to one color scheme, geometric shapes must be the same, and sections of the site should be structured. It is recommended to choose one style for your site adhering to it on the home page and other pages.


The next element has practical value. Even if your design is appealing but it’s hard to understand how things work for an average user, then it is not good enough. Test your MVP design on new users. If they can easily find the information you ask for, your design is usable.


It is proven that users are not eager to wait more than 3 seconds when opening the page. But you don’t want your potential customers to leave your page. And the speed depends mostly on the MVP design. Try to use easy-going elements in your design and don’t overwhelm it.


This is a common mistake of web designers that they create MVP designs suitable only for desktops. And the majority of users can’t reach the site on their phones. Thus it makes your website less accessible.

Appropriate Content

When creating an MVP design, you should think about which content will be easiest for users to perceive. Even if you have generated an aesthetic design of the site, but the information is not given appropriately, such a website may not be popular in the market. For example, people respond more to video content rather than written texts. Thus your website should consist of videos and short descriptions.

What Are The Stages of MVP Web Design Creation?


It is not required for web designers to divide the process of MVP designing into stages. But to be clear that you as a website owner and designer are on the same page, you can stick to the following structure.


Under the planning stage, we understand gathering information, setting the goals, and making a sitemap. During this design creation phase, the general conception is made. You and your team are researching the market, paying attention to what goals your business requires and how they can be implemented in the design. The planning stage is more about theoretical work rather than practical.


Here is when your imagination and creativity should be included at maximum power. On the designing stage, web designers care about aesthetics. To be specific, they choose a color scheme, style, and graphics. During the designing stage, a team of professionals writes content implementing the best SEO practices to increase target audiences. Designing requires innovativeness and originality to stand out from the crowd. The design reproduces your brand so it should be unique.


When the creative part is over, it is high time to start developing the design. Yes, designers are not only those who know how to draw beautiful pictures but also those who know how to encode them. The developing stage is mostly a technical one. After you finish the development, you should test your MVP web design and maintain it through the further journey.

Last Words About MVP Web Design

As you have noticed, creating a design for an MVP is a complex process. In terms of scope of work and complexity, it can be fully compared to the creation of the website itself. So, do not neglect to create a quality design and you will see that it makes your website much more attractive and accessible.