How to Get Back to the Routine After the Vacations

After enjoying a well-deserved vacation, we have no choice but to get back to the daily routine. We have to resume our studies or work, and we must do it in the most relaxed and positive way possible. But how do you do that?

For many, it may seem quite a challenge, but in this post, we’ll show you how to get back into the routine after the vacation so that you don’t notice the change so much.

Causes of the post-holiday syndrome


Vacations are the annual recreation, the reward in the form of leisure after a year of hard work. During these weeks of the year, we can do everything we have been postponing because of daily obligations and devote time to what we are most passionate about. With this in mind, there are usually two things that make it difficult to get back to the routine:

  • We lose track of time. It is already known that when you enjoy yourself, time passes much faster. Likewise, when you are bored, it seems as if the clock is ticking. During vacations, time passes in a special way. On the one hand, the days follow one another at breakneck speed. On the other hand, in just one week it seems that we have lived like this all our lives and it is strange to think that just 6 days before you were in an office. The effect of the vacations on our minds is a liberation that makes us not know what day we are living in.
  • We get used to the good stuff quickly. When you’ve had a few days off, it’s hard to think about getting back to work, even if you really enjoy doing it. Our body has a great capacity to adapt, both to difficult situations and, above all, to optimal situations. This is a barrier, especially mental, that can boycott us in our goal of returning to the routine without further consequences.

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Taking all this into account, we are going to explain a series of tips to get back to routine, saving you from many of the associated complications. Don’t miss them!

1. Go to bed earlier


When we’re on vacation, we relax, sleep more, and go to bed later. But when we get back to the routine, we have to get up early, and it’s hard for us to get up early. What happens? We’re exhausted for the first few weeks.

The solution? One week before going back to school or work, go to bed half an hour earlier every day. This way, you will get up a little earlier and your body will get used to the schedule so that when you return from vacation it will not be so hard.

2. Learn to disconnect from what is coming

Days before returning from vacation, our heads are already spinning. We start to think about the return to routine, about how good it is to be on vacation, and we start to feel overwhelmed.

How do we avoid spending sleepless nights thinking about what’s to come? Buy yourself a book that you have been wanting to read for a long time. One of those that you start and can’t finish and make you disconnect from everything. It will help you sleep better and forget about the return to routine.

3. Light food


As with sleep, on vacation we overdo it with meals, diets are over and we do not eat in a balanced way. Dinners with friends are copious and this has its consequences when returning to the routine.

That week before you go to bed a little earlier, try to have a lighter dinner. Your digestion will be better and your body will be balanced and ready to sleep. If you eat too much dinner, it will be harder to fall asleep and the return from vacation will be more difficult.

4. Return in the middle of the week

Studies show that getting back to the routine after the vacation in the middle of the week makes us take it in a more positive way. If you go back to work or school on a Wednesday, you know that the weekend is near and unconsciously you will find yourself less tired and more eager to get back to the routine. It works!

5. Sign up for a course


One of the best ways to come back from vacation more motivated is to have a hobby or a way to disconnect from the routine.

Think about what you’re looking forward to doing: learning that language you’ve been wanting to study for so long, starting that drawing or 3D animation course you’ve had pending for months, or creating that blog you wanted to start but haven’t been able to due to lack of time.

6. Learn to organize yourself

Last but not least, learn to organize yourself better. This way, you will save time every day that you can dedicate to your personal hobbies or enjoy that free time with your family and friends.

To organize yourself better, identify the important tasks you have pending for the following week. Plan in advance what you have to take to work, the clothes you are going to wear if you have a doctor’s appointment, and that important meeting that brings you so many headaches.

Before going to sleep, write down in a notebook that you have on your bedside table all those things that worry you. This way your mind will be clear and you will know that you will not forget to do anything because you have everything written down. Sleep will be restful and anxiety will be gone. The best thing is to be well organized!


Final words

And that’s it for the tips to get back to the routine after the vacations! We hope they are useful and of quality for you. It seems like a lot of things, but if you stop to think about it, they always follow the same line. Productivity always goes hand in hand with habits.

Go slowly, but walk. Go quietly, but without stopping. Less thinking and more acting. If you apply what we have seen here, we have no doubt that you will be back even earlier than you had planned.