From Zero to Influencer ─ A Beginner’s Guide to Becoming an Instagram Influencer

Are you a content creator or an owner of a brand who is willing to spread the word about the content, product, or service that you create? Well, you probably already know that social media is the best channel for doing so, but if you think about the number of talented Instagrammers here hands might drop.

For a newcomer, it is extremely important to be able to cut off sometime that they would spend on gathering an initial audience and getting first likes and views because this is exactly the leg up that they can use to achieve goals quicker than their competitors. Can you do it yourself?

Well, generally speaking, no – but you can use some help from the social media managers or the resources of third-party promotional services like Viplikes. There you can buy promotional services that are going to become your booster, your support, and your all-time favorite decision if you need to wind up a certain post or your whole account’s statistics.

How is it working? Why should you choose this service in the first place and what other methods might come in handy in the process of becoming an Instagram influencer? We are going to talk about all of that in detail in this article.

How to Begin


The first thing that you should really take care of is to figure out who people that might be interested in your content right now. Where do they live, what age they are, what’s their nationality, and what are the other interests they might have? All of that is going to help you with addressing your posts and making them more specific, and therefore more appealing for those people whom you want to influence on Instagram. You can either create that target audience’s detailed characteristics by yourself (by analyzing the subs that your competitors have) or ask a specialist to help you.

After that and after maybe changing a little bit the stylistics of your post you should try seeking promotional options. Yes, buying services is essential, but in addition to that you can reach out to bloggers who right now have nearly the same (or a little bit more) number of subscribers and who are willing to develop their profiles just like you do.

Together you can boost both of your accounts’ promotion by coming up with creative collabs and videos, maybe you could create a new challenge or a new trend in filming reels, who knows? Try, try, and try even more – creativity and consistency in it are playing the main role in actually becoming a memorable and loved influencer.

Why Choose Paid Services


However, even if you would work as hard as possible, you might still not win the competition if it is going against the people who have already gained their initial audiences and now are working on widening them as quickly as possible. To also get offers from the brands, to be able to sell something to your audience, and to get barters from companies that you always wanted to work with you really need to quickly get to a certain level of popularity – and to do so you can use paid third party services that we have spoken about in the first paragraph. What can those bring to the table?

  • An opportunity to save a lot of time on actually trying to attract this number of followers/likes/comments/views to your profile.
  • An opportunity to put your effort into something more difficult and sufficient, for example, creating a content plan and participating in collaborations with other bloggers.
  • Guarantees of actual profile’s growth. But only if you are working with a decent promotional agency (eg. Viplikes, Soclikes) that can vouch for the quality of their services.
  • Boosting your profile’s statistics – once again, only if the services are top notch and won’t come from bots or fakes.
  • You can use them at any moment in time and as often as you want, there are no limits to the frequency and the amount.

And yes, making sure that you are purchasing high quality services (coming from actual social media users) is extremely important, because today social media websites have very strict policies about using bots and fakes and if the algorithms would detect such activity on your profile, you might get into the shadow ban or even into the real ban.

Plus, if you already have a certain audience, a rapid increase of followers or likes (especially the ones delivered by bots) is going to cause lots of questions, so it is in your favor to try and imitate the natural process of development that would happen if you would be gaining subs or likes yourself.

How Do Paid Services Work


If we talk about high-quality promotional services – these can be delivered only by a dint of cooperation between the workers of the promotional company and the people who are willingly choosing to work with them and leave likes, comments, views, and subscriptions to their clients.

Bots and fakes are not efficient and can lead a page into a shadow ban even, so if you want to get results and not worries and disappointments, you should check and ask how exactly the company provides all the services they have.

If the website doesn’t have enough sections, if not all buttons work, if you don’t understand how to form the order, and if the technical support doesn’t seem to react in time, all of these are red flags that should push you towards looking for another resource to get help from.

Plus, make sure that the price is adequate as well. This is the best word to describe it because prices that are too low or too high are equally bad and might signal that something is off with this promotional company.


Today it got harder to quickly become an influencer with a huge fan base, but it is still possible thanks to big progress in the social media promotional sphere.

You can not only put your own time and effort into figuring out your target audience, addressing the posts, and collaborating with other content creators but also use the booster that paid third party promotional services can offer. Don’t underestimate their efficacy and do everything right: don’t rush for quantity, seek quality. Good luck!