All The Best JUUL Alternatives ─ In 2024

Unless you’ve been living under a rock you will already know that JUUL is the undisputed king of vaping, totally dominating the market in the US for portable vape devices. The brand is so pervasive that vapers talk about “hitting a JUUL” in the same way we talk about googling to find something online. The JUUL went fully mainstream in 2017 and has been the first choice for many consumers ever since.

Why is JUUL so popular?

There are many theories as to why JUUL has become so popular. Some say it’s because of the sweet and fun fruity flavors. Others attribute the JUUL’s booming popularity to the widespread belief that e-cigarettes aren’t as harmful as actual cigarettes or other forms of tobacco.

Some even say that the sleek look of a JUUL device, with its simple but smooth exterior, resembles the simple design of Apple products. JUULs are also affordable, with cheap disposable pods. It’s a simple system with a convenient, chargeable device.

JUUL’s features aren’t the only reason for its success, however. Through heavy investment, quick marketing, and brand building, the JUUL was able to quickly capture a large market share and expand from there.

However, despite the benefits of JUULs over standard cigarettes, this cigarette alternative does not ensure zero risk. JUULs still contain nicotine, a highly addictive chemical. The JUUL has one of the highest percentages of nicotine content in their pods compared to other e-cigarette brands (ranging from 2-5 times more nicotine!). This has led to anti-JUUL class action lawsuits, which you can read more about here.

This and the growing availability of other quality brands in the market leads many consumers to search for JUUL alternatives…

Best Alternatives to JUUL

Other e-cigarettes on the market are available for purchase besides JUULs. All of the alternative POD systems listed below have a lower nicotine level compared to JUULs, which makes these options slightly lower in nicotine strength and presumably a smaller risk of nicotine addiction.

Vaporesso OSMALL

This JUUL alternative offers many of the same features as an actual JUUL, including a recharging feature and compact size. However, the OSMALL comes in 8 different colors (black, dark blue, dark red, gray, red, rose, blue and gold), whereas the JUUL only comes in 3 deviations of black (slate, silver, and onyx).

It also has a textured exterior that offers a better grip on the device, unlike the sleek and sometimes slippery JUUL. The OSMALL has a higher POD capacity, boasting a 2 ml liquid volume, whereas a JUULpod contains only 0.7 ml of e-liquid.

Suorin Edge

Source: vapingdaily.com

The Suorin Edge has a lock button to protect from accidental firing and also has an LED light indicator on its draw-activated firing mechanism. Its refillable 1.5 ml pods have over twice as much liquid capacity as a JUULpod.

You can buy nicotine salt juice that is usually offered in 30-50 ml bottles, which is roughly the same price as 4 packs of JUULpods, and the bottles will last you 10 to 17 times longer! If you accidentally lose your pod cartridge or you want to swap an old one out, Suorin Edge offers a very cheap replacement cartridge so you don’t have to buy an entirely new device!

SMOK Nord 2

There are many key features to the SMOK Nord 2. First and foremost, the SMOK Nord 2 comes with a 1500 mAh battery, which is one of the largest battery capacities on the e-cigarette market today, and also comes with an adjustable wattage level. The Nord 2 comes in 9 different and unique colors—the Nord 2 comes in line, hexagonal, and marble-like designs such as Black Cobra, 7-Color Oil, 2-Color Cobra, and Black Stabilizing Wood.

The SMOK Nord 2 is offered in US and EU editions, and also has a 0.69 inch OLED display on the side of the device to show the percentage of battery power and estimated remaining charge time. However, one drawback of the Nord 2 is its heavy weight. Approaching 80 grams, this is about 5 times heavier than a JUUL, but that’s probably due to its large battery.


VOOPOO’s Find Pod is offered in 7 solid colors. With its 420 mAh battery capacity, VOOPOO claims 220 puffs for each full battery charge. There is also a tri-color indicator that will flash to inform you the remaining battery life of your device.

The refillable 1.8 ml pod system is easy and convenient and is plugged with a small silica gel plug that is easy to pull out and press back in after refill. Coming in as one of the lightest pod devices on the market at 4.8 grams, the VOOPOO Find Pod is almost three times lighter than a JUUL.

UWELL Crown Pod

If refilling your pod is the most annoying part of e-cigarettes, look no further. The Crown Pod has a whopping 3 ml e-liquid capacity, making the number of times you refill few and far between. There are 4 colors that all include a center band design with a Gothic pattern.

It also has the option of an unlocked draw-activated vape or pressing down a button. The safety crown button is pressed for quick lock and unlocking capabilities, and the Crown Pod also offers a tri-color LED battery life indicator.

Aspire SLX

The Aspire SLX resembles the JUUL in several ways, both in look and features. Its dimensions are very similar in size and length, and they both have a sleek long USB look (except Aspire SLX offers a red color in addition to black and grey). The features of the SLX are similar to a JUUL where it has pre-filled disposable pods and an auto draw function. However, there are a few features in which the Aspire SLX reigns supreme.

The SLX model has a larger disposable pre-filled pod capacity, coming in at 2 ml. It also offers over two times greater battery capacity than the JUUL (450 mAh compared to 200 mAh) and comes with a tri-color LED battery life indicator.

The Environmental Cost of JUUL

Environmentally speaking, any JUUL alternative with a refillable pod instead of a replacement pod (like JUUL offers) is better for the planet. JUUL replacement pods are used and then thrown away, contributing to our country’s landfills.

Most of these JUUL alternatives listed (besides Aspire SLX) have refillable pods that can be refilled over and over with e-liquids. Think of the refillable pods as allowing you to buy in bulk—you get more liquid for less of the price and contribute less waste.

The Variety of Flavors That Alternative Pod Devices Offer

Many companies offer a wide range of flavors of e-liquids. As long as it’s compatible with your pod device, you have a much larger variety of e-liquid flavors and brands to try in contrast with the limited JUUL pod flavors.


These are the best JUUL alternatives of 2024. No matter which pod device you choose, vape safely and be aware of nicotine’s addictive properties. Hopefully, this JUUL alternative article was helpful for you!