What Is CBD? Studies On Properties Of Legal And Non-addictive CBD Oil

We may not associate this compound with medicine in the first place. Still, we will soon find out why it is increasingly related to physical well-being: beneficial effects are attributed to its applications on some diseases and ailments.

Cannabidiol or CBD is a compound extracted from the flowers and leaves of the plant Cannabis sativa L. This plant is popularly known thanks to some of its subspecies, such as marijuana or hemp. However, currently, the permitted species is industrial hemp.

The benefits of Cannabis sativa L. are currently being investigated with good results on alterations of the skin and the immune system to combat insomnia, digestive problems, headaches, joint pain, and respiratory diseases.

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Information about CBD oil

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As we have mentioned in other articles, the ability of the cannabis plant to generate psychotropic effects is also known. For this reason, some peoples have identified it as a source of mystical, spiritual and experiential trances, such as India, where it is given a ritual function.

According to texts , the first documented use of cannabis based medicine dates back to 2737 BC when Emperor Sheng Neng used a cannabis-infused tea to treat illnesses such as malaria, gout, and rheumatism.

In Western Antiquity, the Greek historian Herodotus mentions this plant in the 5th century BC. C. At that time, this plant was also intoxicating.

The Arab people have also known about this plant and its effects since ancient times, and the Venetian traveller Marco Polo indicated that they used this plant in the 13th century.

During Queen Victoria’s reign, which ended in 1901, CBD was believed to have eased menstrual cramps.

The first study to know medicinal uses of cannabis was published in 1839 by Irish physician and medical researcher, William B. O’Shaughnessy.

The new generation of research led in 1978 to the passage of the Controlled Substances Therapeutic Research Act, a law which recognized cannabis’ medicinal value.

Studies about CBD oil benefits

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Some of the most notable benefits of CBD that the scientific community has extensively studied are the following:

1. Anti-inflammatory effect

One of the uses of cannabidiol in research is its possible application in problems related to the skin. Inflammatory problems are the result of complex events in skin cells.

Recent studies show that Cannabis sativa L. extract standardized in cannabidiol could act as an anti-inflammatory agent, as it is for topical use. This fact could help wound healing and reduce inflammatory processes.

According to experts, these findings provide new insights into the potential effect of topical cannabis extracts against skin problems caused by inflammation.

In addition, cannabidiol could be a practical component for inflammatory rheumatoid arthritis since it has been shown in several studies to have possible anti-inflammatory effects, increases intracellular calcium levels, reduces cell viability and the production of harmful agents. Therefore, CBD could help people with joint pain and inflammation problems.

2. Analgesic effect

The Cannabis sativa L. has a long history of use, as mentioned above. For this reason, it is known that CBD itself does not produce the typical behavioural effects attributed to cannabis. Therefore, it was considered that it was not responsible for the psychotropic effects that some components of this plant can produce.

As there is also abundant data on the therapeutic potential of CBD, its analgesic potential is also known, which acts on neuropathic, inflammatory pain or osteoarthritis. Recent studies indicate the clinical applications of a drug that comes from Cannabis sativa L. and contains CBD and THC, and their results provide hope for the successful use of CBD in the future.

3. Resulting in a reduction of anxiety and depression

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Various studies indicate that CBD oil can treat depression and anxiety, which has led many patients to be interested in this approach as a treatment.

One study in Brazil tested whether an oral CBD dose of 300 milligrams was effective at reducing anxiety during a simulated public speaking test. The researchers found CBD doses of 400 milligrams were least effective at reducing anxiety during the test.

Even children suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder have been treated with CBD oil safely for insomnia and anxiety, even when the placebo, 150 mg of CBD, and 600 mg of CBD were tested.

CBD has these properties because it acts on serotonin receptors in the brains, a neurotransmitter that regulates mood and social behavior.

4. Symptoms related to cancer can be relieved

In addition to reducing cancer symptoms and side effects, CBD can also reduce painful side effects related to cancer treatments.

Some people seek alternatives to drug therapies because these drugs are sometimes ineffective and do not help these distressing symptoms.

CBD and THC both reduced nausea and vomiting associated with chemotherapy better than standard treatment alone in a study of 16 cancer patients’ mouth sprays

CBD has even been shown to possess anticancer properties in test tubes and animal studies. For example, one test tube study found that concentrated CBD caused the death of human breast cancer cells.

Test-tube studies and animal studies are different from human studies, so they can only suggest what might work in people. Human studies are needed before conclusions can be drawn.

5. Cardiovascular Benefits

There is increasing evidence that CBD has many health benefits for the heart and circulatory system, including its ability to lower high blood pressure. High blood pressure increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, and metabolic syndrome, among others.

Studies suggest that CBD could help manage high blood pressure. One recent study administered 600 mg of CBD oil to nine healthy men, and it significantly reduced resting blood pressure.

An early study gave nine healthy men one dose of 600 mg of CBD oil. The study found that the dose was similar to a placebo in reducing blood pressure. The study also gave the men stress tests that typically raise blood pressure.

According to some researchers, CBD’s ability to influence blood pressure is due to its stress-reduction qualities and anxiety-reduction properties. Furthermore, numerous animal studies have demonstrated that CBD functions as an antioxidant and may reduce inflammation and cell death associated with heart disease.

Is CBD oil legal?

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Today, in 2024, in any country of the European Union, the commercialization of oils with CBD extract is entirely legal.

However, CBD is not illegal, but it is also not legal to recommend it as a food supplement. Therefore, it is illegal to sell CBD for oral consumption at the European level until its regulation is defined. Consequently, it should be used topically and applied to the desired area of the body.

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