5 Signs Your Clicking Speed Is Above Average

The use of technology is among the most useful skills of the modern world. We live in the age of information and tech after all and without access into the virtual world we would fall behind as individuals. The competition is all around as and technical literacy is no longer an extra skill. You will need to use computers and laptops during school years and later at work. Of course, there is no modern entertainment without some type of typing or clicking no matter the device you are on.

With all of this being said, it is worth nothing that these skills are highly trainable and one is able to become proficient in every aspect of it. Just like any other motor skill or pattern of movement, you can be better at typing for example. It is useful to know how to efficiently and quickly type without looking at your keyboard because you will be completing your tasks sooner and be able to either go home or do more. However, another basic skill can also be practiced and finessed. That is the action of clicking the mouse of your computer.

It may seem like an arbitrary thing, but clicking your mouse faster and more precisely has numerous uses that extend out of the virtual world into our own. From eye to hand coordination to simply having stronger fingers and hands, clicking is an important modern skill. It is so important that it has probably already started changing us in terms of evolution due to the amount of time we spend holding a mouse. In this article we will talk more about it, especially the signs that you are clicking speed is above average.

1. You are Great at Click Tests

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By far the most efficient way of measuring your clicking speed is through a quality click test. For example, the best one available right now can be found on this site. The tests measure how many times you can click the left mouse button within five seconds. The more you click, the higher your score. For example, if you click it around 40 times in 5 seconds, you get a click per second (CPS) score of 8. This is considered average, since the world record is a CPS score of 14. This means that the person, Jordan Hum, can click between 8 and 10 times per second. Head on over to the click test linked above to try out for yourself and see if you need to work on your clicking technique. If you score above 8 and as close to 14 as you can, you can consider yourself an above-average mouse clicker! You can always find out on websites like CrazyGames, so click and have some fun.

2. You Play Video Games

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If you play video games on a regular basis, especially shooters, you are probably a more proficient clicker than most people. Numerous shooting games have gun mechanics that allow you to shoot as fast as you can click. Certain weapons work like this, giving an obvious advantage to those who can click faster. If you are usually dominating online lobbies and coming out on top during your game sessions, your clicking speed has to be above average. People who play video games on PC also tend to use computers more efficiently whenever they are surfing the web, coding, or just doing some light Office work. Moving the mouse and clicking does seem like a pointless skill to develop, but it is anything but and gamers know it.

3. You Use Proper Hardware

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Not all computer mice are made equal. Some are far better than others especially those developed for gaming. Their buttons are more sensitive, their connectivity is faster, and they are more ergonomic for a tighter and comfier grip. All of this influences how fast you can move it and, you guessed it, how quickly you can click. Thanks to these features, the software needs less time to get the command from the sensors, which means that all the actions across the board are quicker. We are talking about milliseconds here, but everything matters if you want to be more efficient in the virtual world. If you want a smother and more pleasurable experience with your clicks, you should invest in a gaming mouse.

4. Fast Internet Connection

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Similar to the how the mouse’s connection to the PC matters with every click, so does the internet speed you are running. Connection to the World Wide Web is the most important thing for your PC, even more crucial than hardware because what you can do is greatly limited. Your PC only becomes a source of limited amount of entertainment if it has no internet access, so all the clicking you will be doing remains ‘inside’ of the system. Once you hop online and start doing what you do, every click matters more. With a slow connection, there is a delay after you click on anything and you are not able to do things efficiently or quickly. Therefore, if you already have a faster than average internet speed at your disposal, you are probably clicking faster than people with slower speeds.

5. Your Grip

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There are different ways in which you can hold the mouse. You can palm it, use your fingertip, claw it, or mix the three to find your own fit. The latter is the most important because it gives you the ultimate comfort and utilization of all of the functions. Experiment until you find the right fit for your hand hurts or if there is discomfort while you are using the mouse. If, on the other hand, you already found that perfect grip and are using the mouse to your fullest potential, your clicking speeds should be higher than the people who regularly change their grips, or who change mice too often. If you think of the mouse as an extension of your arm and hand that connects you to the virtual world, you will realize how important it is to find your own way of holding it. When you do, every click will be more meaningful, precise, and faster.