The Craziest Casino Superstitions from Around the World

Gambling involves luck, so many gamblers are willing to go to extremes and make sure it is on their side. While some are embarrassed to admit they are influenced by superstitions, others do not hide it and follow some pretty much absurd tips. And it’s not just about the players who visit physical casinos and gaming halls.

Customers of online casinos could also be influenced by superstitions even though they are not physically present in the hall. Let’s see what are the craziest casino beliefs, spread around the world.

Lucky or Unlucky Numbers – The Fatal Number 13


Lots of people pay too much attention to the numbers while playing casino games online. Some numbers are considered lucky, but there are also those of which gamblers have a phobia. A good example is the number 13. We all know it is associated with Friday the 13th and portends something bad to happen. That is why players don’t want anything to do with it.

The most superstitious players never bet on the number 13 on roulette or play slots with 13 lines. Some are so obsessed with the idea of bad luck that they wouldn’t even enter a land-based casino that is located on a street or floor № 13. Or if the date is the 13th, they will not play in online casinos either and just wait for a better day.

Of course, not all players are negative, there are those who believe certain numbers are lucky. For example, many people have an affinity for the number 7. They associate it with other things – that there are 7 continents, 7 wonders of the ancient world, 7 deadly sins, etc. and believe it can bring luck in the field of gambling as well.

Here is a reasonable explanation of why you may see hundreds of players betting on number 7 on roulette tables at top casino sites.

Fingers Crossed, Blow on Dice, and Other Physical Actions


Another thing you can notice if you enter a physical casino is that some players are in an unusual position. There are people who never sit on a chair and always play slots while standing because they believe it will bring them good luck. And vice versa – others are always sitting with their legs crossed.

If we look at this realistically, there is no way these things will affect the game as the winnings are determined randomly in slots, online blackjack games, and other casino games. But everyone chooses what to believe in.

There are different physical actions that are used by today’s gamblers. The most naïve players believe that if they blow on a dice or stack chips in a certain way, they will be rewarded with great profit. The question is: what do those who play in online casinos do for luck? Well, they come up with some even more absurd actions like verbally calling for a number or card, knocking on wood, crossing fingers, kissing their partner, etc.

Instead of doing these ridiculous things, you may just check the return percentage of the games or take advantage of various promotions. Top casino sites offer interesting bonuses which will increase your bankroll and give you the chance to play more.

Colors and Lucky Charms


According to superstitious players, colors can also be signs of bad or good luck. The majority of gamblers think red is a lucky color. So, they often wear clothes in red when visiting land-based casinos. These beliefs are not limited to physical gambling halls. Players support the idea of the lucky color red while playing in online casinos as well.

Especially roulette players tend to bet more on red numbers instead of black, although they have the same statistical chances of getting either color. Furthermore, red is a lucky color in Chinese culture and almost all players from this country rely on it both for clothing and bets.

Lots of gamblers have lucky charms and believe they will bring them good fortune. Usually, they carry these regardless of whether they play at land-based or online casinos. One of the most popular charms is the four-leaved clover.

Today, there is a large number of slots where the symbol clover is present and they are the number one choice of many players. Another similar “lucky symbol” is the horseshoe. It can also be found in multiple slots and gamblers don’t need to hold a real one while playing casino games online.

Perhaps, winning big when carrying charms is just a happy coincidence. But the most passionate gamblers strongly believe it’s not and no longer play slots or online blackjack games without their favorite lucky charm. If you visit land-based casinos, you will probably meet some gambling enthusiasts holding special charms like rings or other pieces of jewelry.