7 of the World’s Best Destinations for Desert Vacation

When we talk about travel, we often think of oceans, mountains, parties, etc. But how about desert vacation? To explore the rocky playgrounds of the Black and White Deserts in Egypt or watch the shifting dunes of Namibia!

Vast stretches of sand hide plenty of secret beauties and adventures worth exploring.

So, let’s talk about the world’s most famous deserts:

1. Gobi Desert – Mongolia

Desert Vacation

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The Gobi Desert originally cuts across both Mongolia and northern China. This is Asia’s largest and world’s fifth largest desert that attracts every traveler and adventure seeker who visits Mongolia. The serene place hides in its bosom a rich history and unbelievable beauty.

The desert is home to the world’s largest dinosaur fossil reservoir. You can find dinosaur fossils, footprints, and tracks about 99 million years old. Explore the Khermen Tsav canyon, which is made of red mud rocks and is called ‘the end of the world .’Flaming cliffs are another site worth exploring in the Gobi Desert.

It says you can find solace and meaning in life in silent Khongor Sand dunes. Finally, don’t forget to experience the real essence of Gobi while riding a camel.

2. Sahara Desert – Morocco

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Sahara is the planet’s largest hot desert. It’s bigger than you could even imagine. Did you know the Sahara encompasses nearly 10 African countries?

Everything about the Sahara Desert will leave you spellbound; it’s full of mystery, beauty, adventure, and joy. The desert is so popular that it has been an inspiration behind lots of artistic things. For example, this website has many Sahara-inspired paintings and wall art.

Southeastern Morocco is an easily accessible, traveled part of the Sahara. Here, you’ll get to explore the Draa Valley, which is home to palm groves, Berber villages, and earth-red fortified houses.

The desert is home to craggy rock canyons, massive mountains of shifting sand, and ancient mud-walled fortresses. Here, you can ride camels, camp under the starry sky, watch the wildlife, and even enjoy the spa.

3. Namib Desert – Namibia

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Ideal for adventure seekers, the Namib Desert is the world’s oldest and second largest desert. Its marvelous Sossusvlei sand dunes are excellent for enjoying sandboarding. You can also experience hot air balloon rides to have the best views of the desert.

It was formed from eroded sandstone in South Africa and Lesotho. The Orange River carried sand into the Atlantic. Then, fierce wind and currents pushed sand, making such a huge and splendid desert.

Climb Dune 45 for 180-degree views of the Namib Desert. And, if you’re ready for a greater challenge, then you can’t resist Big Daddy. Then, wander in Deadvlei, a striking and strange place featured in many movies and music videos. It’s the most surreal of the clay pans located in Sossusvlei. Then, relax at the NamibRand Nature Reserve for a blissfully calm, quietly exhilarating experience.

4. White and Black Deserts – Egypt

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On your next Egypt vacation package, make sure to include the White and Black Deserts in your itinerary. The Black Desert, with its magnificent volcanic mountains, provides a stunning contrast to the ethereal beauty of the neighboring White Desert. Being there truly feels like stepping into a magical realm.

Hot springs near the deserts make perfect natural spas. You can capture incredible sunrises and sunsets if you love photography.

The White Desert is formed of calcium rock formations shaped by 100+ years of sandstorms. Some travelers call it an “outdoor museum of contemporary art.” Sand naturally makes figures such as mushrooms, camels, a chicken, a person lying on the sand, etc. Plan to stay overnight to marvel at the starry sky.

5. Atacama Desert – Chile

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Atacama Desert is a landmark of the El Norte Grande. This all-around desert travel destination is known for incredible rugged landscapes, mountains, and ravines surrounded by volcanoes.

Being one of the world’s driest places, many areas in the Atacama Desert have not received even a single raindrop in more than 150 years. It boasts crystal clear, unpolluted skies, making them an idea for unforgettable stargazing.

El Tatio Geysers is the top attraction when you visit the Atacama Desert. It’s the largest geyser in the southern hemisphere and is known for the most spectacular sunrises. Head to the quaint desert town of Toconao, Valley of the Moon, and Mars Valley.

The seemingly never-ending salt stretch of Alar de Atacama encompasses over 8000 square kilometers. Andean flamingos provide a splendid pink contrast against the pristine white landscape. There’s also plenty to enjoy, from horseback riding and safaris to hiking.

6. Thar Desert – Rajasthan, India

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The Thar Desert is another largest desert, spread over western India and some parts of Pakistan. It’s known for its unique terrain and outstanding local flora and fauna. You can experience the real Indian culture by living in local villages.

Here, you can stay at luxury camps and enjoy regional cuisine, dance performances, folk music, and bonfires at night. In addition, camel caravans are a popular way to explore sand dunes at sunset. And, you can’t resist parasailing and sand dune bashing in the Thar Desert.

You can’t miss visiting the Desert National Park when you’re in the Thar Desert. The park accommodates around 40 villages and many local animals, including fox, chinkara, the Great Indian Bustard, and blackbuck.

Other key attractions include Nara Desert Sanctuary, Rann of Kutch Sanctuary, and Tal Chhapar Sanctuary.

7. Australia’s Red Centre – Australia

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In Australia’s Red Centre, you’ll get to experience desert adventures with Aboriginal culture and changing colors of Uluru. Uluru, also known as Ayers Rock, is a red plateau rising from the country’s central outback. It’s called the spiritual heart of Australia.

When you visit The Red Centre, don’t forget to watch the world’s most famous rock that changes its colors at sunrise and sunset. The place is packed with ancient culture and majestic natural wonders you’ll love experiencing.

It’s also home to the mighty Kings Canyon, which are 300-meter-high sandstone walls with impressive views.

These are the world’s most popular deserts. So, if you’re looking for a unique travel experience, something fulfilling and Instagram-worth, head to any of these deserts.