Doc Martin Season 10 – Review and Release Date 2024

Doc Martin is a Comedy series with dramatic scenes and intense moments. Made by British television this series revolves around the medical sector portraying several struggles that one might face during their career as a surgeon. After 9 hit seasons, fans are eagerly waiting for the 10th one.

A Peek Into The Storyline

A surgeon with a successful career and a brilliant mind starts fearing blood. Fear of blood is a type of phobia, known as Haemophobia. Because of that, he decided to go to his village where he used to go during vacations during his childhood. In that small village, everybody knows everybody and therefore the villagers know Martin as a doctor and as soon as he enters the village they start referring to him as Doc Martin without knowing about his fears.

The series revolves around his struggles. While practicing a basic doctorate in the village he offends and makes several people angry due to his bad communication skills and lack of emotions. Other than that he is a very noble person, people always find him wearing a suit with the perfect matching tie. No matter how hot it is you will always see him wearing the same. He doesn’t have any bad habits, neither does he smokes nor drink, and believes in healthy habits only which are good for the body. The main twist is that the people in the village eventually find out about his phobia and decide to somehow help him.

Casting Choices We Can Expect


The same cast that was in the first nine seasons is expected to be seen in the tenth season as well. The lead role of Doc Martin is played by Martin Clunes, his personality is shown to be very straightforward and he is the kind of person who hates small talk while diagnosing his patients in the village.

Several other roles are also seen in the series, like that of the school headmistress played by Ian of Bert Large and Selina who played the role of Sally, she has a crush on Doc Martin and tries to flirt with him every time he visits her pharmacy. The cast saw a few changes in different seasons but the role of Doc and Sally remains the same so it is definite that it will be seen in season 10. Other information is not available.

When Can We Expect The Release

After waiting for season 10 the news has now been confirmed that by the end of 2024 the wait will be over and season 10 will be released. The creators have also said that this will be the last season of Doc Martin.

Summing It Up

The happy news is that season 10 will be releasing soon, but sadly it will be the last season. This series successfully brought smiles to several people’s faces and showed how even a very successful person can have severe struggles in their lives. The life of a surgeon with fear of blood is something that was enough to attract an audience.