Co-Host Timothy Chey Traveled To Over 30 Countries In ‘The Epic Journey’ Film

Everyone loves a good soul-searching movie. But they are a rare breed. That’s why co-host Timothy Chey produced ‘The Epic Journey”’ – a documentary about searching god, faith, and uncovering miracles.

The documentary was released in 2015 and has a very impressive 9.2 rating on IMDB. But what exactly is the documentary? More so, the crew went to more than 30 countries to give us these stories. So, in return, here is their story.

‘The Epic Journey’ – Searching For God


The whole premise of the documentary is to show proof that God exists. Tim Chey and the rest of the crew travel the world in search of miracles that prove just that. From England to Australia, the documentary crew set foot in more than 30 countries.

It reads like a book that lays out the miracles God performs in parts of the world. The crew sails the seas, climbs mountains, and visits some of the strangest corners of the world to deliver these stories. But in the eyes of the crew, these aren’t stories – these are real-life discoveries of God.

What Tim Chey and the crew hope to find at the end is proof that God really does exist. What they eventually find is enlightenment. The journey is not an easy one, but all the difficulties help Tim Chey and the crew restore their faith and belief.

Whenever a talented director like Tim Chey goes on a similar adventure, failure is the most common outcome. People from all over the world have gone to great lengths to search for God. The journey is in our literature, culture, and the passion of millions. But very few people actually come to a satisfying end. ‘The Epic Journey’ does just that. Chey, along with his co-host, Ana Aims, gets to live through this experience.

While pessimistic at first, they change their beliefs miracle after miracle. By visiting these countries with so-called miracles from God, they are cautious about each one. But once they witness these miracles, their minds are changed. They start to believe in God or some Ominous presence.

The journey is not an easy one. It is full of difficult obstacles and life-threatening situations. But their belief in God is what pushes Tim Chey and Ana to the limit.

Visiting the World’s Miracles


Tim Chey and the crew expected the journey to last several months. In particular, they had planned eight months of filming before post-production. However, their journey took a lot longer than expected. This is partly due to the fact that they visited more than 30 countries to film the miracles.

Logistical obstacles proved more difficult than originally expected. On their IMDB page, you can see that the documentary was released in 2015. They started filming in 2012, and the filming took three years. ‘The Epic Journey’ IMDB page also shows a very interesting tagline – Searching God To the Far Side of the World.

This world was too big to explore in a few months. Tim Chey presumes that it was God’s intention to take longer. Even if the journey was difficult, God planned it that way says Tim. The production crew wanted the documentary to show what God does in these parts of the world. While they intended to show the world the miracles of God, they ended up on their very own soul-searching journey.

Some of the miracles they had witnessed were enough to convince Tim and Ana that God does indeed exist. Their journey took them to some very spiritual places such as Jerusalem, Lagos, Shinjuku, and Nairobi. If there was a place with a recorded miracle, they went there in search of evidence.

From small villages to metropolitan areas like London and Hong Kong, God doesn’t care who needs a miracle. You might think traveling to 37 countries over three years is a hard task. But Tim says the journey was surprisingly tranquil and relaxing. Even though they spent weeks going from one place to another, their belief in God and what’s to come next fueled their spirit.

Every person that went on this journey found something at the end of it. From the camera crew to the guy that makes coffee, everyone went on their own spiritual journey. Tim says that God was with them throughout the journey. Whenever the crew found themselves in a hard place, it was God that gave them the strength and belief to film another day.

Surprisingly, they could feel God watching them as on their travels – His voice guiding them and his hand helping when in need.

‘The Epic Journey’ – A Guinness World Record and Recognitions


While the crew set out to uncover the world’s most inspiring miracles, they also set a few world records. ‘The Epic Journey’ holds the Guinness World Record for most countries visited by a filming crew. In total, the crew visited 37 countries. In a sense, they are the modern-day travel film crew. The documentary has also been submitted for a few awards. But the praise of non-profit organizations and religious groups is all the praise the crew needs. As such, numerous religious groups like Youths For Christ, The Christian Post, Family Christian Stories, and Kay Arthur have praised the documentary. Churches talk about the documentary and the many miracles they’ve uncovered.

These “stories” might be just that for some people but they’re proof of God’s existence for others. As such, the documentary helps give meaning to a lot of people. These stores, places, and people are also interestingly told and beautifully shown on film. It shows poor people witnessing a miracle, but it shows millionaires too. God doesn’t pick who he performs a miracle for. It doesn’t matter how wealthy you are; if you are worthy, then he will help you.

Ultimately, the documentary refreshes our belief in God and helps give meaning to those in need of soul searching. It tells us that there is indeed an Ominous presence above our heads that watches over us and has plans for every one of us. If you are a believer, ‘The Epic Journey’ is a documentary for you.